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So Cool
LF: World Cup Ash's Pikachu
FT: Lv. 30 Shiny Celebi, Lv. 5 Shiny Charmander HA, Lv. 40 Shiny Suicune HA, Lv. 5 Shiny Zubat HA, Lv. 6 Shiny Growlithe HA, Lv. 6 Shiny Scyther HA, Lv. 8 Shiny Scizor HA, Lv. 7 Shiny Larvitar HA, Lv. 5 Shiny Pichu HA.
All of these Pokemon are from the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Crystal so they all have their hidden abilities and at least 3 perfect IVs. PM me for offers. Willing to trade multiple Pokemon of what I'm offering for that Pikachu.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: shiny Genesect.

I don’t care if it the event one from B2W2 or from Pokémon Go. My last challenge in Home is to register shiny Genesect.

FT: I have about 11 boxes of shiny Pokémon and can offer one of them and I also have an array of event Pokémon from over the years. PM me if you have a spare willing to trade.


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
LF: Partner Cap Pikachu or code for Pikachu from recent movie release in Japan
FT: Recent Shiny Zacian and Zamazenta, other legendaries


Shiny Hunter
-Arashi's Shiny Mamoswine
-Shiny Suicune
-Shiny Giratina
-Shiny Palkia
-Shiny Ponita Kanto
-Event Zygarde
-Shiny Gyarados
-Shiny Wartortle



Please help!



Looking for:
Munna with Synchronize ability
Nature Calm, Careful, or Quirky
Preferably in Dream ball, Heal ball or Love ball, but interested in other ones as well.

For trade:
I’m in the beginning of the game, so I have… Ralts?


New Member
I do hope I’m not breaking any rules as I have posted this here and in the Home Quick Trade Section as I can do either.

LF: Shiny Grapploct or Clobbopus

FT: Nothing to specific, ask and I’ll see what I can do. I have lots to offer, different Pokémon, abilities, even items if that’s what is wanted I can see what I have to give.

I’m trying to get one for my wife and we are both getting impatient after weeks of trying to hatch a shiny. GTS is a bust with any shinies requesting something unobtainable or ridiculous. Please quote/reply and I’ll check often for any news!


Beginner Collector
Looking for: codes (not the redeemed pokemons) Genesect, Marshadow and Volcanion, being ditributed in some game stores on Europe, I am also looking for Shiny Eternatus codes.

For trade: XY Torchics, SUM2014 Pinsir and Heracross, wifi Super Size Pumpkaboo, Steven Beldum, HKTW Rayquaza, OCT2014 Gengar, Aldora (KOR Distro or PAL) Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres and Lysandre's Mienshao.

My pokemons CAN be traded in 6th gen, 7th gen AND Pokemon Home (migrating from my pokebank account to the trader's Pokemon Home account), HOWEVER the trader MUST have the Pokemon Home Premium subscription. PM-me for offers.
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LF: Zeraora or shiny zeraora if you have it

FT: event shiny genesect, event shiny jirachi, event shiny poipole, event shiny zacian, event shiny xerneas, and a regular event meloetta and event hoopa

Send me a message if interested. I may have other things you’re looking for so feel free to ask!
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I’ll throw my hat into this.

LF: Codes for Marshadow, Volcanion & Genesect

FT: I am able to breed all Pokémon with most in apricorn balls. Also willing to offer a shiny Pokémon I have duplicates of.


Zigzagoon Herder
LF: Zeraora, Zarude

Events: event Manaphy (lv 100); event Shaymin (lv 100); event Meloetta (lv 100); event Hoopa (lv 50); event Darkrai (lv 100); event Keldeo (lv 100); event Genesect (lv 100); event Victini (lv 100); Pikachu Ash Hat (lv 25); event Clefairy (shiny) (lv 50); event Charizard (lv 100)

Shinies: Mantine, Luxray, Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein, Starly, Kricketune, Gyarados, Haunter, Sneasel, Wurmple, Swablu, Yungoos, Gumshoos, Stufful, Munchlax, Lombre, Rhydon, Lickitung, Haunter, Paras, Clefairy, Clefable, Alolan Sandslash, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Aromatisse

Legendaries & Mythicals: Manaphy (lv 1); Phione; Suicune (lv 70, lv 15); Raikou (lv 70, lv 15); Entei (lv 50); Terrakion (lv 70); Virizion (lv 70); Cobalion (lv 70); Shaymin (lv 70); Mewtwo (lv 70); Cresselia (lv 70); Giratina (lv 70, lv 50); Zamazenta (lv 72 with inactive Pokerus); Zacian (lv 70); Groudon (lv 70); Rayquaza (lv 70); Calyrex (lv 80); Tapu Lele (lv 70); Darkrai (lv 70); Guzzlord (lv 70); Jirachi (lv 5); Zapdos (lv 59); Moltres (lv 70); Articuno (lv 75); Arceus (lv 80); Eternatus (lv 60, 61); Dialga (lv 50); Palkia (lv 47); Reshiram (lv 70); Kyurem (lv 50); Regice (lv 70, lv 40); Regirock (lv 70, lv 40); Registeel (lv 70, lv 40); Regigigas (lv 70); Heatran (lv 70); Latias (lv 30); Mew (lv 9, lv 1); Azelf (lv 70, lv 50); Uxie (lv 70, lv 50); Mesprit (lv 70, lv 50); Urshifu Rapid (lv 72)


New Member
LF: level 1 6iv sizzlipede, level 1 6iv grookey, level 1 6iv cufant
FT: level 100 6iv dubwool, level 80 5iv charizard, level 100 electivire
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Dark Angelo

New Member
Looking for help to finally get the shiny charm (and potentially finish the dlc dex's too) by doing a quick trade with someone to get an Aromatisse and a Slurpuff? I have a Swirlix and Spritzee to do the trades with if anyone can help me out? Been stuck with these two for ages now. Thanks in advance if you can help out.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: multiple Squirtle with move Confusion. Confusion is obtained as an egg move in Generation II games so it would need to be bred there and transferred up. I can cap and mint so I am not worried about nature or IVs as long as it has the move.

FT: I can breed anything in SwSh and BDSP you may be looking for and can do egg moves in SwSh (not BDSP due to move slot changes due to transfer). I have a large collection of Pokémon in apricorn balls and can breed for IVs and nature for them as well. I can also trade BP items that you may be looking for.


Active Member
LF:The new Marshadow, Genesect and Volcanion codes
T: shiny Eternaus code or I can breed ton other things let me know what your looking for


LF: Appletun (or a sweet apple), Galarian Corsola, Throh, Drampa

FT: Pretty much anything.

Happy to touch trade, just want dex completing!


LF: Marshadow and Volcanion

FT: I have more than 100 shiny Pokémon's from different generations, a bunch of legendaries to offer as well and the recent Shiny Eternatus from Gamestop too.
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Just have fun
LF:EU event Marshadow,EU event genesect,shiny galar Articuno

Ft shiny: eternatus,kyurem,Electabuzz,duraladon,swablu