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Shiny Hunter
LF: Gastrier, Regidrago & Single Strike Urshifu

- Keldeo (WIN2013)
- Jirachi (GAMESTP)
- Mew (FAL2010)
- Genesect (Plasma)
- Rapid Strike Urshifu
- Arceus (Pao) (Home),
- Manaphy (Home)
- Shaymin (Oblivia) (Home)
- Meltan
- Shiny 5IV (not perfect) Zorua (Timid), Scyther (Adamant), Beldum (Adamant), Toxel (Timid), Pawniard (Adamant)
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Well-Known Member

I dont have much for trade but I am really desperate for the following:

The ghost horse (I dont know its name)

If anyone has any spare I would love you forever!!!

Tax Evasion

Not an actual tax offender
Lf: regieleki and spectrier

Ft: Shiny ninetales, shiny kyreum, masterball, shiny gyrados, Meltan and some other stuff. Just message me if your interested in this trade.

I'll do a touch trade with my regidrago and glastrier as well. Need my pokedex filled anyways. Regigas can wait, although I'm sure he'd rather not.
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Ability Patch, Lure Ball, Safari Ball, Sport Ball

FT: Dialga, the Tapus, shiny Tapu Koko, shiny Zygarde, shiny Xerneas, Rayquaza (Regular & Shiny), Suicune, Latios, Meltan, Buzzwole, HA Torchic, HA Treecko

PM me if interested
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Well-Known Member
LF: Poipole(trade completed), Genesect(trade completed), Diancie(trade completed), and Volcanion(trade completed

Ability Patch
Master Ball
Beast Ball
Dream Ball
Apriballs(excluding Love Balls)
Hoenn starters

I have a Shiny Zubat, Shiny Krookodile, Shiny Torkoal, and Shiny Sharpedo. Also I have all the legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beast that you can get from the Dynamax Adventures.

So I can easily host a raid for one or more if you need them. Also in regards to the Love Balls I would be able to get more however it might take a while.

Trade Completed
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A vezon of Vezon
LF: Regidrago
FT: Solgaleo/Necrozma

I only need one temporarily in order to catch Regigigas. I'll also help you if you need a Regieleki to do the same afterwards.


Ultra Adimensional Treiner
Looking For someone nice and kind to help me to register Regidrago and Glastrier on my Pokédex. Please, send me DM!!


Shiny Hunter
-Arashi's Shiny Mamoswine
-Shiny Suicune
-Shiny Giratina
-Shiny Palkia
-Shiny Ponita Kanto
-Event Zygarde
-Shiny Gyarados
-Shiny Wartortle



PM me!


Well-Known Member
LF: spectrier
FT: zygarde, mew, mewtwo, jirachi, groudon, kyogre, cressellia, heatran, keldeo, meltan, melmetal, kyurem, shiny nuzleaf, shiny medicham, shiny drapion, shiny sigyliph, shiny quagsire, eternatus, regis, star sweets, master ball, various apriballs, personality mints, bp items, ability patch
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you

Bold 5 IV Chansey with move Toxic

Jolly 5 IV Trapinch with egg move First Impression

Jolly 5 IV Aerodactyl with egg moves Roost, Tailwind, Whirlwind

Brave 4 IV (0 speed IV) Mudkip with egg move Yawn


All have relevant IVs of 31 (5 IV)

G-Zigzagoon. Jolly nature. Beast ball. Egg move: Knock Off. Guts and Reckless available.

H-Zigzagoon. Adamant nature. Level ball. Egg move: Extreme Speed.

HA Mareanie. Bold nature. Love ball. Egg move: Haze.

HA Grookey. Adamant nature. Poké ball. Egg move: Fake Out

HA Scorbunny. Jolly nature. Poké ball. Egg move: High Jump Kick

Yamper. Adamant nature. Love ball. Egg move: Flame Charge

Dreepy. Jolly nature. Moon ball. Egg move: Sucker Punch

A-Vulpix. Timid nature. Beast ball. Egg moves: Moonblast, Freeze-Dry

G-Ponyta. Jolly nature. Dream ball. Egg move: Horn Drill

HA Popplio. Modest nature. Poké ball. No egg moves.

HA Snom. Modest nature. Friend ball. Egg moves: Mirror Coat, Fairy Wind

Tyrogue. Jolly nature. Love ball. Egg moves: High Jump Kick, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin

Growlithe. Adamant nature. Beast ball. Egg move: Double Edge

Mimikyu. Jolly nature. Moon, dream or great ball. No egg moves.

HA Hawlucha. Adamant nature. Friend ball. Egg move: Defog. Non-HA also available

HA Drilbur. Jolly nature. Heavy ball. Egg move: Submission

Tyrunt. Adamant nature. Sturdy or Strong Jaw. Poké ball. Will know Dragon Dance.

Roselia. Timid nature. Natural Cure. Love ball. Egg move: Extrasensory.

HA Shinx. Adamant nature. Beast ball. Egg moves: Baby Doll Eyes, Night Slash, Double Kick
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Bring The Ruckus!
LF: Jolly Kabuto in Dusk Ball

  • Sword Exclusives
  • Shiny Pumpkaboo
  • Shiny Goirgeist
  • Shiny Cofagrigus
  • Level, Heavy, Love, Moon, Dream and Beast Balls
PM me if interested.

Edit: Trade Completed.
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Jolly Kabuto in Dusk Ball

  • Sword Exclusives
  • Shiny Pumpkaboo
  • Shiny Goirgeist
  • Shiny Cofagrigus
  • Level, Heavy, Love, Moon, Dream and Beast Balls
PM me if interested.
Would you be fine with a Kabuto given a Jolly mint? I still need to find one, but I wanted to check just to be safe