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New Member
Am I the only one who gets a little bit irritated with the number of people who love to press the power button right when you are about to win a match? Especially in rating mode...

desi darling

you already know
Only acceptable when the other person's broken an agreed to clause or is cheating or something. Anything else is just being a sore loser, and you should spread the word about him/her so no one battles with the childish brat. :)

Yeah, it really pisses me off too. Dx


Well-Known Member
Deliberate DCing is cheating and being a (insert insult here). If one doesn't want to continue, one has the option to resign by picking Run.


Wut are you saying?
Ya, if you are on the last turn or you just beat there last pokemon, if they have a lot of wins, they quit. It sucks.T-T


Magic School Dropout
Seriously, it sucks so much. I was about to break my losing streak the other day, and had just dealt the finishing blow, when my opponent shut his game off. And it was on ranking mode, too.

As Desi said, the only time it would be acceptable is if the opponent is cheating or breaking the rules somehow. Then if they're not going to play fair, they can't complain if you don't. (Mind you, it's more satisfying to beat a cheater than to ragequit from one.)
It pisses me off. Probably about 95% of the battles I've done the other person d/c'd on me (in random wifi at least)


Metalopolis King
To be honest i really couldnt care less if the little numbers get recorded on my game, I know I won and I dont need some little pixels telling me that, if they want to be a brat thats fine but if they have skill and are a brat like that i wouldnt hesitate to battle them again.

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
I would think that the rankings system should credit you for a deliberate disconnect. probably does not though.

although I will be honest if Im playing someone that looks like a super hack (all shiny etc) I might disconnect on them in the name of karma

BigDaddy D

You're on thin ice
I thought they would have made it like Mario Kart Wii, or Sonic Colors DS. (you get credits if person gets DC'd)
I was so freakin aggrivated when I found out it didnt.


Well-Known Member
they should put like some measures like if you D/C you gotta wait 24 hrs b4 u can play again

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
Having a shiny pokemon doesn't make it a hack. Have you never heard of rng abuse?

yes, I know legit shinies exist. its the obvious hackers Im talking about. with all shiny, all (pseudo) legendary. trust me, ive only done it once or twice


Well-Known Member
they should put like some measures like if you D/C you gotta wait 24 hrs b4 u can play again
That would be way too harsh, given a DC can happen by accident.

I think it would be best if a DC was just counted as a loss by the DCer. I expect the system can tell which player is responsible. Makes it useless as a method of cheating. Sucks a bit for people who get an accidental DC, but one loss isn't going to affect Rating much, and if you're non-deliberately DCing regularly, you need to fix your connection.


Well-Known Member
I HATE IT!!!!! Don't be a wuss, lose with honor.
they should put like some measures like if you D/C you gotta wait 24 hrs b4 u can play again

A bit too long but I like this idea. This seems like something that could implemented. Thing is a lots of kids play this if they rage quit once and then find themselves not able to play all day, well it could hurt gamefreak.


New Member
It is as close as I can get to "throw my DS angry", it's extremely annoying since(let's face it) getting those wins is usually a pretty serious battle, very few times do I get paired against players where my lead can sweep out the gates. Most good players will win around 50% of their games. Getting cheated out of one of these wins makes me much more angry than is should.

Still if there's a connection loss you should get the win, since the other system is off it won't register, it makes us happy, and won't give the trolls too much ammo for B****ing. The only problem would be with actual connection losses giving both players wins I guess. No-one can see your losses but you, what do you care what that number looks like.