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Quote the Funniest Post made by the Above User (Version 4)


who wants to sing
On the eve of February the Sixth, the year of our lord 2013, this message was posted on my user profile message board thing:
I see u want to revive an old game thread of mine. :) go ahead and do it

As one can see, this is the fourth version of the Quote the Above User game, and also the first thread I've made in roughly three years on here. Since the older thread died about four months ago or so, I took liberties last Christmas holiday to see to it's unholy resurrection. I mean... Revival.

RULES: Abide by them, for they are inextinguishable. And roughly self-evident.

The titular rule of the game: You have to search the above user's posts and find the funniest one and post it and comment on it.

2. On the request of the 2012 audience: If you cannot find a funny post, post your favorite quote made by them as well.

Since the death of a game based solely upon quoting people like me was a tragedy that shall live forever in infamy, let the games begin!


The light is coming
Spudnugget1 said:
Have you ever contemplated the base fundamental values of why I keep talking in a pseudo-scientific sentence structure? Or, why anybody would talk in a pseudo-scientific sentence structure?

Not really "funny", but what the hell.

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
Princess Raspberyl said:
Banned cuz do we really need a Mewfour? D8

I'm sure I'll come up with somthing better but that one did cacth me eye, hehe :p

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
Raiden193 said:
The tides go out of control, causing the coasts of North America to flood strenuously. Good job, Gangnam Style. Good job.

hehe XD I love Gangnam Style but that was a funny responce XD

Liz Azzimagica

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Gothic-Gothorita said:
Most of my really annoying moments are when I'm Audino training and:

1. A Shiny Pokemon appears (Somewhat annoying. XD)

2. An Emolga appears. =_=

hehe ^^ I find this funny XP

Liz Azzimagica

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Auaria~ said:
Sombody please help the clown!!! = work

I remember this one, pretty funny XP lol


Am I wrong here?

Liz Azzimagica

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Cutty said:
ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ(Data Coruption) = Stop cheating dear

XD! however did you come up with that? and adding "dear" at the end...pricless XD

ninja'd...I never thought that would happen in this game

For the record though:

SpeedDeoxys said:

I hate this 10 character rule.

I totally agree XD
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Liz Azzimagica

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Mikroskopisk värld,

Upskattningen av hur stor Universum är just, är ca: 13.7 Miljarder Ljusår.

Alltså den tid det tar för ljuset att färdas ca: 300.000 Km per sekund,

På en sekund hinner ljuset 7.5 varv runt Jorden. Sen gammalt vet vi, att om Solen skulle "slockna". Då så skulle det bli mörkt på Jorden, efter 8 minuter!

Det finns 100 Miljarder Galaxer i Universum. I galaxerna finns det miljardtals stjärnor, med flertalet planeter omkring sig.

Men det är Universums storlek, som fascinerar mig mest. Hur mikroskopiska vi människor är.

300.000 km/s x 60 sek=
1.8 milj km/min

180.000 mil/min x 60 min=
10.8 milj mil per timme.

365 dagar x 24 tim= 8760 tim per år!

8760 tim= 1 år x 10.8 milj mil/tim=

94.608.000.000 Miljarder mil per år.

Jag hoppar över resten av uträkningen, men summan av kardemumman, blir ca:

~ mil, så stort är Universum just nu.

^ I think my mom put this on here...

so random XD!!!