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Quotes from Naruto that you can relate to...


Lunar Origin
I have one:
Haku said:
I feel that something even greater was taken from me. I felt that I was uneeded, like I was unnecessary...
I can relate to that A LOT of the time...

Alphonse Elric

That's My Rule!!!
Mr. Shark-Tooth a.k.a. Suigetsu said:
Ah, crap. He died.
Ah, crap. He died. And by "he", I mean the mainstream intelligence that SPPf used to have. Friggen people who started messing it up around 2005... Oh, the joy. :/

Mr. Shark-Tooth a.k.a. Suigetsu said:
Because... He's retarded?
No real reason. I just like that line. -.-

The Blind Weasel said:
Oi. Everybody loves that line. :p

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Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
Rock Lee said:
I believe Hard Work will beat out natural talent. I will show it to the whole world!
Shikamaru said:
This is such a drag....
Suigetsu said:
I dunno, because he's retarded?
and finally.....

Gato said:
both work really, especially the second...applies a lot, especially during maths
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uber gon

Accept Change
"Make me feel alive!"

Gaara's "demon" stage.


Noam Chompsky
Naruto said:
Naah jk.
Itachi said:
You lack hated
Oh course I do I try to nice to people.
Kisame said:
It doesnt Cut it shreads you to ribbons.
Thats just from when I stepped on broken glass.
Many People said:
You fool/idiot/other demeaning phrase!
:p ive been caleed many things like taht.


Well-Known Member
At them end of japanese ep 3(Actualy was changed in the dub)


^ I feel like that, 24/7