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[R A T E] rhwktaui [VI]


le quant-à-soi
Rate How Well Known The Above User Is [VI]
Yes, it's back :3 Credit goes to whoever made this thread first, many many years ago.
How To Play:​

Rate the above user on how well known they are, on a scale of 1-10.


Poster 2 -
8/10 - I've seen you around the Misc section a fair bit.
Poster 3 -
1/10 - Never seen you before.
Poster 1 -
5/10 - I've seen you a bit in the Banned Thread, but that's it.


(i) All SPPf/Games rules apply.
(ii) This is not a chat thread.
This is a Rate How Well Known The Above User Is thread. Sure, having conversations with your friends is great, but this isn't what this thread is for and that's one of the reasons this thread keeps getting closed.
(iii) Don't post all the time.
This isn't a YPPY game, but nobody wants to keep rating the same person over and over again. It gets quite boring. So don't post all the time.
(iv) Have fun.
It is a game, after all.
6/10, I see you around Misc. Polls occasionally, not sure where else.


has left Serebii
8/10 I've seen you alot in Games


†God Follower†
I've seen you around a time or two in the Games section. (And my profile page!)