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R/B/Y Recent happenings thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by surfer treecko, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    I haven't seen any of these for first gen so I decided to make one. What have you recently done on R/B/Y? Post it here!
    I recently caught Mew with the mew glitch/trick.

    EDIT 9/27/14: Please make sure your posts are at least TWO sentences! No spamming!
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2014
  2. Shiny Rokon

    Shiny Rokon Well-Known Member

    I recently re-started red version, AGAIN, geez i'm bad when it comes to restarting. Chose charmander, i go slowly through the pokemon games, training too many pokemon, and filling up my pokedex as I go, instead of doing it all at the end, ehehe.
  3. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    I new gamed and I am training up an ekans and a spearow to beat misty so charmelon doesn't get creamed.
  4. ~Nidoking~

    ~Nidoking~ Team Aqua Admin

    Im about to reset yellow.
    Planned Team:
    Pikachu (DUH)
    Someone help with the last 2!
  5. recently caught MissingNo. and L || M 4 with the mew glitch
  6. Dresden

    Dresden Pokémon Master

    Wait, people still play the originals? What the hell is wrong with you people? Still play Pong too? Or Duck Hunter?
  7. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    Wait, people still play the newer games? What the hell is wrong with you people? Personly I prefer R/B/Y over FR/LG since they often ruin the old games when they revamp them.

    On topic, I am stuck training my pokemon at cerealen city. The pokemon there are to low leveled.
  8. Some_Random_Person

    Some_Random_Person Abort, Retry, Fail?

    I just beat Erika at Celadon City. Also, for amusement, I let one of her accomplices' Gloom send my whole Pokemon team to sleep.
  9. Dark Arceus

    Dark Arceus Worst. Name. Ever.

    Surfing to Seafoam Islands on Yellow. My team is as follows:

    Pikachu Lv.40
    Butterfree Lv.41
    Charizard Lv.41
    Blastoise Lv.40
    Pidgeot Lv.40
    Venasaur Lv.40

    Nice, balanced team.
  10. Some_Random_Person

    Some_Random_Person Abort, Retry, Fail?

    Just beaten the final gym. I used a Level 10 Spearow to beat Giovanni's Dugtrio, using Swift against the opponent so that it never misses.

    EDIT: Captured the three legendary birds. Zapdos and Moltres were easy, but Articuno was strange. I lowered its HP, paralyzed it, and threw at least 10 Ultra Balls, all of which missed the Pokemon. Worried that I might use up all my Ultra Balls, I threw a Great Ball at Articuno, and it captured the Pokemon successfully on the first try.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2008
  11. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    Might as well sticky this.

    I had restarted my Yellow awhile back, but instead went to playing my restarted Blue. To be honest I don't really remember where I am with them, though I'm pretty sure I'm doing something in Cinnabar on Blue. :p

  12. Oni Raichu

    Oni Raichu Banned

    I restarted my Yellow a while ago, and did the Mew glitch. Then I experimented with the Mew glitch a bit by battling different trainers than the one that you're meant to in Cerulean. Ended up with a level seven Nidorino and Arcanine. Snazzy.
  13. Jimbobson

    Jimbobson Piplup Master

    On yellow, i recently got all starters, (charmander,bulbasaur and squirtel) i also have Mew by using the mew glitch!
  14. Some_Random_Person

    Some_Random_Person Abort, Retry, Fail?

    Beaten the Elite Four recently. My team (as listed my Hall of Fame list):

    Blastoise Lv. 51
    Zapdos Lv. 54
    Pikachu Lv. 51
    Nidoking Lv. 51
    Venusaur Lv. 50
    Charizard Lv. 51

    EDIT: On my Yellow version, I went to Glitch City, and the game's time jumped up to 255:59. Will this cause any trouble with my cartridge?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2008
  15. ClassicNickelodeonFan

    ClassicNickelodeonFan Awww, here it goes!

    Even though I just an hour or so ago said that R/B/Y bore me now, I then thought "Hey, maybe that's because I haven't restarted any of them in like a million years." So, I just restarted Red. I decided to go a different direction this time, so currently I have a Level 8 Charmander and a Level 8 Nidoran Male. I'm going to catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest and train it so it can beat Misty, also. As for Brock...I don't know, I'll just have to try my hardest. I wish Nidoran Male could learn Low Kick or whatever fighting move in R/B instead of just Yellow. Oh well, I'll just try my hardest.

    Update: Caught a Pikachu in Viridian Forest. Currently trying to beat Brock. As of now my team looks like this:

    LV10 Pikachu - Thundershock, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave
    LV10 Nidoran Male - Leer, Tackle, Horn Attack
    LV10 Charmander - Scratch, Growl, Ember

    Update 2: Trying to beat Brock proved too hard, so I re-started again, and chose Squirtle. I'm also going to try the Mew Trick when I get the chance.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2008
  16. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush Well-Known Member


    First, Brock sent out Geodude, I got out Nidoran. With Nidoran I kept using Leer, and I used 1 Potion. After I used Leer several times, it took me 3 Horn Attacks to take out his Geodude. Then he sent out Onix, so I switched to Spearow and used Leer many times, while all he did was Bide(lol). After that he knocked out Spearow after I used 1 Peck, so then I had Nidoran use several Horn Attacks. And then his Onix fainted.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2008
  17. Mew Fan 120

    Mew Fan 120 mew lover!•¤¥??*™©?*§ ¦

    I caught all the legendaries including mew,beat the elite four,but I'm still working on the pokedex.
  18. Some_Random_Person

    Some_Random_Person Abort, Retry, Fail?

    After defeating the Elite Four an uncountable number of times, I have finally raised my Mewtwo to level 100. Currently, I am working on my Pokedex. However, recently I've been playing Pokemon Pearl a lot more.
  19. alexx

    alexx OWNAGER

    hah my oldest is FR
  20. ManaphyXD

    ManaphyXD HEEEEYYYY !

    did the Missingno glitch a crap laod of rare candies since theres no nature to care about ill use the rare candy free of will my pokemon got lucky with lv 25-39 pokemon against koga now going to gary used the rare candy so my high lv but under lv61 so i say "IN YOUR FACE YOU ANNOYING RETARD" trying to keep it a little kid friendly so there will be no problems but i might just just go to blaine to make it quicker to the pokemon league
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