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R my T


Well-Known Member
Milotic @ leftovers
Nature: Sassy?
EVs need help

Aqua ting
Hydro pump (maybe surf but I figure with fairly low sp atk mine as well go with hydro pump)

Tyranitar @ leftovers
Nature: Adamant
252 hp / 100 atk / 152 speed

Rock polish

Blaziken @ ?????
Nature: Adamant
252 atk / ?????

Flare blitz
Brick break

Weavile @ choice cand
Nature: Jolly
252 spd / 252 atk

Night slash
Ice punch
Brick break

Blissey @ leftovers
Nature: Bold
252 hp / 252 def

Seismic toss
Thunder wave

Rhyperior @ leftoevers
Nature: Impish
252 hp / 252 def

Stone edge
Swords dance

It needs some work, I have no grass or electric attacks.....