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[R] One Piece: Age of Dreams! Discussion Thread


Philosopher Knight
Hello Kamotz, I will soon commence my One Piece RPG and I would to create a Discussion Thread to discuss the creation of several Important NPCs as well as maintenance and discussion of plot.

Here is the sign up link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?608004-R-One-Piece-Age-of-Dreams!-(Sign-Up)

Please and Thank you.

Do I need to post the actual RPG thread before requesting a Discussion Thread?

Sorry I've been in and put all day. Once you start the actual RPG you're approved

The actual RPG Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?608423-R-One-Piece-Age-of-Dreams!

This mean I am approved?

I will be assuming that I have been approved based on your prior messege.



The Crew

Our protagonists; a band of valiant, but troubled misfits gathered from every corner of the sea. Despite the various range of good and bad acts that causes division on their thoughts, these pirates are a tight-nit group and a family that will protect each other from danger. They also have their dreams they wish to accomplish and aren't afraid to turn the whole world upside down to do so.

Captain: "Slime Lord" Diego D. Vendrix

First Mate/Navigator: "Ocean Lion" Gao Scorpaenidae

Sniper/Musician: “Doomsplosion” Dominic Hellsing

Chef/Swordswoman: "Black Cutlass" Katie Yancuke

Doctor/Shipwright: "Fixer-Upper Pucker" Emi McCloud

Scholar: "Hell's Tomcat" Jon Aidou

Helmsman: "Lizard King" Londed Salamandre



Led by the Fleet Admiral, the marines are the upholders of justice in the world and the main military of the World Government.

Fleet Admiral

The Admirals

Indidivual Important Misc


The four most strongest pirates in the world, they all control significant amounts of territory and have massive pirate crews serving under them. Even the Marines fear a confrontation against them...

  • World's Strongest Man: Yonkou 1
  • Yonkou 2
  • Yonkou 3
  • Yonkou 4


The seven Warlords, a group of pirates who have formed alliances with the World Government in exchange for freedom and other benefits. In return, they hunt down rookies and will aid the Government in battle if the time comes. However, each Warlord has their own agendas that are mostly unknown to the Government...

World's Strongest Swordsman


The absolute rulers of the world, controlling most of the islands in the world. It is unimaginable that anyone would even think of going against the World Government and the many countries that are allied with them. Not to mention the amount of forces they hold power over... the Marines, Cipher Pol, Shichibukai, and Commander-in-Chief all kneel before the World Government's leaders.





Taken Devil Fruit List

Slime Slime Fruit - Diego D. Vendrix
Fuwa Fuwa no Mi- Emi "Pucker" McCloud

Mythical: Ryu Ryu no Mi Model Wyvern- Jon Aidou (post Timeskip)
Toka Toka no Mi, Model: Komodo Dragon- Londed Salamandre


Announcements and Upcoming Events

- Worlds' Strongest Man Contest (2nd and 3rd place will become Yonkou)

- Fleet Admiral Contest (2nd and 3rd place will become Admirals)

- Worlds' Greatest Swordswielder​


The Discussion Thread! Where we will talk of the game and engage in contests!
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Philosopher Knight
World's Strongest Man Contest


The time is here comrades! For the first official contest of the RP! With Gol D. Roger executed by the marines, there is a void left! The world no longer has a strongest man and it is up to you to design him. As the RP's equivalent of Whitebeard, this character will obviously be VERY important in the plot. So let's get the ball rolling and start designing your characters!

-Character must be over 40 at least.
-Must have a connection with Gol D. Roger, either as rivals or old friends.
-2nd and 3rd place votees will become Yonkou.

Mendel “Faunus” Theophrastus- DVB
Roman "Sweeper" Cadbury- kilowatt

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Philosopher Knight
Behold: My entry for the strongest man!

Name: Mendel “Faunus” Theophrastus

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Fifty

Occupation: Pirate/ ‘Strongest Man in the World’

Crew Position: Captain/Head Herbologist/Head Botanist of the Faunus Pirates.

Jolly Roger: A smiling human skull with antlers with the image of the world-tree behind the antlered skull.

Main Ship: A massive and mossy galleon known as the Yggdrasil.


Faunus towers over normal folk, partly because of strength but also his background, (he is about the same height as Whitebeard). He is well-proportioned and has black hair with green streak along with amber-colored eyes. He wears the garment of head druid from his island of a tunic, trousers, gloves and boots. One of the most capturing features is the antlers on his head. This is mark of his heritage from Eldric Island from the New World, his spirit animal being the elk. He also carries his staff with him, which he relies on to battle.

Personality: Faunus is a sagely and powerful individual. Very spiritual, he is often seen gazing at the stars in deep thought. Mendel is calm, collected and wise despite his somewhat young age. While something of a pacifist, he is one who’s wrath is to be feared. Having such tranquil fury that many believed him to be the avatar of nature’s anger. He does have a sense of humor and will try to lighten the mood if he believes it needs to be lightened up. He has great respect toward strong people with high moral standards and seems interested in what the new generation will bring. He is also an accomplished botanist and herbologist, using his vast knowledge of plants to help people who are in suffering. He appears to enjoy tea and one way to approach and talk to him to bring him some. He appears to enjoy herbal tea the most though is also fond of green and white tea. He is aware of his mortality and has taken steps to ensure that his nakama will survive. He values his nakama dearly and believes that everything in the world is connected through a balance of things. Despite his sagely and clam demeanor, he enjoys parties and festivities and can often be seen as one those truly laughing during times of joy.

History: Faunus was born on Eldric Island, an isolated and mysterious island in the New World. Much like Wano Country, the Marines do not dare step there. Eldric Island is a mystical place and because of the connection people have toward nature, they develop certain traits of their spirit animals. However, a fierce storm carried himself and his mother, Ceres, from the island and to the ocean. Both were found luckily by a marine ship, specifically spotted by the botanist on board. Ceres ended up falling in love and marrying the marine botanist, Linneaus Theophrastus. The baby, having not been named yet, was given the name Mendel.
Mendel’s childhood was filled with intrigue. Mendel was very much aware that he was different than most of the other children. While he loved his mother, he had was somewhat distant from his father because he sensed his father was not from his homeland. However, he showed great fascination over botany and bonded with his father over their study of it. He also learned herbology and about his culture from his mother. Mendel considered joining the Marines but found their way of doing things unappealing to him. Furthermore, he grew suspicious as to why the ship was near his homeland.

An accident gave him his answers. As Linneaus later found out, the Marines were seeking the origins of Devil Fruits and believe Eldric Island to be a potential source. Choosing his family and beliefs over the Marines, he had defied them and made sure all records that could lead them there were destroyed. In retaliation, the Marines sought out to capture and interrogate his wife. However, Mendel with the help of the friends he made, laid out traps and helped his mother escape, only to run to reinforcements. Linneaus had escaped the Marines and made it back to his home. The marines grew hostile and threated to shoot Mendel if Ceres did not cooperate. Instead, she refused and shielded her child from the supposed onslaught of bullets. However, Linneaus leaped and took the shots for his family. By this time, the fire caused by the chaos grew great and the Marines retreated for the moment. Linneaus told Mendel that the map back to Eldric Island was folded behind their first picture as a family. With the last of his strength, he told his family he loved and managed to hold part of the door open Mendel and Ceres could escape.

However, the Marines were not finished. They had come back when the fires grew out. As Ceres and Mandel made their escape to a merchant ship, Ceres took a sword slash meant for Mendel. She survived the wound but it was not properly treated. Mandel was catatonic for a while as he contemplated the death of his father and the regrets he had of not telling him what he needed to sooner. As the ship headed toward the island following the map, Ceres grew ill, her wound growing infected. They eventually arrived to Eldric Island, but Ceres died shortly after. She desired to be cremated upon death and her tribe respected her wishes. Mendel was taken in by a relative. However, he had little desire to remain on the island, having gotten a taste for adventure out on the sea. The tribe would not permitted until he was of age. He was only 13 and their test of manhood was for those of 18. Nevertheless, he had sought out to complete it without permission. He had not only accomplished it, but in the shortest time done so. Impressed and mystified, the tribe invited the grand elder. The Grand Elder, in charge of all tribes examined the boy and sought to teach him to defend himself. The training lasted five years, but Mendel learned everything. Eventually, upon the elder’s death, he would be given the treasure of his people. Located in a hidden shrine near the oldest tree in the center of the island was their treasure, was the Devil Fruit, the Mori Mori no Mi.

Armed with the Devil Fruit and the treasured staff left for him, he set out to explore the world at 18. As he gathered his nakama, he defied more and more of the decisions of the World Government before he proudly raised the Jolly Roger and formed the Druid Pirates. He had accomplished his dream of having a grand family and taught them botany like his father before him. They has risen through the ranks and recruited many talented and unique members, having claimed territories and protecting them and spread his teaching of spirituality. He was given the epithet “Faunus” after the ancient horned god of the forest, plains and fields. After some time, he ended up meeting and befriending the Roger Pirates. It was during a battle between them and several marine ships. Having fended them off, the two crews were on amiable terms. Faunus was also offered to be told the location of One Piece, but shot it down.

Dream/Goal: Watch over his family and see that the virtues of the world not die

Devil Fruit: Mori Mori no Mi “The Forest Forest Fruit”
This fruit is a Logia type. It enables the consumer to control, create and become plant life. Able to become seeds, trees, herbs, spores and other plants of many kinds. The advantage of the fruit is that user achieves pseudo-immortality, able to regenerate wounds and try and escape through the use of seeds and spores. The wielder can summon vast amounts of plant-life and control them as well as control pre-existing plant life of their surrounding area. The fruit requires powerful amounts of control. The wielder is weak to fire as well as other hazards to plant though an intelligent wielder can circumvent these weaknesses.

Haki: Color of Armament, Color of Observation, Color of Conquering King

Techniques: Has no named techniques as of yet (WIP)

-His stave, said to be of petrified Adam Wood and said to be as strong and hard as Seastone
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Truly Bewildering
Here's my entrant. While admittedly not the best candidate for "World's Strongest Man", I think he would still make a good Yonkou.

Name: “Sweeper” Roman Cadbury

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Occupation: Pirate/Former Diplomat

Crew Position: Captain of the Minesweeper Pirates

Jolly Roger: A profile view of a skull with no lower jaw on a red background

Flagship: The Arsonist's Pride is an absolutely titanic warship with at least 16 designated bonfire areas.

Appearance: Sweeper is an unusually tall and muscular man, though not unnaturally so. His skin has a red tint to it, as does his hair. You wouldn't notice the latter, however, for he is completely bald. He has noticeably long fingernails and lacks pupils entirely. People say that this is all make up and not the result of his Devil Fruit. These people are probably right.

He is rarely seen out of a black suit with an abnormal number of pockets and buttons. He wears shiny black shoes and a black fedora to go with it.

Sweeper is a deceptively conflicted man. On the outside, he seems almost too stable and courteous to be a pirate. He rules over his crew fairly and with regard for them and their loved ones. He is an experienced diplomat and negotiator with a history of settling inter-crew disputes peacefully.
He considers himself a patron of the finer things in life and tries to give the same to his crew. A strict pacifist, he finds a lot of problems that are much more difficult to solve without violence, thus allowing his crew to do it if need be.

He does, however, have problems. Most notably: He's kinda... nuts. Pyromania is especially prominent, but he shows signs of everything from OCD to ADD to Pathological Sadism. The numerous gratuitous nick-nacks on his costume are actually there so that he has something to fiddle with during meetings. The bonfire pits are there to keep him from setting the ship ablaze. He often finds himself at odds with his manic instincts and his better nature, trying to give his lunacy a constructive outlet (and not always succeeding). He hates using weapons, as he thinks he is too dangerous even without them.

History: Born to a pair of lovers on a pirate ship called the Zealous Jackson, a ship belonging to the Upchurch Pirates, a crew of no particular significance from before the execution of Gold Roger. From day one, young Roman Cadbury was more or less an afterthought in the violent and coarse crew. Mopping floors as a toddler, adjusting sails as a child and waiting in the final waves during raids as a teenager. Taught to value power and destruction, the boy spent his childhood longing for a way to cause as much destruction as possible.

At roughly age 16, the Upchurch Pirates sacked a small village in East Blue. Among the sparse amounts of gold and various crops, there was a curious iron chest. The contents were unknown, and the night was fast approaching, so the pirates called it a day and resolved to do open it tomorrow. Roman was curious though, and snuck out of his quarters that night to see the chest. With his trusty flintlock pistol, he shot off the lock. As the crew awoke, Rowan observed the contents. In the chest was a spiral-shaped orange fruit with a bright purple stem. As the captain rapped on the door, demanding to know what had happened, a thought shot through Roman's head. What if this was a Devil Fruit? Like the ones he had heard about from the drunk cook? It certainly fit appearance-wise. Without giving it another thought, he wolfed it down. Before opening the door, he thought a bit more about the consequences. What if the crew was angry at him? What if they wanted to give the fruit to someone more significant? He mulled over this as he opened and braced for Captain Upchurch's wrath. Strangely, it never came. It appeared that the captain didn't care who had eaten the fruit and was just glad to have that kind of power on his side to begin with. The next few weeks at sea were pleasant, as he was treated like a god by the crew. But then it came time to test his power...

The target in question was a large-ish port town in East Blue. For such an out-of-the-way place, it was rather bustling and populated. The ship appeared on the horizon and no one knew what to make of it. Then it raised the flag. Even no-names like Upchurch's goons were still a threat. They locked themselves inside. The ship docked and the crew dismounted, with Roman at the head. The crew backed away as roman began to burn. Within moments, the town was nothing but a flat land covered in ashes and burnt corpses. The crew was angry. Roman had destroyed all the loot! Roman, however, was traumatized. Hundreds of people dies agonizing, burning deaths because of him. He nearly threw up. That night, while the crew was camping amongst the ashes, Roman took a lifeboat from the ship and rowed out into the sea, torching the ship as he left and leaving the crew stranded.

He vowed to try to avert conflict whenever possible. He rowed for days on end before finally reaching his destination: the 16th Marine Branch near Cocoyashi Village. There, he chose to discreetly avoid the subject of his origin and focus on his skills. While there, however, he witnessed the execution of a petty criminal in an especially gory and brutal fashion. Disturbed by this, Roman didn't return. Instead, he began to seek out Gold Roger, hoping to join his crew and help to avert any unnecessary strife. You can tell that already, his grasp on reality was tenuous at best. After nearly five years of searching, he finaly found the Roger Pirates. Or more precisely, Silvers Rayleigh. Roman requested entrance, on the grounds that a negotiator would be useful for keeping enemy pirate crews at bay, if nothing else. Initially hesitant, Rayleigh eventually warmed up to the idea and allowed him entrance. From there, he became a semi-notable member for the crew's final year-and-a-half.

At Roger's execution, Roman was present, but turned to leave as the deed was about to be done. He then heard the captain's final words. He panicked. This would set off a new wave of rookies, hungry for power. Hungry for wealth. Hungry for death. From then on, Roman took on the alias “Sweeper”, a play on “Minesweeper”, as he wished to defuse the issues at hand and was, more or less, a living bomb. Through charisma and persuasion, the Sweeper pirates grew in number, into a veritable army. They rarely had skirmishes, usually finding themselves used as an intimidation tactic. Some, but not many wars were waged and Sweeper became a name that simultaneously enraged and confused the Marines, all the while trying to suppress the urge to let loose and just go postal. It's not like anyone could stop him.

Goal: Unite all pirates into a utopian society. (We mentioned that he's crazy, right?)

Devil Fruit: Pamu Pamu no Mi “Napalm-Napalm Fruit”
A Logia Class fruit that allows Sweeper to transform into napalm. Not quite as viscous than magma and with much less control over fire than the user of the Mera Mera no Me, it is much more versatile, but also painful for it's victim's. Thus, Sweeper nearly never uses it.

Haki: Observation Haki, Armament Haki, Color of the Conquering King

Techniques: Similar to weapons, he fears having set techniques would make him far too dangerous in combat. Thus, he has none.
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Philosopher Knight
We also need to decide on a Jolly Roger and crew name or do you want me to decide that?


Truly Bewildering
I was going to ask about both of those. The obvious choice for the crew name would be the Vendrix Pirates, but people might have other preferences. As for the Jolly Roger, I was thinking something like a skull covered in slime. May I assume the slime is green?


Philosopher Knight
I was thinking maybe the Miracle Pirates. I even have a Jolly Roger design!



La Melancolie Noir
Interesting Jolly Roger design. I wonder what those symbols around the skull mean... if they mean anything. Miracle Pirates sounds kind of a bland name to me... then again, so does the Straw Hat Pirates if you think about it. I can't think of a better name myself though...

Oh, and I just got a wicked idea for the Strongest Man contest. It'll take a few days before I have time to write it though.


Philosopher Knight
Like Admirals or what else do you mean? Come on guys! Start submitting stuff!


La Melancolie Noir
Please excuse my absence. It took me a lot longer to make this signup than I thought! But here's my entry for Strongest Man... and who said it absolutely has to be a man?

Name: Saruna (Apparently merpeople don't have last names)
Also known as: The Deadly Songstress; The Siren of Lonely Rock; The Mermaid Who Can't Swim
Race: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Age: 41

Appearance: If you just look at Saruna's body, she looks just like a petite middle-age woman. Although she has a very mature look about her, she still looks a little young for her age, especially given how she flips out when she discovers a wrinkle on her face and desperately tries to hide it. One can describe her appearance as high-class, that's for sure, or maybe just striking. First, there's the contrast between the paleness of her skin and the deep blackness of her curly and full-bodied hair. Then there's the amount of black and purple makeup shadowing her misty gray eyes, with long black lashes making them stand out even more. This matches the lavender colour added to her dainty yet shapely lips quite well.

Likewise, Saruna's attire must be nothing short of lavish, and a little on the flirty side. Foremost among it is a black satin blouse with flowy, draping sleeves and a very low-cut neckline, so low that the top of her lacy purple bra shows through (along with a little bit of cleavage). Around her neck is a pendant consisting of a circle of purple roses, and she has earring to match it (although they only consist of a single rose).

And there is her tail, because duh, she's a mermaid. In fact, her tail is twice as big and long as her body (she likes to say that the reason why she doesn't get chubby is that all the fat goes into her tail), covered with deep purple scales which she likes to keep all sparkly. At the end is a big fanlike crimson fin with black spines that end in sharp spikes. In fact, she can use her tail as a weapon in this way.

Personality: Bold, vengeful, lustful, and sometimes a little too aggressive for her own good. Saruna has a definite lust for power, easily becoming envious of those who seem to be in a higher position than she is. She won't even concern herself with the poor and helpless if at all possible; in any society, she associates herself with the most prominent figures in it and stays within that high-class culture. Indeed, hen she goes for something, she goes big. Queen of this. Most powerful that. Fairest maiden in all the land. Bravest warrior across the seas. When an opportunity comes that would bring much benefit to her, she won't hesitate to go for it.

Going with this is Saruna's highly vengeful, obsessive, and narcissistic nature. If someone does something bad to her, it will take her a long time to forget about it--if she even does forget about it. She'll start plotting against that person, though a lot of such a plan will revolve around making sure she's prepared to get her revenge. In fact, she's not reckless at all; she'll gladly wait for a good opportunity, and will make sure she has the necessary skills and resources to carry something out.

Given her music-based abilities, Saruna's lust for power also manifests as an obsession over her allure to other people, men in particular. Around them, she can be persuasive, manipulative, and flirty. But in a jaded and mature ladylike way. She's certainly not very energetic (possibly a side effect of her age)--in fact, she might come across as lazy while on board her ship, given how she frequently orders her crew to do things for her or bring stuff to her (though the latter makes sense, since she's not very good at moving around). And she does have a good hold on her temper.

But although Saruna may seem like a snobby and selfish sort of person at first glance, she's not quite such. She doesn't insult or look down on people that often, probably because she wants others to have a positive impression of her. She just puts up a bold and confident front, just enough to give people the message that it's probably not a good idea to mess with her. Oh, and that's the other thing. Though she's been forced to tone it down lately, she absolutely loves attacking people who she deems a threat. Especially around a crowd of people, she won't hesitate to give an offender a quick whack of the tail or a throw of a knife. Against more powerful foes, though, she keeps a distance and sticks more to her songs.

History: Like any respectable merperson, Saruna lived her early life in the Ryugu Kingdom under the sea. In fact, she was born into a noble family there, consisting fairly close cousins of King Neptune. Her family lived in one of the lower levels of the Ryugu Palace, a setting a bit more humble than the main royal family. One member of the family always bore the title of Count/ess of Atlantia, which is a fancy way of saying "royal attendant", and even "maiden in waiting for the prince/ss". That title used to belong to her father, but then it fell to... not her, but her little sister Chibu. Saruna would live her early life never knowing why she was not next in line to be Countess of Atlantia, though she suspected it was because Chibu was prettier and more innocent. Saruna was the tomboy of the two, always picking fights with other merchildren, not really seeming noble-like at all.

For sixteen years, Saruna lived in Chibu's shadow, babysitting her part of the time, and (her favourite part) training in the fighting arts the other part of the time. She figured that if she couldn't become Countess of Atlantia, she could at least become a powerful warrior and say that she was much stronger than delicate little Chibu. Still, she would remain jealous of Chibu all her life. In fact, in her spare time, she would often think of ways to somehow dispose of Chibu, usurping her position and becoming Countess of Atlantia herself. Or even the princess, if she somehow prevented the queen from having children.

In fact, that last part was just what Saruna did when the queen was about to have her first child. She had been preparing a poison that she would slip to the queen, which would kill the baby... but one of the kitchen attendants discovered what she was doing, and she immediately got into trouble with the kingdom. King Neptune immediately ordered to have her exiled from the kingdom. At this, Saruna merely smiled.
"Ha! Make me!" she sneered.
Then her own parents had a clever idea. They bribed her with an odd yet delicious-looking fruit. Interested, Saruna ate it... and immediately felt as if she was dying.
"W-what is this?" she cried in garbled speech, making lots of bubbles. "A poisoned fruit...?"
Out of pity, and without another word, the king ordered a group of dolphins to carry Saruna to the shore of a lonely island.

This island was Lonely Rock, and it was where Saruna lived alone in the next few years. At first she was enraged and upset, as her plan to best Chibu and the queen had failed terribly. But something good came out of it. The fruit she had eaten was a Devil Fruit, and the powers she gained from it could certainly come to her advantage. However, she was upset again, as she would never again be able to swim, much less even touch sea water for too long.

On Lonely Rock, Saruna put together a little house that looked like a gigantic lavender-coloured seashell. Clearing the frequently stormy skies around her, she created a little sunny spot right on Lonely Rock, lighting up her seashell house like a beacon. Pirate ships would be drawn to this beacon, and drawn in even closer with Saruna's songs. The ship would run aground on Lonely Rock's lowly slanted rocky slopes, and the pirates would approach, upon which Saruna would murder them all on the spot, taking the ship's treasure (if any was present). For several years, this same thing would happen.

Until one day, when a ship containing an unusually tough group of pirates washed up on the shores of Lonely Rock. This ship belonged to none other than Gol D. Roger and his crew. Unlike her previous victims, Saruna failed to overwhelm this crew. For a while, a battle raged on on Lonely Rock, between Saruna and Gol D. Roger, his crew sneaking an attack in occasionally. But something else happened. Saruna didn't feel a sense of superiority over Gol D. Roger like she did with previous pirates. She really liked the way he fought, and there was just something about his demeanour, the vibe he gave off that was powerful yet... worldly, altruistic somehow. It was interesting indeed.

In fact, then Saruna did something she hardly ever does: surrender. She complimented Roger on his talents, remarking on what a fine crew he had, and speculating on the amount of treasure he must have collected on his travels. She vowed never to harm his crew again, in return for him sparing her life. He agreed, and in fact he stayed to chat for a while, telling her about his adventures on the seas. As she listened, she began to feel a very warm sort of happiness, the likes of which she had never felt before in her life. And the fact that he had a goal of becoming King of all pirates intrigued her even more. It was love at first sight... on all sorts of different levels. Then that following morning, when Gol D. Roger and his crew left Lonely Rock, Saruna made a rash move, asking if she could travel with them. However, he refused, bitterly stating that she did in fact try to slaughter his crew at first. In fact, he didn't seem to trust her one bit.

However, Saruna's meeting with Mr. Rogers inspired her. Why stay cooped up on Lonely Rock, when she could gather together a crew and explore the seas just like he did? Perhaps she could even become Queen of the pirates! So that's exactly what she did. She lured people to the little island with her songs as usual, but instead of killing them, she sang them her Song-Song of Siren again, whereupon she asked any promising individuals to join her crew, dismissing the others. And when this was all finished, she took the ship of the last crew member she gathered and set off, leaving her home behind... well, it wasn't actually her home, except that seashell house, which she actually managed to take along with her on the ship.

And so the Lavender Shell Pirates were born, their ship easily recognisable from the giant purple shell on board. Saruna and her "harem" of pirates enjoyed journeying the seas, discovering its wonders and treasures. Yes, the rest of the crew counted as Saruna's harem, for after the effects of the Song-Song of Siren wore off, Saruna had to keep some of them still interested in being on the crew by taking turns sleeping with each one of them. It was in this fashion that she would eventually bear three children, which ended up being a boy, a girl, and a merman.

Still, she had her eye set on Gol D. Roger, striving to become good enough of a pirate for him. They did meet again, and by that time Gol D. Roger had officially earned the title of King of the Pirates. In fact, Saruna made a rash move: she asked if she could become his queen. However, he refused, bitterly stating that she did in fact sleep with like half of her crew already. In fact, he didn't seem to trust that she'd be faithful to him one bit.

Meanwhile, all that time on the seas had made a part of Saruna really miss living under the sea, in the Ryugu Kingdom with the other merpeople. However, she did have a son who was a merman. That son, who was named Hasaitsu, was her messenger for what was going on in the kingdom. She soon learned that by that time, a new princess, an oversized mermaid named Shirahoshi, had been crowned in the kingdom. Chibu was Countess of Atlantia as planned, and in fact had already started a family of her own. And her parents had both died of old age.

A few years later, Gol D. Roger was executed. Saruna attended this execution, sad to see him go, but knowing well that she had failed to gain his love after all. But then she learned of one more thing: his treasure, which he had (shockingly) never told her about before. Bingo. Having that treasure would be just like having him, well sort of. It was the next best thing, anyway. And so, the Lavender Shell Pirates set off for the Grand Line, braving the rough seas and the even rougher rival pirates. Just like old times, except even more extreme.

Goal: Originally it was to make Gol D. Roger her husband. But since he was killed, it's now obtaining his treasure, the One Piece, which she would cherish just as she (oddly) cherished him.

Devil Fruit/Techniques: The Uta Uta no Mi, or "Song-Song Fruit". This fruit allows the user to create various effects on people or the environment by singing certain songs. A rather peculiar type of Paramecium fruit, its abilities end up being unique to the user, and its powers can vary. However, it always has a limit of four different songs that can be sung, three of which have an effect on people, one of which has an effect on the environment. Saruna's four are:

Song-Song of Siren - Saruna's favourite Song-Song to sing, this one works especially well on people of the opposite gender, and causes them to be temporarily drawn to her. It also has the potential to cause a change of heart in any enemy she targets, causing them to attack their allies rather than her. But these effects last only as long as Saruna is singing, and the song does leave her vulnerable to attack (especially by any females present, since the effect isn't as strong on them).

Song-Song of Healing - This song helps heal wounds and minor injuries, and also cure poisoning and minor illnesses. However, it takes time to work on more serious injuries. Frequently someone who's had a wound healed this way will still feel a bit weakened by whatever caused the injury--that is, the effects of the song won't completely heal the person. Oh, and it can't fix broken bones or death (the latter is quite obvious, as that would be a power of the Shini Shini no Mi/Death-Death Fruit, if that even exists).

Song-Song of Sadness - Those who hear this song can start to feel depressed and unmotivated. Saruna likes to use this song right before attacking, as it usually prevents the enemy from fighting back, or at least makes them not attack as strongly as they normally would.

Song-Song of Storms - This song's effect is to create various kinds of storms, or to dispel existing ones in a small area. Saruna commonly uses this to make hail fall on an area or thunderbolts fall on enemies, or to whip up a small cyclone (the latter takes quite a while to form, as she must make the wind pick up a lot first, and it doesn't come out powerful enough to uproot a house or lift up a ship anyway). Since the sea hates all Devil Fruit users, this song cannot bring up sea-based storms like monsoons or hurricanes (those are too big to summon up with this song anyway). In fact, they must be sky-based, so no sandstorms. If Saruna is attacked while any of these storms are going on, the storm slowly dissipates away. But before they do, she does have the ability to fully control these storms.

Haki: Armament Haki, Observation Haki, Color of Conquering King Queen

Weapons/Equipment: Saruna never sets sail without bringing along her trusty revolver, which she even took the time to decorate with little purple shells on the sides. Likewise, she also has a purple Flash Dial which she obtained on her voyage to Skypiea. She likes to use the latter to temporarily blind people or even send signals; the former to, you know, shoot people she feels threatened by, herp-a-derp. She also keeps a few throwing knives, which are also adorned with little purple seashells for handles. Their blades are infused with a poison that causes numbness in the body soon after impact. And to better protect herself, she brings along a shield that is big enough to hide her body behind, one which is tough enough to withstand both bullets and sword strikes and most elemental attacks.

It is from all of this equipment, not to mention her little house, that one can rightfully guess that she's obsessed with purple seashells.
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I noticed tht most of our characters would be 2o when Roger died (30 in mine's age). Might want to boost them a tad. We need one more entry!


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Oh really? Roger's execution was that long ago? I was under the impression it was just a few years ago or something. 20 years is a long time; surely someone would've discovered his treasure by then...

Also, Ace, a lot of information about the One Piece universe can be found on the wiki for it. Here is their page on haki, for instance. (I think Jan would definitely have the potential to use Observation Haki at least, it'd be appropriate seeing as he's our spy. All haki require training to master, though, so it'll be a while before some of the characters can use it.) I found the wiki very helpful myself as I was preparing my signup, as I'm not very familiar with One Piece either, having only seen the first ten or so episodes of it. So I knew practically nothing about Skypiea (the sky island where my character is from) at first either.

Also, speaking of Jan, I notice he's not listed as part of the crew in this thread, nor in the signup thread. (Hilariously appropriate, he's just stealthily lurking around on the ship I guess.) He was accepted, wasn't he?
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i know some things about Haki now~ just a tiny bit. Also,it would be cool if Jan had that Haki

I was accepted~


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Come on, we need one more submission and lets make it a good one.