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[R]One Piece: Age of Dreams! (Sign-Up)


Truly Bewildering
If I may interject, it strikes me that the core problem here is the breadth of applications the elemental powers here have. Perhaps if they were 1) Only useable in wyvern form or
2) Had some kind of kickback.

Incidentally, with all due respect, in most incarnations I've seen, wyverns are cooler looking than their more traditionally draconic brethren, they are notably less powerful, intelligent and large, so perhaps the wyvern would be the better choice. Just a suggestion, again, as with most mythical creatures, it's up to interpenetration.

Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
When I was thinking of a wyvern, I was thinking of this:


...except maybe larger, bulkier, and with clawed digits at the ends of its wings.

...Also, plasma is essentially both fire and lightning, so maybe...


Philosopher Knight
If he's already 40 feet big, that's enough pwoer there. Zoans are mainly for close combat and brute force. Best you have is to breathe fire or something interesting.


Truly Bewildering
I was thinking more along the lines of the Dungeons and Dragons incarnation, which were basically smart, crocodile faced pterosaurs. But okay, I could conceive of this.

Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
Alright; he'll be able to shoot plasma; not control fire and electricity; just breathe plasma.


Philosopher Knight
Plasma is ionized gas, so its electrified gas. But good show, old bean.

Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
Alright; but is it accepted?


Philosopher Knight
Yes, accepted! Good job! FYI, everyone will fight at least once in every arc.

Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
Name: Katie Yancuke

Epitet: Black Cutlass

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Crew Position/Rank: Cook/Swordswoman

Appearance: Katie is a bit of a short girl, measuring to a maximum of five feet six inches. Her face is rounded, with a little fat along it and her body. She claims it’s her from taste testing her food. Her eyes are pale, almost colorless, with a small hint of gold still present in them. She leaves them bare, as wearing bandages around them would be completely useless. A bandages around her eyes would also get in the way of her crimson red hair, that is cut short to about her ears.

The kimono she wears is dull chrome black, with brown edge on the collar and the area of the sleeves when it hit her wrists. It stopped just at her knees, and had a white trim .The corset was a rusty red, and it extended the length of her skirt. For her feet, she wears a special design of shoes, where the base of it is a dull brown shoe with a thin sole, to allow her to feel the vibrations along the ground. Along bother sides are special places black bat wings, with red tips. A bow is tied to her back, a fairly large one that’s about the size of one shoulder to the next. It’s a dull pink, with a flair of red along the edges.

Personality: Katie has an extremely cool head on her shoulders, despite her blindness. She can keep cool and even smile, in the worst of situations, almost gleefully when a stressful event arises. It’s her way of dealing with her sight missing, and she enjoys it for the most part. Being serious isn’t her forte, almost to the point where even in battle a she can’t help but smile or be happy. People always beware the nice ones, so why should she ever drop the happiness? She’d hate to lose her precious nakama over something so minor. Thus, she’s terrified what could happen if she gets angry, and does everything in her power to remain calm and collected.

Woe to the person that finally forces her to remove this ideal, and unleash her inner fury. Katie transforms into a sadist when forced into a calm fury, going berserk with her dual cutlass combo. Afterwards, she will find a boy she considers herself close to, and just cuddle with them for an hour or several. Love is her best remedy after a temper tantrum. She has the bad habit of feeling up people with hugs, just so she can get used to how they feel, smell, sound like, and what their dimensions are.

When in the kitchen, because of her blindness, Katie covers her normal demeanor with a cold and distant one, often throwing knives at those that enter it without her permission. It’s more safety than anything, weird enough, as she can’t have anything in it messy. A messy kitchen for a blind chef won’t end well.

History: Katie was born to a chef mother in East Blue, and her father was a swordfighter. His side of the family had a very long history of bloody battle and an obsession with cutting flesh and becoming battle obsessive maniacs. While Katie’s blindness kept her from actually pursuing her boiling blood, it didn’t slow down her progress for being a chef with her mother. In fact, it increased her skill. Her heightened sense of smell let her know if a dish was going to be bad or not before it even finished cooking, and her enhanced hearing was usuful for chopping fruit. While it was a good way to keep her blood under control, Katie found herself still being aggressive, often throwing knives at people when they walked near her cooking area.

One day, at the age of ten, Katie was helping waiter tables at her mother’s restaurant when a blind man stepped in. He bumped into the blind girl by mistake, and she lept at him. To her surprise, he caught her easily, and set her down, before having a talk with the mother. Katie remembered being a little awe stucken, but the clatter of metal on metal in front of her sealed the deal. The blind man was a swordsman, and he wanted the little girl as an apprentice. She took to it easily, eventually wielding two cutlass at once, as well as continuing her chef training on the side. Now an adult, Katie decides to venture out into the world, with finding a pirate vessel the first on her to do list.

Dream/Goal: TO become the first woman to achieve the rank of greatest swordsman, and to create the best dish in the world in less than twenty seconds

Devil Fruit:

Haki: Perception Haki, Armament Haki


Blind Mince: Katie first dodges an enemy swing, and cuts out their armpit musceles with a few verticle slashes, and then stabs them between the ribs.

Achilles Tendon: Katie, after noting where the vunerable tendon in question is on the enemy, ducks between their legs, and stabs at right angles down into the tendons, tearing them.

Weapons/Equipment: Katie owns dual cutlass, each measuring three feet long, counting the four inches handles, and having a webbed network over their surfaces, appearing like silk. Their sheathes are black and outlined in red.
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Philosopher Knight
ACCEPTED! I wonder how she will be with her food and spices. I mean, Sanji as a cook was serious and awesome.


Philosopher Knight
All right, we're gonna start now and we will recruit the others as time passes. Now, how do we have the crew meet? Thoughts, suggestions?

The first people Diego will meet will be Gao. Who else wants to meet Diego first


Truly Bewildering
I wouldn't mind getting into the action fairly early on. I'll meet him second if it's all the same to you.
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La Melancolie Noir
Huh, I see that there's no doctor yet! Well then, I'll go ahead and reserve that as well, for the same character as my Shipwright. My character will be a Skypiean, and I have a pretty nifty idea of using dials for healing purposes. I'm still working on my signup (it's turning out longer than I expected, as usual); it shall be ready sometime tomorrow.


Philosopher Knight
All righty then. Once you are done, we'll start the RPG and the contests!


Truly Bewildering
Are the auxiliary positions open yet? I have a second character that I'd like to SU.


La Melancolie Noir
And here's Pucker's signup, written frequently in Pucker-style.

Name: Emi McCloud
Also known as: Pucker the Fixer-Upper ("I'm in charge of fixing up the ship and its crew!"). Just Pucker is fine though, and she hasn't used her real name in a long time.
Race: Skypiean
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Crew Position/Rank: Doctor and Shipwright

Appearance: When you first look at Pucker, you might think she's no more than about four, judging by how small she is. She's little more than three feet tall, though the pointed hat she wears adds a few inches to that height, and also points her out as the cute little witchling she is. This hat, which is often the first thing people notice about her, has a brim wide enough to shade her eyes, and is golden yellow with a red band around it and a purple star in front. Her antennae, which consist of little orange balls atop stubby brown sticks, poke out through holes on the sides of the hat, which becomes handy in the wind since the antennae balls keep the hat from flying off. Another thing people often notice about her is her cute and slightly oversized face (her head looks perhaps just a tiny bit bigger than that of most girls her age), marked by large and endearing hazel eyes. The light brown hair peeking out from under her hat is straight and has an almost feathery texture, though doesn't have very much volume. Her ears can be easily seen underneath.

One thing Pucker absolutely loves is having her entire outfit match. So the dress she wears is the exact same colour as her hat, and even has deep vermillion ruffles on the bottom and inside to make the skirt part all poofy. To match that, the sleeves are short and round and poofy and vermillion-bottom-y as well, and to match the star on her hat I guess, a purple ribbon tied around her waist ends in a bow at the back. Oh, and she even wears matching yellow booties on her feet, with--you guessed it--deep vermillion trim at the top! There is enough room between the boots and the bottom of her dress to reveal the rather scrawny nature of her legs, an effect of her rather petite physique. Heck, if she couldn't fly, she'd probably have lots of volunteers wanting to pick her up and carry her around.

Speaking of flying, Pucker, like all Skypieans, has wings. Wings that for some reason don't allow her (or any Skypiean for that matter) to fly. Instead, she flies around on a broom, which she is usually seen carrying while walking. But back to the wings... They are tiny little things, being barely bigger than her hands and consisting of fluffy light orange feathers. These wings flutter rapidly when Pucker is excited; they send feathers flying everywhere when she's angry.

Personality: Pucker's personality is... quirky, to say the least. One can tell, from the squeaky high-pitched voice she speaks in and the enthusiasm with which she talks about most things, often times the weirdest things. She doesn't seem to have any qualms about saying anything to anyone, provided she's already comfortable talking to them in the first place. In fact, she doesn't seem to have any qualms about saying things to herself, either. She does like to think out loud sometimes, and at other times to talk to inanimate objects. She particularly does this when trying to get a job done (i.e. "Little seed, I wish I could be like you, being buried in the clouds..."), and she likes to give cute little names to things, even if it's something as simple as "Mr. Coffee Pot".

Of course, it's not uncommon for people to few Pucker's bright and cheerful nature as annoying. Owing to her innocence and sense of curiosity, she has quite a habit of sticking her nose into places where it doesn't belong (she likes to steal stuff from people as well), or for letting words escape her mouth when they really should have been held captive inside. She doesn't seem to think of anything she does as wrong, actually. If someone tells her that something she's doing is bad, she'll just go find somewhere else to keep doing it. It's true that she can be stubborn and pedantic at times. Ohh yes, pedantic. She can come up with a bizarre theory for just about anything (in fact, she likes to do this very much), even though it may be obviously not true (except to her, anyway), and she won't hesitate to tell the world about anything she has recently learned. In fact, it's probably not wise to keep secrets with her.

Yet on the flip side, Pucker is probably one of the most optimistic and energetic people you will ever meet. No matter how depressing the outlook of things seem, she can always find a way to smile and be happy. No matter how boring things get, she can always find a way to amuse both herself and others, and won't hesitate to be excited about a new adventure. And if anything tragic happens to her, she'll just move on with her life and forget it ever happened. And likewise, she enjoys making other people happy as well. In fact, she will often want to go out of her way to be sure everyone is all motivated. She wants everyone in the crew to be this magical happy place where everyone gets along peacefully. You know, kind of like Skypiea. But, like anyone whose head has spent too much time up in the clouds, she remains really naive when it comes to current stuff that's going on and basic lore (i.e. she has no idea what a Devil Fruit is despite the fact that she's eaten one), and also historical events. She hates history. It's the most boring thing ever. And like a typical kid, she has a pretty short attention span.

There is an exception to the above. Normally it's not that easy to make her cry, but she can't help but cry uncontrollably when injured. And when she's really upset, her powers become all clumsy due to lack of focus. When someone actually does hurt her, there is a period of time when she becomes unusually timid, when she needs a little time-out to be able to physically and emotionally recover. Which is unfortunate, since a lot of the "Blue People" who live on or near the Blue Sea seem to enjoy hurting each other. Fortunately though, Pucker is quick to toughen up in face of an enemy. She won't hesitate to send a heavy object flying at a bully's head at first detection of ill-intention. Prevention is always better than intervention, as she always likes to say!

Hmm, one question here has never been answered: What the heck is up with the name "Pucker"? She certainly doesn't like to kiss people. Actually, she named herself that because of her love of lemon drops and other types of sour candy. Actually, she loves any kind of candy in general, and can be easily bribed with it. It's true that she can be gullible at times... This segways in to her belief in all sorts of legends, tales, anything fantastical. She just has an easy time believing stuff, not caring at all if many other people consider it fictitious. This includes the "legend" of her homeland of Skypiea, according to the Blue Sea People, or "landlubbers", as she also likes calling them. (Yes, even the seafarers. The sea is like land to her.) In fact, she often compares stuff to customs of Skypiean society, which only serves to further annoy those who do not live (much less believe) in the heavens.

History: Let's start with the most obvious: Pucker is from Skypiea. (A chorus of "Durrrr" sounds in the audience.) Specifically, she lived in a little house just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the famous Lovely Street marketplace. In fact, she used to love visiting that marketplace. Lots of friendly people exchanging money for magical seashells and juice made from square fruit and other fun things. Except yucky seafood, that is (yucky to her anyway; everyone else seemed to like the taste of cloud-dwelling fish as far as she knew). Well anyway, she was born with the decidedly boring name of Emi McCloud, which totally sounds like something out of a Skypiean fast-food restaurant. Her mother worked at a sky fox kennel (which little Emi always liked visiting); her father was a doctor--not at a hospital, mind you, but an "old-fashioned" one who would go to someone's house and heal people with mostly herbal remedies. When not busy with chores or visiting the marketplace, Pucker would spend her days learning all about his ways and the kinds of remedies he made--even such things like using dials to assist with the healing process.

Emi especially liked her father, because he was a really funny sort of person and had this magical power to transform her chores into fun projects. Gathering herbs from the garden was herding a flock of sky sheep (not that the latter even exists, except when people count them before going to bed). Fixing the roof carried the additional task of running a string of flame dials in the gutters so that they would create interesting fire shows at night. And sweeping the floors of their patio on a cliff overlooking the White Sea became pretending that she was a witch flying on a broomstick. Likewise, learning about her father's remedies became potion-making lessons, which they pretty much were anyway. Indeed, Emi gained a fond appreciation for all things cute and colourful and magical, be they flora or fauna or seashells.

One of Emi's most memorable days came from a time when she actually looked her age, and was visiting a candy shop on Lovely Street. The owner there was giving away samples of something called a "lemon drop", which Emi had never heard of before. She tried one, and boy did her lips pucker up. Yet she gave the owner the cutest look possible, and said, "I like it!" And thus the moniker of Pucker was born, a name that would stick with her ever more.

One of Emi's--I mean Pucker's--least memorable days started with a little gift box that Pucker found while snooping around in her parents' room. It was apparently from an overly grateful and overly rich mother whose precious son had barely survived an overly deadly case of Sky Pox (that's probably not what it was; Pucker just liked to call it that), all thanks to the miraculous healing talents of Doctor McCloud. Anyway, the letter the mother wrote was too long and she didn't read the whole thing; besides, the gift box smelled yummy. Maybe a rare sort of pumpkin? She loved pumpkins and their juice, so without a second thought, she opened it, and gobbled the small indigo-coloured and cloud-patterned fruit right up.

Boy did she regret it. That fruit was the most bitter, horrid thing she had ever tasted in her life. Why would someone give a doctor who saved their son's life such a thing? Well anyway, when her father found out about this, one one of those days she was pretending to be a witch (i.e. sweeping the patio floor), he was more than pissed. With every word of the note the overly rich and overly grateful lady had written him, another vein popped on his forehead. In the end, he was so angry that he picked little Pucker up by the antennae and carried her over to the edge of the patio, then tossed her right off the cliff it stood upon. Her mother was away attending to cute little foxes in the meantime, so Pucker never got the chance to find out what her reaction had been when she got home to discover their daughter missing.

Meanwhile, Pucker had fallen right through the clouds and was headed straight for another, bluer sea, far below... Needless to say, she panicked. But not for long. She put a smile on her face, grabbed the broom she had been sweeping the patio with, and said, "Okay, guess I'll ride you down to those big blue clouds down there. Whee!" Mounting the broom, she plummeted down... but then flew outward, level with the blue sea. She actually was flying!

And that wasn't all she discovered she could do. She could make all sorts of objects fly on their own. Well, except for people and living animals, for some odd reason. Anyway, for the next few days she explored this odd new world she had landed in. Since she had no home there, she slept hidden in abandoned places and ever roamed about. And as she did, she became increasingly aware of how different this world was from Skypiea. The blue sea was made of salty water rather than clouds, and she found it impossible to swim in. Instead of using magic seashells, people fought with oversized knives or these weird metal contraptions which shot small metal nuggets out. People rode in weird wooden contraptions rather than giant crustaceans for sea transport. Actually, Pucker found the latter, which she found out were called "ships", rather interesting vehicles. She especially liked how they bob up and down when idle in the dock.

However, the "earth people" were meanies compared to the sky people. They treated her as if she were some joke out of a fantasy world or something. Every time she mentioned that she was from Skypiea, people either laughed or mentioned an ugly-sounding term called "bull sh!t". Every time she was curious about something, they told her "Go ask your parents, kid". One time, she actually took this literally, and had been missing her parents anyway. So after she decided she'd have enough exploring for now, she flew back up to Skypiea.

Or at least she tried to. She had fallen out of the place, but had no idea exactly where it was in the sky. Prior to this, she had never been outside her homeland before, not to mention she had no idea it was in a sky above another sea. Every person she asked about the place dismissed it as a myth. Everyone she told about being a Skypiean dismissed her as a pretender (a couple of people even tried to tear her wings off). So she was left to wander about the land around the Blue Sea, her only possessions being useless Skypiean money, her broom, and her little collection of dials.

For the next few years, Pucker lived at a preschool on one of the islands, for the other children there often mistook her for one of the students. To earn her living there, she doubled both as an assistant to the school nurse (who found her work with dials intriguing), and as the one in charge of repairing the facilities whenever a kid messed things up or (God forbid) pirates raided the island. Occasionally she would travel to other places offering to do home repairs for the teacher's friends, which she found rather easy due to her Devil Fruit powers and the use of her mother's secret recipe for "magic glue". It was a simple life for a while...

But then, another opportunity would come along when an unusually good-natured group of pirates arrived on the island, one that would cause her to leave her new sort of home forever.

Dream/Goal: Her main objective for setting off on a journey with these pirates is to find her way back to her real home, Skypiea. Other than that, she's in it mainly for the adventure. Since for the longest time she's lived in a world that was deemed as merely legend by the Blue Sea People, she would love to learn about what other kinds of hidden worlds are out there.

Devil Fruit: The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, or the "Floaty-Floaty Fruit" as the Skypieans call it. Pucker has no idea what the Devil Fruit are all about though, given how she kind of ingested it by accident.

Haki: Being a Skypiean, she's not really that capable of using Haki, though she could have potential for Observation Haki (Mantra) at some point.

Techniques: For the most part, Pucker never names any of her uses of her Devil Fruit powers, except she naively calls her powers "telekinesis". She does occasionally say an "incantation" that is just the name of the object she decides to send flying at someone. But, there are a few techniques she was able to come up with:

Flurry Shield - Use of this technique requires lots of small and wispy objects lying around--pages of a book, a stack of napkins, hay in a bale, sand grains, what have you. Whatever it is, Pucker makes a bunch of these things fly up and form a cloud before her. Usually she uses this either to temporarily halt an advancing enemy, or as a distraction for making a getaway.

Weapon-Be-Gone - Not really a sophisticated technique, but Pucker just loves using it. It's basically where she reverses the gravity on whatever weapon an enemy is holding, causing it to fly upward into the sky. Use of this technique requires some sort of way to make the enemy loosen the grip on the weapon, which usually ends up being her Flurry Shield or an object thrown at the enemy's hand. And if she wants to try to use te weapon for whatever reason, she can send it to herself.

Reverse Rain - A variant of the above technique, except this time the target is either raindrops or pieces of hail. Whenever she says she can alter the weather, this is what she means, because it basically makes it rain upward rather than downward, in a small area just before her. One variant of this technique would allow her to send hail flying at an enemy if it is present. Unfortunately, she hasn't figured out how to reverse lightning yet.

Weapons/Equipment: A true Skypiean, Pucker makes use of a collection of dials she keeps stored in her hat. Some of them can be activated by touching various parts of the star on her hat, but some of them require physical contact and thus must be taken out for use. A list of the dials she has and their uses are as follows:

Breath Dial - Used for storing wind currents, which makes both a handy fan in hot weather and a source of wind on a ship. Can be recharged by either blowing into it an awful lot, or by holding it up against strong wind currents (the preferred recharging method).

Lamp Dial - Used to light up an area. It's best recharged by leaving the dial out in the sun, though placing it under an electric lamp will work too (though that recharges it more slowly).

Heat Dial - Used to warm things up. Can be used to power ovens, but Pucker more commonly uses it to heat a metallic object really hot so that when she sends it flying at an enemy, it leaves burns on them too. In fact, for this purpose it's best used on metal things, since metal conducts heat really easily. She also uses it to boil water, but that takes even more heat due to water's large heat capacity. Like the Lamp Dial, this can be recharged by sunlight, since the sun also produces heat radiation. Body heat and will also recharge it, though really slowly. So will fire and heating appliances, although extreme heat must not be used because it might break the dial.

Germ Dial - A somewhat tricky one to use, this weird dial stores infectious bacteria and other parasites that live inside the body. It's effective at extracting an immediate infection of an area, but not so much if the infection has spread throughout the entire body. Requires direct contact with the area or medium the parasites are living in (usually blood will do if used on a person) for use.

Freeze Dial - Used to freeze small areas. The strength of the freezing depends on the distance between the dial and the target; can be used at a large distance to just cool something down. A narrow tube can be attached to freeze something really small, like a wart. Pucker likes to use this to make ice packs, and it's recharged by placing ice or snow into it, or by "defrosting" frozen foods.

Pain Dial - This one stores pain. Like the Germ Dial, it requires physical contact to use... though just on the skin will do. However, there is a limit to how much pain it can store, which is about equivalent to the amount felt from severe burns over half the surface of the average body (if that makes any sense). Once it reaches that limit, it must be released on a living being. And Pucker absolutely hates to do this, so she usually reserves releasing the pain on a particularly evil enemy, because that kind of justifies its use.

In addition to the dials, Pucker carries around a medicine bag, like any rightful doctor should. This contains a plethora of healing herbs, bandages, ice packs and heat packs, syringes, and various chemicals in bottles. It also contains a big jar of magic glue, which is used to repair not only big things like windows and ship masts (windows will still have visible cracks when repaired), but her dials as well if they break. They'll become slightly less effective if they break though. This medicine bag is nearly as big as she is, so she must use her Devil Fruit powers to "carry" it.

Pucker doesn't have any weapons of her own, which makes sense given how she's not big and strong enough to wield a gun or a sword, and finds other weapons tricky to use. She has been known to steal weapons from other people (especially pirates) and experiment with using them, though.
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Philosopher Knight
ACCEPTED! We now have the whole crew! I will begin adding the topic! The section isn't closed and people can still apply for jobs.

Extra jobs include:

Nurse (When Pucker is too busy being a shipwright)
Maintanence (When Pucker is too busy being a doctor)

Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
I was thinking of having Jon take either Seer or Spy...

Seer's alright.


Truly Bewildering
Name: Londed Salamandre

Epitet: Lizard King

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Position: Helmsman

Salamandre is a broad shouldered man of average height, notably quite muscular and fit, but past his peak by a few years. He has an angular jaw near perpetually covered in stubble, which he never shaves and never seems to actually grow into a beard. His eyes are quite bizarre, with defined red irises and slit pupils. Luckily, these rather scary looking eyes are almost always hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses. His brown hair is extremely neat and clean. Sporting a red-orange vest covered in black and yellow spots over a camo green dress shirt. Obviously Salamandre is the epitome of class (Sarcasm). Finaly, rounding out his wardrobe is a pair of white gloves with the Jolly Roger of the Salamandre Pirates on the back of the hand. He has a very deep voice with a distinct Brooklyn accent.

Personality: Salamandre is a friendly man, boisterous and always ready to tell a story of his life on the sea. He has been described as kind of hammy, extremely generous and deceptively clever. Even on the battlefield, he does his best to keep up pleasant banter with anyone willing to listen and tries never to mortally wound his enemies.

He is a also a bit of a drunk, spending a fair amount of his time inebriated. While drunk, he becomes somewhat sarcastic and rather perverted. Most women agree that he's rather charming until you smell his breath. He is quite experienced as a pirate and can give sound advice when needed.

He is not entirely over the death of his crew, thus he is secretly kind of afraid of trying to make personal connections and often rather distrustful of those close to him. In addition, his single minded pursuit of Blues can be destructive to him and those around him. It seems that Blues is the only person that Salamandre is quiet while fighting.

He also has a nasty habit of eating rotting meat.

History: Apparently born on an island somewhere near Red Line, whoever Londed Salamandre's biological parents were, they either abandoned him or died before he could ever truly meet them. He spent scarcely any time in the local orphanage before being adopted by a couple of wealthy young socialites interested in gaining a reputation as philanthropists. While the young boy played, his parents spent very little time with him, ignoring his needs and constantly leaving him home alone to attend parties.

He would often see in the house's massive library books a wide range of topics that he feared he would never experience. Of the stories he read, his favorites were always the ones about pirates.

At age twelve, he made a life-changing decision: he would find the One Piece and become King of the Pirates. That night, he snuck out out of the house and hid in a barrel on a trading ship bound for a busy port island to the Northeast. Unfortunately, he was discovered before they arrived and punished with six years of indentured servitude.

Five years passed and Salamandre had grown and learned the ways of the sea, as well as become fairly physically strong. He despised the life of an indentured servant and wished to break away, knowing all too well that escape would be impossible. It was on an ordinary trip to trade a supply of gunpowder and rabbit pelts that the crew became stranded on a titanic sand bar. Considered expendable, Salamandre was sent to look for any signs of people or food. As hours in the scorching heat went by, Salamandre became hungry and desperate. It was then that he saw a peculiar object half buried in the sand. Picking it up revealed it to be some kind of plant. Without thinking, Salamandre wolfed it down, praying that it wasn't poisonous. This turned out to be the Toka Toka no Mi, as he would soon find. When he returned to the ship, he was reprimanded and beaten for not finding anything.

Eventually, the ship was dislodged and the crew set sail again. When they reached their destination, Salamandre, now fully aware of the powers given to him by the Devil Fruit, fled in the middle of the night and hid in the surrounding forest, evading his captors before they just gave up, not considering him worth the effort. For the first time in years, he was a free man.

He still hadn't given up on his dream, so he hid a while longer before entering town to covertly recruit for a new pirate crew: The Salamandre Pirates. As luck would have it, Salamandre encountered a friendly young assassin named Blues who was interested in joining his crew. The two became fast friends and set out to change the world, making new allies and crew-members along the way.

As the years passed, the Salamandre Pirates became somewhat infamous. Not violent against most civilians, they were honestly more like bounty hunters than anything else. The crew was tight knit and close, with one exception: Vlad. Vlad was a former executioner for the Marines, who turned against them to join the Salamandre Pirates and seek his fortune. Something about his brutal fighting style, his constant gallows humor or the was he seemed to enjoy, not fighting, but his enemies suffering, made the crew feel ill at ease.

One night, Captain Salamandre had gone to bed early, only to hear a terrified scream from his captain's quarters. He came running, only to find Vlad and Blues standing across from each other, with the rest of the crew lying on the floor, cold and dead. Naturally, given Vlad's personality, Salamandre assumed that he was responsible. In a fit of rage, Salamandre grabbed Vlad and tried to stop him from doing whatever it is that he'd done. Vlad begged him to stop, telling him that he didn't understand before being silenced by Blues' scythe. While Slamandre was in utter shock, Blues assaulted his Captain with a series of brutal slashes, knocking him unconscious. Blues then jumped into a lifeboat and rowed away, laughing like mad.

Salamandre was found by a kindly fisherman and kept alive by his family. Salamandre thanked them for their kindness and left. He no longer cared about becoming Pirate King. Blues was a danger to the world. And he needed to die.

Goal: Kill Blues.

Devil Fruit:
Toka Toka no Mi, Model: Komodo Dragon

Haki Potential: Observation Haki


Swordfighting: Salamandre's sword, “Vyrz”, is essentially a broadsword. While he has no formal training, he has trained enough to at least be proficient in it's use.

Bacteria Filled Mouth: Having a komodo dragon fruit, Salamandre has a mouth full of toxic bacteria and terrible smells. The illnesses caused by these are rarely fatal, but he can't control them.

Lizard Hybrid Form: Becomes half komodo dragon, with scaly skin and all. His bacteria is more potent in this form.

Lizard Form: Becomes an exceptionally large komodo dragon.

Lizard Instinct:Cold-Blood Blender: While in hybrid form, holds Vyrz with his tail and spins it around like a fan blade.

Lizard Instinct:Monitor Metronome: Holds Vyrz completely vertical and slowly swings it back and forth, gaining momentum and deflecting any and all attacks thrown his way. This also, unfortunately, leaves him wide open from the back, as well as completely immobile.

Lizard Instinct:Rancid Cyclone: Spins rapidly releasing a whirlwind of spit and bad breath onto enemies. May infect them. Will disgust them.

Equipment: Vyrz, a broadsword comprised of two blue blades that intertwine to form a flat double-helix. It has a purple handle with a virus engraved on it. It is permanently infected by the diseases Salamandre spreads, thus it's name is a stylization of “virus”. It's scabbard is perfectly rectangular.

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