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[R]One Piece: Age of Dreams! (Sign-Up)


Can you save the cook for me please?

edited: i see someone haves the cook...argh.. what positions are open?
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Philosopher Knight
Well, considering someone is acting as both Shipwright and Doctor, we will need someone who can act as one when Pucker is performing the other duty. Secondly, Seer and Spy are still open.


Philosopher Knight
In the Discussion Thread, you can design them as NPCs and be able to play them [when the time COMES and the moments I SAY so. Currently, we are holding the contest for Yonkou however. Afterwards. we move on to Admirals and then the Swordsman along with the Shichibukai.


I really hope this is good enough...it took me a while

I'm really not good at CS making,but when it comes to the real RP,i'm pretty good

Name: Jānis Visvaldis( Hes known as Jan)

Epitet: "Black Widow" Jan

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Crew Position/Rank: Spy

Appearance: The back of his jacket haves an red hourglass shape,like a black widow's. He also carries a black

Personality: Jan is kinda a shy boy sometimes,especially when hes around people he doesn't know to well. Hes not shakes when hes around new people, Jan uselessly doesn't talk to people or ignore them. If he so happens to talk,he used short worlds like "Yeah" or"Ok". despite being shy and all, Jan is a really sneaky boy. He often use his shy traits to fool foes or other people he doesn't like. He'll even fool people older than him if he doesn't feel respected.

The people of the island where he was born call Jan a prankster and abit of a jerk. He spits big game,but doesn't back up his words. Jan is really a big scary cats to,telling lies about outrageous adventures and fights he did on his island. His attitude is bad,which makes him stubborn,hardheaded, and a little smart alec. At times,the young spy can become lazy and drained.

Other than having a scary and bad mannered personality,Jan is really a nice person. When things seem very bad he jumps in to help out his friends. Even if the young boy gets beaten up,he'll keep standing and fight for what he really believes in( this includes saving or helping out his friends.). When in hes in his "serious phase" he spy traits really kicks in. This can be a bad thing to. When Jan feels like hes defeated or helpless,he brings his self down. Overall,Jan is considered to be a sneaky/tricky, Mean, rude, cowardly and brave( when he haves to be)

History: (note: the island is kinda modern) Jan was born on island in the east blue,near the granline. The island was hidden from the other island( no one really knew about it), so the island was name "Blank Island". The island was mostly grassland,the center of it. The rest was trees and small towns,which was apart of the kingdom. Of course,the kingdom was under a kind dictator,who was a friend to Jan's family. The king was young,in his late 20's and very wise to. He severed in a war as a skilled fighter and spy. Once his farther died from assassination,the young prince became the new king. No one knows who killed the gentle king,but the Prince swore he would find his farther assassin before he die.

Jan loved the stories that his farther told him about the former king and the present king. One day he deiced to take a trip to the castle with his farther to meet the the king. The two had a nice conversation about the king's farther teaching him how to fight and become a spy. Jan was interested in his story so much,he spied on an unknown group that came to the kingdom one day and was nearly caught. He tried to tell the king this,but he thought that Jan was only joking around like all seven year old boys did. If only the king would had listen to the boy....

A few days after's Jan warning, the group of unknown men attack the kingdom and told the king to step down from the throne. Seeing what the men did( killing townsfolk,causing a wreck,etc), he had no choice but to step down for his people's sake,thus..a new and powerful man took the throne. He was evil,cruel,selfish, and cold-hearted to the townsfolk. However,the new evil was worried about being overthrown and started to gather people from the town to make an army. Jan's farther was one of the people to be in army and his mother served as the castle's doctor. The king also tried to kill the X king,but he manged to escape. The X king feld from the main town with Jan,but grabbed a jacket with red hourglass shape on the back and strange black backpack. The two headed for a campsite which was far east from the main town. The site was surrounded by trees and the people who lived here where called." The black widows"

The black widows served the king outside the kingdom and only he knew about them. They where highly skilled spies and fighters. At their time here,the X king decided to from a rebellion against the evil king. He decided to send Jan and a few others to the kingdom to go undercover and find more people to join,but first,Jan needed to learn how to fight like a widow. The X king held Jan under his wings for a few months and taught him how to fight. When the time was right,Jan went to the kingdom undercover,gathering a few town's folk.

A year later,the rebel army was completed. The rebels than moved out at dusk and headed for the kingdom. Their sneak attack,the evil's king army was already ready for the attack. It had seemed like one of their fellow widows betrayed them! They didn't care at the moment,the rebels fought back against the monster arm. The fighting caused the town to blaze up in flames and Jan,they poor little boy,was caught in it all. Recognizing the helpless boy from a past event, the evil king went after him and nearly killed Jan. The X king came in help him Jan out,giving him the odd backpack and saying:
"Jan,promise me you will use the item inside this backpack at the right time, don't even look inside this packback until the time comes...and promise me this. Promise me you will flee this island and meet new friends. Staying here won't do you any good. PROMISE me that you become the best spy in the whole world!."

Jan refused at first,but thought it over. He fled with the backpack only and left the island on a boat

Dream/Goal: To become the best spy ever and be a ace fighter

Devil Fruit: The item in his backpack is an bat-bat fruit ( if thats ok)

Haki: I don't what this means...i haven't got that far into series i guess

Crazy eight: Throws a series of quick punches and kicks
Web shot: He kicks at the foes repeatedly and doesn't stop
Fang strike: He jabs at the foe with fast hand moments. He use this to hit people's pressure points.
*more coming soon*

Weapons/Equipment: a backpack. He'll get more items on the journey
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Philosopher Knight
Besides the fruit, seems to be all right. But is the character male or fmeale?


Philosopher Knight
A bit better, though the epitet is kinda strange. (Considering he has no relation to spiders and is a guy...) XD

Nevertheless, I don't find much of a problem, so accepted!