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[R] One Piece: Age of Dreams!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by DVB, May 28, 2013.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight


    Twenty years ago...

    A lone man was being led up the steps from a platform. This was Loguetown, a popular porttown near the entrance to the Grand Line in East Blue. It was the birthplace and now the death place of the man being led. Countless of people gazed at the large red-coated man as he was led up the steps. He never ceased smiling. His last words were to be his joking of whether he could have the cuffs removed. He was led up and on his knees, awaiting the execution.

    He was Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. The man who obtained everything the world had to offer. The greatest treasure ever..

    The One Piece

    Before they could go through, a voice ran through the crowd. It asked the question that everyone was dying to know if it would be answered. What happened to his treasure. The One Piece.

    Roger simply laughed before he said his true last words.

    "My treasure? If you want it, look for it! I left everything at that place!"

    The guards tried to execute him as fast as they could, but they were too late. For Roger turned his dying fire of life into a wildfire that spread all across the seas.

    The crowd cheered, the pirates began forming and so on...

    The Great Age of Piracy began...

    Over time, much has happened...

    The establishment of the Puffing Tom, the destruction of Ohara, the formation of the Shichibukai, the Youkai being established...

    And now, talented rookies are setting sail. One in particular seeks to gather you into his crew! Make your characters and prepare to set sail to the Grand Line!


    The Crew

    Our protagonists; a band of valiant, but troubled misfits gathered from every corner of the sea. Despite the various range of good and bad acts that causes division on their thoughts, these pirates are a tight-nit group and a family that will protect each other from danger. They also have their dreams they wish to accomplish and aren't afraid to turn the whole world upside down to do so.

    Captain: "Slime Lord" Diego D. Vendrix

    First Mate/Navigator: "Ocean Lion" Gao Scorpaenidae

    Sniper/Musician: “Doomsplosion” Dominic Hellsing

    Chef/Swordswoman: "Black Cutlass" Katie Yancuke

    Doctor/Shipwright: "Fixer-Upper Pucker" Emi McCloud

    Scholar: "Hell's Tomcat" Jon Aidou

    Helmsman: "Lizard King" Londed Salamandre


    Diego D. Vendrix
    Would-Be Captain
    Mirrorball Island- East Blue

    Diego had been on the top of a building near the supposed peak of Mirrorball Island. It was nearing his time to go. It has been 22 years since the death of Gol D. Roger and the beginning of the Great Age of Pirates. Diego's dream was to become the Pirate King and find the One Piece. To that end, he decides that the best starting point to meet a powerful and good-hearted crew would be at Loguetown.

    The last town before the Grand Line.

    The town of the beginning and end.

    The birthplace and execution ground of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

    Diego smiled before he made a slippery trail of slime and began sliding down hill to where he managed to find a small boat. He'll use it to head to Loguetown. Perhaps he may even meet someone here...

    (HERE. WE. GO. Everyone, make your way to Loguetown and maybe 1 or 2 people meet Diego here!)
    Last edited: May 28, 2013
  2. killowatt

    killowatt Truly Bewildering

    Dominic Hellsing
    Future Sniper/Musician
    Near Gold Roger's execution platform

    The harsh twanging of metallic strings echoed through the heavily populated plaza. People began to cover their ears at the sound of the loud, arrhythmic shrieks bouncing around in the air. Sitting, leaning on a wall was a slim young man in a peculiar jacket draped with chains. His right arm was bronze colored and mechanical, tipped with an odd looking gun on the wrists and some kind of stubby instrument on the elbow. Focusing intently on tuning the instrument, the man didn't even notice a pair of serious-faced armed men in white and blue uniforms shuffling toward him determinedly. The noise continued as attention became directed at the strange person. The two men ceased their shuffling in front of the musician.

    “Sir” said one of the men, an older gentleman with a white mustache “I hope you realize that the kind of music you're trying to perform there isn't really suitable for street performances.” The other man, noticeably younger snickered. “Yeah” he said smirking, “So either get out or finish tuning... and then get out.” With that, the two burst out laughing. The man with the mechanical arm finally looked up, taking out a pair of ear plugs. “What was that?” he inquired. The elder man stopped laughing. “ We said go away” he replied sharply. “Your instrument is too loud, it's disturbing the peace, making it hard to concentrate”

    “I see” said the musician “I'm sorry, it's finished tuning, the noise should be over.” The younger man stopped laughing and sneered. “You are gonna get outta here” he hissed through gritted teeth “that's not a request or suggestion, it's a statement.” It was at this moment that the two noticed the rest of his arm, up until this point directing their attention toward the stringed instrument. The musician had a massive gun. The two men, shocked, drew their weapons and pointed them at the armed man sitting in front of them. “Hey! What the hell are you doing with that thing!?” The younger man screamed. The musician sighed. “It's my arm, not much I can do about it now.” He grinned cheekily “So don't tell me to drop my weapon, m'kay?”.

    Shaking at the sight of such an immense firearm, the younger man kept his finger on the trigger, quivering, while his elder lowered his gun. “I swear I didn't bring this here to intimidate anybody, I have no other choice.” He continued. He stood and tried to gesture. Big mistake. Without notice, the younger man pulled the trigger of his gun, hitting the musician square in the torso. It bounced off. “What did you think, I wield this thing without any kind of protection?” The musician asked, glaring. “The chains work just fine as bullet repellant, assuming you weren't aiming to kill.” “Sorry, nothing personal, but you're probably both gonna' try something stupid.” And with that, the musician raised his gun. Stunned, the men held their weapons firm.

    A loud crack sounded throughout the plaza as onlookers backed away in terror. The two men felt a piercing pain in their kneecaps. Somehow, the musician had shot them both simultaneously. They fell, writhing in agony as the musician walked away. “Street musician” he muttered dryly “Get's you in fights, doesn't pay well, you have to listen to yourself tune on top of crowded streets. What was I thinking?”

    Minutes later, the men were unconscious. Marines, invariably. Dominic returned moments afterward to collect the men and take them to the hospital. They were just doing their jobs, they were just dangerous, nothing personal. Dominic smiled sheepishly at the receptionist. He felt terrible for hurting them like this. He'd have to be more conservative with his shots next time. He exited the building and started down the street.
  3. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Jon Aidou
    Common Scholar
    Outside Gol D. Roger Bar

    Gah; I wish I could get something to drink. Maybe that would drown out my sorrows and help me forget all life's misery. I don't know whether or not they'll accept fired Marines; probably not... I'd better not take my chances.

    The young kid was just walking across the street around the town, and headed down to the execution square of the infamous Gol D.; suddenly, he heard shots resonate. Everyone fled from the scene of chaos; he saw what the origin of it all was and hurried. He saw a few Marines just walking casually.

    What's all this noise concerning? I hope it's a pirate crew. I only have a few days at best. I need to get out of this town quickly.

    At the scene, he spotted a couple of Marines lying down, holding their knees. He noticed a tall, thin cyborg with a concealed gun at his wrist which he noticed immediately. He also saw something further down the length of his arm.

    Is that a f*cking... guitar?!

    He saw everything and took a moment to analyze what had just arisen. From the sight, he had inferred the Marines had begun to threaten the cyborg without apparent provocation, while the aforementioned cyborg had been adjusting with his strings instrument for some reason. They had readied themselves to open fire on him (their firearms were taken up in preparation for a skirmish, lying on the ground with them just off their chests and at the ready), and he, in response, had shot them both in the caps of their knees (with remarkable accuracy). Sighing, he looked at what they had gone and done to themselves (the foolish rookies; but, hey; at least they were out of basic training) and saw the cyborg figure help by taking them to the hospital quite graciously. He followed.

    Ha; he'd be a nice marksman in a gang of pirates... and, as per usual, the only people who should ever shoot are those who are willing to be shot at.
  4. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Believe it or not, prior to doing this post, I actually had to decide which island to have Pucker call her new home.
    Northstar Preschool, Goa City, Dawn Island, East Blue

    The preparations were complete. Pucker had just finished packing up all the stuff she needed for today's adventure, most of which was stuffed into her overly large medicine bag, which was actually an ordinary carpet bag. Well, actually it wasn't ordinary. It was purple and had a flower pattern on it, and also a round pin on it that read "I Love Being Witchy". While she was gathering her stuff, she also took off her sunny yellow witch's hat, which proved rather difficult as she had to push her antennae through the little holes in the side of it. Turning it upside-down revealed what looked like a rounded cavern inside of it, one which would fit her head perfectly (kind of atypical for a pointed hat such as this). However, there was a hidden zipper in the side of it, and unzipping it revealed a fabric mesh with a total of six dials contained within it, all surrounded by a fluffy cushion that helped prevent the magic seashells from breaking. Not that they would break that easily with physical impact anyway, as dials can be tough little buggers. It's not like they're made of porcelain.

    "One dial!" Pucker counted, pointing at each dial as she inspected them. "Two dials! Three dials! Four dials! Five dials! Six dials! Ahahaha! I'm the Count of Count!"
    And then she started to speak in a louder voice, as if her voice didn't sound that loud already.
    "I'm ready! she called enthusiastically, as she walked to the door.

    In the main classroom, all the desks were currently unoccupied, as there was no school today. Well, except for Miss Haley, the school teacher, and also the kind lady who took Pucker in and one of the few people who actually respected her nowadays. In an attempt to make her outfit match Pucker's, she wore a bright yellow dress with sunflowers all around the bottom.

    "So Pucker, you're traveling to Loguetown today, also the place where Gol D. Roger ushered in the Golden Age of Pirates. I know things will go just fine over there, but just be careful, all right? The place is very close to the Grand Line, and a lot of pirates like to gather over there."

    "But I've dealt with pirates before!" Pucker told her. "I think I can survive against them."

    "I know you have," said Miss Haley with a soft giggle, rubbing one of Pucker's antennae (her version of patting her on the head, which she can't do because Pucker's hat is in the way). "And if you haven't been able to hold your own against them, then you wouldn't have found your way here. It's quite remarkable actually. That story about you falling from Skypiea and unlocking your telekinetic powers by sheer will and imagination is a good one."

    Not that Miss Haley actually believed that story was true. But she didn't want to offend Pucker by questioning it. Pucker really was an odd little girl. Helpful and optimistic, but strange.

    "All righty then!" Pucker called as she exited the classroom door to the outside. With a snap of her fingers, her medicine bag hovered over to her. Once outside, she removed her broom from its resting position on her shoulder, mounted it, placed her bag on top behind her, and took off.

    The skies and fates were in Pucker's favour today. The weather was nice and sunny while not being too hot, and the sky was clear and not too windy. Pucker always liked to fly high up in the air when traveling from island to island, so as to avoid detection from any pirates that might be on the seas below. Any pirates who did manage to see her would usually dismiss her as an illusion induced by drinking too much anyway, because honestly, witches don't actually exist, right?

    After about half an hour, Loguetown was in sight. By this time, a flock of seagulls had joined her, calling to her and wondering what strange sort of seagull she was. These birds were definitely more ordinary-looking than the light blue-coloured skygulls up in Skypiea, and their cries were more annoying, but they didn't seem that bad overall. But she could only spend a short time with them before having to descend, to the place where her destiny would change forever...

    OOC: Anyone can feel free to spot Pucker approaching in the sky, particularly those of you who are close to the water's edge or are arriving by boat. *coughdiegocough*
  5. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Gao Scorpaenidae
    First Mate and Navigator, currently Prisoner
    Being brought to trial at Loguetown

    "Keep quiet there!" snarled a Marine to the chained prisoner aboard the vessel. The chains, made of seastone just in case, were a dull seagreen, and were tight enough around the poor fishman that they formed an outline of his muscled body. EVen the two long fin on his back were tight against his body, like the frill around his throat from a thick iron collar. He had shifted a little, and moved again. The Marine got scared, and lashed out with his jutte. The blow across the fishman's right eye rank his ears, and he shifted again, earning a blow to the temple.

    "Look buddy" came the second guard, from behind the chained prisnor "You were caught destroying Marine property, breaking into one of our ships, and releasing the cargo into the sea. The World Nobles asked for your execution, no idea why, but..."

    "Your cargo was slaves!" snapped the fishman, turning his head to face the second guard. The guard started back a step, while the first stuck the fishman over the head with the jutte. The fish didn't even react. "I saved those mermaids! I saved those children! And now I'm wanted for destruction of property. The second I'm out of these chains, I'll send you both down into the depths of the ocean!" he growled, the red and white frill straining against the iron collar.

    "Come now, you can't escape this! You have no crew, damn pirate!" sneered the first guard, smacking the fishman a bit more with his jutte.

    "My name is Gao Scorpaenidae, the Ocean Lion, and I'm a navigator, not a pirate!" Gao snapped back, but his words were a bit quieter because of the docks. Well damn.

    Katie Yancuke
    A cooky cook full of swordswoman
    Outside Gold D. Roger Bar

    *Sniiiiiiiifff* The loud obnogious inhale of the frangrance wafting from the tall glass of iced tea a girl had had a few of the guests near her give her a bit of a rotten eye. Not that Katie Yancuke could tell. Her pale eyes, with tiny remnents of gold in the cornea, signaled her blindness. She looked straight ahead as she took slow, purposeful sips of her homemade tea. The cold air that blew back into her face told her where the cup was, but her ears were twitching in pain. The loud sounds of the guitar and gun shots hurt them a lot. The peritrater with said sounds might have been away from her, about thrity meters maybe, along a wall for sure. She set the glass down on the table carefully, with the money along the side of it, and stood up. Using her memory of getting to her table, Katie walked away from it carefully, taking each step with her thin shoes slowly to make sure the path was the same. Brushing her hair down with a few strokes, Katie turned towards her starboard hand, away from the bar and towards the exit of the small cafe area for outside diners and drinkers. She beamed a smile to a man she bumped into, who felt about 5'10 in height, maybe muscled, all she did was bump into him lightly. "My apologies sir! Didn't see you there, heehee!" Katie quiped happily, and giggled.
  6. killowatt

    killowatt Truly Bewildering

    Londed Salamandre
    Future Helmsman, Current Embittered Penniless Drunk
    Dock at Mirrorball Island

    A large ship covered in barnacles pulled into the harbor. Two figures disembarked, walking slowly so as not to draw attention to themselves. “Thank you Sir! If there's any way to repay you, just holler.” said one figure, a man in a violently ugly red vest and white gloves, grinning personably. “No need for me to holler” Said the other, a short, plump man in the late Autumn of his life. “Just pay your debt and we can part ways” “Funny thing about that” the taller man replied timidly “Unemployment... isn't a terribly lucrative business” The fat man had a look of disgust on his face. “What!” he said in something just quieter than shouting. “I take the risk of transporting the infamous Londed Salamandre while he's still under investigation to an island crawling with Marines and I don't get a single Berry for my troubles!?”

    This was turning into a scene. And the last thing Salamandre needed was a scene just on arrival. Racking his brain for ways to end it, he pointed in some random direction. “Look!” He shouted “A.. a... a... WITCH! Yes, a witch!” What? It was the first thing that popped into his head. Much to his surprise, the sailor looked up and nearly dropped his jaw on the floor. Up in the sky, riding on a broomstick surrounded by seagulls was what appeared to be a little girl. The man stared up in bewilderment for nearly a minute.

    Salamandre was perplexed, but not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He took a piece of paper with an IOU out of his vest and pinned it to the ship's stern. He then snuck away as more and more people gathered to try to make sense of the sight in the sky.

    “Now” He muttered to himself “To find a Captain.” A wide, toothy grin crossed his face.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  7. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego D. Vendrix
    Would-Be Captain
    Mirrorball Island- East Blue

    "YEEEHAWW!!!" Diego said as he was sliding down the road. There was a larger spew of slippery slime down the road. Diego wondered how to make this even more memorable. Diego smiled as he jumped in the air and spun in the air and began releasing slime to create a large slime ball.


    Diego began rolling down the street as a large ball of slime. However, someone had laid down some boards and bricks in a manner that resembled a ramp. Predictably, it slid to it and ended up flying through the air.

    It flew to a nearby dock where the execution of a fishman was going to occur. It landed and a burst of slime occured and coated everyone. Diego absorbed some of the nearby slime before looking at the fishman.

    He looked awesome and strong.

    He will join his crew.

    Diego saw he landed on a nearby marine. Who happened to have the keys to the chains that the Fishman was in. Diego took them and unlocked Gao, setting him free.

    "You, you will going my pirate crew!" Diego said as he pointed at Gao dramatically.

    "Who the hell are you?!" The Marine Captain said as he got and pointed at Diego, trying to move through the sticky slime.

    "I'm Diego D. Vendrix! And I'm gonna be the Pirate King!"
  8. ace_45

    ace_45 why?

    Jānis Visvaldis(Jan)
    Rookie Spy
    Sailing towards Baratie-East Blue

    The rage of the sun seem to take it's toll on Jan,as he drifted through the seas of the east blue. He was hungry and bored,he felt like he was going to lose his mind at any moment now. Jan shield his face with his jacket,than flipped over on his back."Oh dang it,its hot as hell out here." he said with a sigh. He held his stomach,as it let out a cry of hungry."I'ts been a day now,i haven't found anything place to dock. I'm low on fresh water and i have little money...oh freaking great!." he said. Jan started to wonder about Blank island and how the people there was doing. He than rolled on his side and started to fall asleep

    A gust of air,that smelled of food,sweep past Jan and woke him up."Uh? whats that smell?" Jan sat up and looked around. He didn't see anything around."I smell food! i must be near an island or something!!." Jan stood up on the small boat and started to dance around in joy."Food,food,food~ imma get some fooooooddd!!." he chimed. He nearly stepped on the black packback and jumped."Oh snap! better be careful!." The young boy than wondered what was in the bag. The King's words than enter his thought

    "Use this item when the time is right. Wonder what he means...a weapon maybe? dunno,but i promised him that i wouldn't look into the bag until i'm ready." Jan picked up the backpack and put it on his back."ONWARD! to the food!." He started to follow the smell of food and rowed towards that direction
  9. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    OOC: A fitting entrance, as always

    Gao Scorpaenidae
    First Mate, Navigator, badass
    Execution stands, near the docks

    Well, so much for being a hero to some mermaids. You save a few, a thousand gut you. Or was it safety for the many outweigh the needs of the most? Gao pursed his jaws together to think and ponder what the heck he was trying to think of in terms of a statement. His shirt had been torn off by an eager mermaid after he saved her, so the chain were chaffing his bare barrel chest. The fins along his back kept down luckily, but the chains were still annoying. He stamped his feet a little, causing the guards to shiver. He was strong, they knew that much.

    Finally, at least to Gao, they got him to the very top of the execution platform. He bowe his head, they lifted the sword, he thought of a naked mermaid for his death, and then....


    Da hall? A massive green orb of slime crashed down, and made the entire execution area a paradise for slugs. The collar on Gao was seastone, so the slime didn't stick much to him. But the kid that was inside the ball...

    "You, you will going my pirate crew!" Diego said as he pointed at Gao dramatically.

    "Who the hell are you?!" The Marine Captain said as he got and pointed at Diego, trying to move through the sticky slime.

    "I'm Diego D. Vendrix! And I'm gonna be the Pirate King!" Pirate king?! This kid was nuts! Gao liked nuts.

    "Heh. Captain, you got yourself a dept that needs to be payed. Need a navigator? I'll lead you to All Blue and back, without a single scratch on your vessel!" Gao commented, and stood up, letting the collar and chains fall aside. A gaurd tried to get his gun hand out, but Gao moved fast right to his face. "Ten Tile Break....Hell Palm!" Gao roared, and slamed the palm down. It never made connection to the man, but the imprint caused by the massive dent in his stomach did. The guard coughed up blood, and fell back. Gao rubbed his wrists, and flexed his back fins a little.
  10. ace_45

    ace_45 why?

    Jānis Visvaldis(Jan)
    Rookie Spy
    Baratie-East Blue

    Jan's boat started creep ever so slowly to the famous restaurant. He never felt so lucky in his life."Yes! about time!. I hit the jackpot." he said with a smile. Jan than thought...he didn't have alot of money and it bummed him out." Dang it.. i just remembered something..don't have enough money." he said. The boat reached the docking area soon enough. Jan tied the boat to a pole and climbed on the docks of the restaurant."Good lord,this place smells good..." his mouth begin to water like a dog and went inside the restaurant. A man at the door almost scared the pants off of him."HIYA! welcome to the Baratie! if you'll follow me please." the man said and walked towards a table. Jan rubbed his head."Yeah,but wait sir. I don't think i have enough to pay for this..." Jan said

    The man looked at him."Really? when was the last time you ate?" he asked.

    "A day ago." Jan replied

    The man just looked at him for a moment and nodded."Sit down." he said and walked off. Jan did so and looked around."This place is nice." he said. Than..something caught his eye. He spotted a strange man with shades and a cloak sitting by his self
  11. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Docks of Loguetown
    "Bafflement of the Lunatic Bishop"

    Just as Pucker was about to arrive on the island, she looked upon one of the docks to find a small group of people gathered there. One chubby little sailor in particular, standing aboard his ship, was gawking at her for some odd reason. That didn't deter her from saying hello, though! And so she did, putting on a big smile and posing one hand next to the star on her pointed hat.

    "Hesooooo!" she greeted loudly. "Lovely to see you all... whoooooooOOOOOA!"

    All of a sudden something big and round whooshed right by her, the wind causing her to do a barrel roll on her broom. Thankfully, it didn't land on the crowd of people on Dock #1. Instead it landed on Dock #2 some ways away, where apparently a marine had caught a gigantic spiny fish. What a strange fish--it looked oddly humanlike. Well anyway, the big round thing in the sky landed right on the marine, splashing a gooey substance everywhere. Amidst all the mess, a young man stood, unlocking the spiny fishman's chains.

    Pucker had just straightened herself out in time to hear the young man proclaim himself as Diego D. Vendrix, the prospective Pirate King. Immediately her smile widened.

    A pirate! she thought. He's probably been all around the Blue Seas before--and maybe even other seas as well! But... why is he being nice to that fish guy?

    By that time, Pucker had determined that this was no ordinary fish, given the way he beat the marine up right then and there. In fact, it sounded like he was using some super-duper fancy martial art technique, though it looked like a simple punch to the stomach, kind of. Curious, Pucker flew over him and Diego.

    "Whoa! That was cool!" she commented. "I've never seen a fish fight like that before! And was that slime-ball thingy you, Captain Vendrix? Well, oseh!"

    "Oseh", which is "Heso" backwards, was Pucker's way of saying goodbye, accompanied by a tip of the hat.

    But just as Pucker was about to fly off again, an old and rickety voice from the group on Dock #1 called after her.

    "So you are the witch!" It was an old man dressed in a dark blue robe with a white cross in front, and holding a similar white cross in his hand. "I am Bishop Joseph, and I shall damn ye spawn of Satan to the bowels of Hell!"

    And he flung the cross, which flew spinning at Pucker. But Pucker was not phased--all she did was giggle and point a finger up. The flying cross changed its path and flew upward into the sky.

    "Weapon-Be-Gone," she stated. Then she blew a raspberry at the (probably a quack) bishop and flew off toward the town.
  12. killowatt

    killowatt Truly Bewildering

    Londed Salamandre
    Still embittered, not all that drunk
    Near dock 1 at Mirrorball

    Not a minute after escaping the wrath of the “oh-so-intimidating” sailor, Salamandre was alerted to the sound of... Marines yelling... chains clanking... some kind of bizarre sloshing noise... the hell was going on? He gazed in confusion at the crowd of people gathering around Dock 2. Weren't they supposed to be killing some fishman or something? From the sloshing noise, it sounds like they're trying to drown him. And that's kind of... stupid. Salamandre, doing his best impression of a normal person, pushed his way to the front of the crowd. Before him stood the fishman, unchained and fighting back. Beside him was a man in a black tunic, also fighting, using some kind of... viscous liquid. It was honestly kind of repulsive. Also on the dock was the little witch from earlier. Being yelled at by a bishop in a blue coat. Because when you sail long enough, you come to expect things like this.

    With all the Marines here, Salamandre figured that he shouldn't go taking his chances and turned to leave, when suddenly, he heard a cry.

    "I'm Diego D. Vendrix! And I'm gonna be the Pirate King!" Said the man in the tunic.

    “Really?” Muttered Salamandre. “This was quicker and easier than I could have ever imagined. Good on you for saving me some trouble.”
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

  14. ace_45

    ace_45 why?

    Jānis Visvaldis(Jan)
    Rookie Spy
    Baratie-East Blue

    "Here you go son. Eat up~." the man said with a big smile. He sat down at the table that Jan was sitting at. Jan's eyes lid up as he gulped down the food."Holy S-oh my gosh this is so freaking good!." he said and drunk some drink. The man laughed."No biggie." he said."Would you like some more?" he asked. Jan nodded and held his plate." Yes please~." he said. He than glanced at the shady looking man

    "Hey..whats up with that man?" Jan asked. The man stood and stood up."I don't know..hes been here for a few hours. Its kinda freaking me out." he said started to walk off."I'll be back."
  15. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Outside a Bar in Loguetown
    "I Smell Lemon Drops?"

    Happy with the way in which she had disposed of the lunatic bishop, Pucker was happily flying along again on her happy little broom (if brooms can even feel happiness), humming a happy little tune to herself.

    "Well gee, now what?" she said to herself. "Maybe there's a really good candy shop in this town!"

    Just then, the most incredible smell hit her nose.

    "It smells lemony!" she squealed after noticing the scent. "Maybe it's an entire stash of lemon drops! Where's it coming from anyway? ....There!"

    She pointed to a spot near the middle of town, where there seemed to be a good crowd of people near a building. In fact, it looked a lot like those weird places where people drank that horrible-tasting grain soda and acted funny afterward. Oh well, she always at least enjoyed watching how the drunks acted in a place like that. So she flew down and peeked in the door.

    And immediately, her smile vanished. For she soon discovered that the yummy lemony smell was coming from a fresh batch of lemon tea the bartender was brewing for a group of children who walked into the place. Huh, this was one of the few bars which actually was kind to children rather than kicking them out. That was good to know. But still, no lemon drops?

    "Well drat!" Pucker complained, bonking her broom against the door frame for good measure. "How dare they fool me like that?"

    Just then, Pucker heard noises right nearby her. There had just been a fight outside apparently; gunshots even. Immediately, Pucker hid behind a barrel standing right outside the door. She never liked the sound of gunshots. Especially since nobody ever had any guns in Skypiea. There, everyone used magical seashells for combat instead, and none of those seashells, or "dials" as they called them, made such loud and terrifying noises as these ominous metal contraptions. Gosh, the Blue Sea people were meanies after all.

    After the commotion was over, she noticed that two people right in front of her had bumped into each other. One of them was a pretty girl in a black kimono. The other was this weird guy with white hair and way too many belts than one should be allowed to wear. And what the helicopter was up with his right arm?! It was as if he was half-machine or something. Pucker didn't know what a cyborg was, so she didn't call him that. Instead...

    "Oopsie!" she remarked, commenting on how they bumped into each other. "Wow, nice arm you have there, mister! Is that a... guitar on it? Hahahaha, wow, does it actually work?"

    Pucker tried to reach up and pluck at one of the guitar strings, but she was just about an inch too short to be able to reach it. And her powers could only make things float, not sink. Oh well. So she turned her attention to the kimono-clad lady. It was then that she noticed her eyes. They were peculiar; a very pale colour, but with a bit of gold in them.

    "Oh, hello miss!" Pucker greeted. "Wow, you have really pretty eyes! The sunlight makes the gold colour all sparkly."

    And then she took a step backward, putting on a stiff, doll-like smile and standing perfectly still, her broom perched over her shoulder.
    "Anyway, something really amazing just happened at the docks," Pucker told both of them, her voice all high-pitched and squeaky and excited sounding; she was bouncing on her heels as she spoke too. "A fishman was about to be executed, and then this guy came flying in out of nowhere and spewed slime everywhere, and rescued him! And then he claimed he wanted to be King of the Pirates!"
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  16. ace_45

    ace_45 why?

    Jānis Visvaldis(Jan)
    Rookie Spy
    Baratie-East Blue

    The man stood up after a few hours and started to walk off. He walked pass Jan with grin on his face than walked out the restaurant. Jan had saw a piece of paper sticking out his pocket and grabbed it with him even nocting. He opened it and an it."Whats this? a list of options." Jan continued to read it."Devil fruits and some famous pirates." he said and stood up. He spotted the man that was treating him to food and said:" Hey,i'm leaving now. You mind packing that up for me?" he asked. Cook nodded."Sure thing~." he said

    A few moments later,cook came back with a bag of food." Hee you go. Be safe kid." the cook said. Jan nodded."right,no worries." Jan put the paper in his pocket and the food in his backpack. Soon enough,he left out the restaurant and was on his boat
  17. Delta Hunter

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    Katie Yancuke
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    Easty Sea

    The man, or boxy woman, that Katie had walked into didn't seem too interested in talking, he remained pretty silent. She was about to contonue talking to him, when a small voice distracted her, seemingly about ten year old height. "Oh, hello miss!" Pucker greeted. "Wow, you have really pretty eyes! The sunlight makes the gold colour all sparkly."

    And then she took a step backward, putting on a stiff, doll-like smile and standing perfectly still, her broom perched over her shoulder.
    "Anyway, something really amazing just happened at the docks," Pucker told both of them, her voice all high-pitched and squeaky and excited sounding; she was bouncing on her heels as she spoke too. "A fishman was about to be executed, and then this guy came flying in out of nowhere and spewed slime everywhere, and rescued him! And then he claimed he wanted to be King of the Pirates!"

    Kattie giggled, and kneeled down to the height of the girl, and patted the little girl's head, feeling her hair as she does. "You must have missheard, no one can be Pirate King." she said comfortingly. "Want some candy?"

    Gao Scorpaenidae
    First Mate, Navigator, badass
    Execution stands, near the docks

    Diego smiled and nodded to him. "Welome to the crew then, navvigator and first mate! But what's your name?" Diego asked as he summoned as he began launching slime bombs at all around. Gao snickered at this man.

    "THe name is Gao Scorpaenidae, Lion of the East!" he said in a proud tone, before watching Diego plant the slime bombs around. "Need any more help?"

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