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[R] One Piece: Dark Waters (Sign-Up)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by DVB, May 8, 2013.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    One Piece: Dark Waters​

    GM: DVB

    Co-GMs: TBA


    Twenty years ago...

    A lone man was being led up the steps from a platform. This was Loguetown, a popular porttown near the entrance to the Grand Line in East Blue. It was the birthplace and now the death place of the man being led. Countless of people gazed at the large red-coated man as he was led up the steps. He never ceased smiling. His last words were to be his joking of whether he could have the cuffs removed. He was led up and on his knees, awaiting the execution.

    He was Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. The man who obtained everything the world had to offer. The greatest treasure ever..

    The One Piece

    Before they could go through, a voice ran through the crowd. It asked the question that everyone was dying to know if it would be answered. What happened to his treasure. The One Piece.

    Roger simply laughed before he said his true last words.

    "My treasure? If you want it, look for it! I left everything at that place!"

    The guards tried to execute him as fast as they could, but they were too late. For Roger turned his dying fire of life into a wildfire that spread all across the seas.

    The crowd cheered, the pirates began forming and so on...

    The Great Age of Piracy began...

    Over time, much has happened...

    The establishment of the Puffing Tom, the destruction of Ohara, the formation of the Shichibukai, the Youkai being established...

    And now, talented rookies are setting sail. A particular youth has begun inviting people over from different parts of East Blue to meet him or her on an island and join his or her crew...

    This is the story of a crew who ascends to greatness!


    Hey, this is DVB and this is my One Piece RPG. Basically, we will play as a crew to go through the Grand Line and try and achieve our dreams. However, there will be a few things. First, our alignment. I suppose the best way to describe it would be 'anti-heroic.' We are capable of very good or very bad acts, all depending on who our friends are. Despite the reputations we get, we are nakama and at the least, care for one another.

    On another note, we will have something of a horror/Halloween-like theme. Our characters will have powers or skills associated with the macabre or the strange. Here are some examples below:

    • Some Devil Fruits that would fit in the theme: the Kage Kage no mi, the Horo Horo no mi, A bat Zoan, the wolf zoan and others.
    • Other abIlities could include something like Chemical juggling or other fright-related things.
    • Characater examples could be such as: a swordsman who uses machetes or chainsaws, a doctor who wIelds a scythe and resembles a plague doctor (albeit a bit more modern).

    Character Sheets


    Epitet: (What your character will be known by)

    Race: (Humans, Fishmen, Mermen, and Cyborgs are allowed. Other races will be judged accordingly.)

    Gender: (Male or Female?)

    Age: (Nothing ridiculous please. We don't want 3000-year old rookies run around, now do we?)

    Crew Position/Rank:

    Appearance: (A picture or a decent description.)

    Personality: (What does your character like? What makes him mad?)

    History: (Give us a good idea on where this character comes from. You will be closely RPing with others, so it's a good idea to let everyone else know)


    Devil Fruit: (Canon fruits are allowed. No Logia (yet) or Mythical Zoans, though. You could prove yourself later)

    Haki: (Haki will be allowed during the New World portion of the RP. Simply list the kind of Haki that your character will be able to use. CoK (Color of Conquering King) will be given out only to certain characters.)




    Since this is an R-rated RPG, go and let the personal demons loose at once. There may be violence/gore, substance abuse, profanity, and romantic/lustful content.

    However, this is mainly outside the crew. Inside the crew, we're all still friends who care for one another.

    The Pirates' Code

    • No G-Modding.

    • Be polite and kindto one another. Let's all behave.

    • Don't do anything too crazy. There is only so much we could do before we're busted.

    • Good behaivor will be rewarded with upgrades and potiental to learn new, more powerful techniques.

    • Character limit is two for each of us and I expect consistent posting.

    • Everyone is EQUAL! This is something that I must stress. Even though there will be characters who are stronger then other characters in the crew, everyone's character has the same plot importance. Not one character will be more important in the story then another, even the captain.


    The Crew

    Our protagonists; a band of valiant, but troubled misfits gathered from every corner of the sea. Despite the various range of good and bad acts that causes division on their thoughts, these pirates are a tight-nit group and a family that will protect each other from danger. They also have their dreams they wish to accomplish and aren't afraid to turn the whole world upside down to do so.

    Captain: "Dark Captain" Jacrow D. Spark

    First Mate/Swordsman: Harry Massecata (deltakurumiru4)

    Navigator: Jon Aidou (PokeLegend)


    Chef/Musician: Alyssa Lief (PokeLegend)

    Doctor: Vesl-18 (killowatt)

    Scholar: Diego D. Vendrix (DVB)


    The above are the 9 mandatory positions that need to be filled. Once there are filled, then the below will be unlocked:
    Seer, Helmsman, Spy, etc


    Taken Devil Fruit List

    Kage Kage no Mi- Diego D. Vendrix
    Horo Horo no Mi- John Aidou

    Neko Neko no Mi: Black Cat Model- Alyssa Lief

    Yami Yami no Mi- Jacrow D. Spark

    Announcements and Upcoming Events

    - Worlds' Strongest Man Contest (2nd and 3rd place will become Yonkou)

    - Fleet Admiral Contest (2nd and 3rd place will become Admirals)

    - Worlds' Greatest Swordswielder​
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Diego D. Vendrix

    Epitet: "Shadow Man"

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Crew Position/Rank: Scholar

    Appearance: Diego has a rather boyish face. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has a growing scruffy beard. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. Unlike most guys, you can see the color of his eyes. While not having the same intensity as Hawkeye, his eyes have been a source of fascination. Having undergone serious training since boyhood, he is a very well-built young man. Not bulky, but with some evident muscles, much like post time-skip Usopp, though shorter. His body type has been described as stocky, though he is also a bit trim. He has a rather light olive skin.

    As a former trainee of the CP program, he wears the remains of his uniform. He has on a black sleeveless shirt along with black pants. He also wears mocassins. However, the most notable things he wears is his black fedora hat and black trench coat, both of which come off when the situation becomes serious. The trench coat has the kanji for 'spook' on it. Around his body, he has several bandages around several areas.

    Diego is a volatile and unstable person. He is driven by his emotions and has shown mental problems such as talking to himself and crazed laughter. He is also very headstrong and stubborn though he wield to a logical argument. He also has a streak of cruelty and has tendencies to hold grudges. He shows subtle levels of paranoia and distrust. He is also willing to use torture if he must.

    Despite this, he has a warm and soft side, one that he has hidden to guard himself. He is more comfortable and patient around good folk than evil folk. He is willing to help out and keep his word to those who are lucky enough to earn it, though breaking his trust results in large amounts of devastation for said person(s). He can also be cool and level-headed, frightening those around him as despite being an emotional and intense person, he is also intelligent. Most of all, he cares deeply about his crew and like a D, shows a powerful force of will.

    Chaotic Good/Neutral


    Diego was found as a small child in a basket in East Blue. He was adopted by an elderly couple who raised him until he was about 5, in which, the elderly couple died. He was then passed on to their son, who was in the Marines. Because of the nature of his work, he could't spend much time with him, though he would whenever he could. However, it wasn't long before Diego in a fight. Being different from the other kids, he would get into fights and would often win, despite being outmuscled and out-numbered.

    Seeing potential in him, Diego was entered into the CP program. He began training hard and learn the basics. However, an incident occurred. Supporsedly, one of the Marines attempted an illegal bio-enhancement drug on them. However, the concentration was too much and the child, being the eldest, ending up becoming a lumbering and crazed beserker before begniing to attack the Marines and trainees before a Vice Admiral was called to stop. SOme were dead and others were injured. Diego was injured enough to leave injures that wouldstay for years and thus his training had to be terminated. However, Diego has snuck a book on some of the other techniques, vowing to learn them when his body has healed enough.

    Having returned to the home of his uncle, Diego would spend time reading and keeping his body in shape when he could or however the doctor would permit him. He developed insomnia from the nightmares of the incident however. To cope, he would sneak out to a bar and hang with some of the older pirates, who talked about Gold Roger and One Piece, inspiring Diego. During a bar fight, Diego defended himself and ended up winning a Devil Fruit, the Kage Kage no Mi.

    Using it, he began practicing how to use his shadow doppleganger to supplemant his fighting while his body healed. He did not tell his uncle he was heading out to be a pirate, but simply said he was headed on a journey. As a parting gift, he gave Diego a black-bladed tanto, a family heirloom. He then confessed that when Diego was found, his name was revealed in a note with him. Diego named the tanto Sombra.

    He also used to begin gaining assets until he bought a caravel and set out to become a pirate. He explored the East Blue as he scouted potential nakama and he sent them inventions through his Devil Fruit power and awaits on Darkrune Island for those who would join him...

    Dream/Goal: To sail the seas and to have a heavy impact on the world

    Devil Fruit: Kage Kage no Mi

    Armament Haki, Observation Haki, Conquerer's Haki


    -Shadow Guardia: Diego uses his Devil Fruit powers on his own shadow, causing it to rise from whatever surface it is being cast upon by his body and extend as a solid silohoutte to protect him from attacks. Diego has not yet been able to get his shadow moblie.

    -Shadow Suplente: Diego can switch places with wherever his shadow is. This allows him to teleport as well as have his shadow take a hit, though Diego needs to detect the attack.​

    -Shadow Taladro: Diego transforms his shadow around him to form a large hand drill, which Diego can use to attack enemies.

    -Shadow Trampa: Diego faces the opponent and has his shadow stretch to hold the opponent and to keep them from moving.

    -Shadow Lobotomía: With his foe captured, Diego grabs the opponent's shadow and stretches it before using Sombra to cut it.​


    -A black tanto given to him by his uncle. He named it Sombra.
    -A book on Rokushiki he studies


    All right guys, start signing up. Our characters will grow stronger so don't worry. If you wanna save your Devil Frut slot for a Logia or Mythic Zoan later, you can. We also need to decide on crew name, captain, ship name and jolly roger design. THis will be in the Discussion thread once I see interest in the RPG
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  3. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Reserve for the cook, with Chemical Juggling. I'll work on the SU ASAP
  4. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    All righty then. RESERVED!
  5. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    I will reserve the Sniper with a Logia devil fruit that I have yet to decide on.
  6. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Dude no logia fruits yet
  7. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    I'll just take a Sniper reserve then.
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    All right reserved
  9. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Name: Harry Massecata

    Epitet: Red Blade

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Crew Position/Rank: first mate

    Appearance: Harry stands at six feet tall and weighs in around a medium setting for his age and height, most of that weight being muscles from his early training. His face is sharp and angled, giving him a false elegant shape. His eyes are a sharp violet color, and they often move around a lot inside his head, flitting from one object to the next with a feverous pace. His left ear is completely gone, leaving only a wrinkled burn mark with the ear canal being covered by the skin used to heal the wound. His left canine tooth is extremely sharp, and he often cuts himself on the inside of his mouth with it, though if he bites someone with it, it’ll inflict a painful wound. His messy hair is a dull black, that has a few spikes along it, but mostly just everywhere.

    For clothing, Harry wears a tight black top that lacks sleeves over his torso, with openings cut into it from the sleeves to allow for more motion in general with his arms. Four sheathes are strapped to his back, each one holding one of his signature machetes. His pants are a light grey, only going down to right above his knees, for more movement and a little bit of comfort. His sandals are bone white, and he likes to spread rumors to those that ask that the sandals are bones.

    Personality: Harry is an incredibly violent man. He has a fierce fire and passion for any kind of slaughter and massacre that he can accomplish through his trade mark machetes. He prefers to see as much blood come out of his victim as opposed to killing them right away. While torture could be a perfect example for this, it wouldn’t be honorable for a swordsman as such as him. He has a minor sense of honor, only that it restricts him from attacking an unarmed opponent. An enemy with a sword, but can’t use their arms and or legs, is still fair game for him. A fight shouldn’t be so much doom and gloom, it’s a battle of steel, flesh, and body and wits; it shouldn’t be feared. Harry believes this with all of his body and heart. Despite his supposed ‘honor’ Harry is not above dirty tactics, such as biting and tearing flesh with his mouth.

    Harry isn’t that stable mentally either. He’s prone to loud outbursts of manic laughter over the littlest of details, his disjointed behavior becoming sporadic at best. This erratic laughter works its way into his fighting style, resulting in wide spins and strikes as well as odd contortions to dodge and attack at the same time. He has the habit of eating the flesh of those he kills, but only if they were strong opponents. He has a perverted obsession with mermaids, and has no qualms about kidnapping or buying one, and at night, stares at the moon. He can’t explain, but when he looks up at the moon, he feels serene and precious to its gaze. Almost like it loves him with its sight.

    History: Harry was actually born to one of the World Nobles, along the Grand Line, and even at birth he was destined to not be like his family. His mother died giving birth to him, from the blood loss that resulted from the baby kicking and clawing its way out of the womb. A next to never seen ordeal, but none the less, it started Harry’s path for death and murder. Despite being raised as a World Noble, Harry fought ever rule, every tradition, and everyone in the mansion that was his home. His ferociety was so great, that at the age of five, he fought and killed a fishman of the same age by biting and tearing out his throat. This scared his father immensely, and Harry was sent away to an orphanage to rot for all they cared. Harry didn’t mind, he loved the freedom out of the mansion. At the age of eight, his feral habits started to be calmed by the inclusion of a sweet mermaid he loved called Marina. They did everything together, as Marina was a flighty girl, so she needed Harry around to feel safe. They ate, slept even bathed together, as Harry got a calmer mind and a little less violence with her around.

    However, a few years later a World Noble came to the orphanage, and picked up Marina for his son to have a play thing. Harry became furious and blood thirsty, and with a knife in hand, charged the Noble. Harry’s speed surprised the gun welding man, and the bullet merely grazed through Harry’s ear, removing it and destroyed the eardrum. Harry swung with the knife, but the man was already running away. Harry punched the ground in rage, and roared to the sky, swearing a vengeance on his soul to save Marina and kill all Nobles. A wandering swordsman saw his ferociety and speed, and adopted Harry to become his apprentice. Harry’s behaviors were feral and blood thirsty, so the swordsman taught the little boy how to use machetes, such as technics to sever hands and limbs from the body. Harry greedily drank the knowledge, and moved around on his own as an adult to continue practicing and learning.

    At the moment, Harry is on Darkrune Island, following the messages sent via shadows. He hopes that the crew can help his quest to find Marina, and kill the bastards of the Nobles.

    Dream/Goal: To find and kill all of the World Nobles, and find his friend Marina.

    Devil Fruit: Later in the RP, a zoen fruit though

    Techniques: Harry’s technics relay on using two machetes at once, though the four he carries will eventually be used at the same time, once he learns how.

    Beferacte: A powerful slash, Harry run forward, before spinning towards the opponentns strong side with his two machetes outstretched. As the opponent reacts, Harry changes direction quickly to slice open the stomach of his target. The resulting opposite rotation from spin adds more power and cutting depth.

    Battery: A two fold attack, Harry first puts his machetes into a negative grip, and procedes to use punching attacks to put his opponent off balance.

    Assault: Once the opponent is off balance, Harry trips them with his leg, and plunges his machetes downwards into the ribcage, pierecing the lungs.

    Need a hand?: A more joke attack, Harry strikes the wrist of his opponent or someone he doesn’t like with a right hand down chop, severing the hand from the opponent.

    Weapons/Equipment: four machetes, though he can only wield two at once
  10. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! Though let's try and limit the amount of Devil Fruit users we have. We still need someone with the Horo Horo no Mi
  11. killowatt

    killowatt Truly Bewildering

    Name: Vesl-18

    Epithet: The Strawman of Panic

    Race: Homunculus

    Gender: Male

    Age: 4

    Position: Doctor

    Appearance: Long, spindly limbs attached to a thin, corpse-like body. His head is brown and leather-like and eye sockets shriveled and black. His mouth is sown shut usually, but when forced open, reveal thousands of gloving eyes. He has two legs. Except when he has four. To tell the truth, the number of long, thin legs hidden in his baggy pants may be unknown even to him. He is dressed in the aforementioned pants, as well as black boots worn over a tattered orange jumpsuit.

    Personality: Vesl is a very talented doctor. His presence on the ship should tell you that. He is, however, a massive loon. He eats emotions and thoughts, and thus while saving his patients life, makes sure to make it as unpleasant as possible. His attempts at trolling range from benign jump scares to dangerous sabotage (thankfully rare). He seems to also be fond of Cyborg women and ONLY cyborg women, keeping a bizarre shrine to one in particular in his quarters, where no one dares tread. He is not completely amoral, as he would never fatally wound his crew, nor anti-social, participating in several events. This does not change the fact that the crew despises his constant hiding and mean-spirited remarks.

    Chaotic Neutral at best

    Dream: To consume the mind of the worlds most brilliant doctor

    He has no Devil Fruit nor Haki, as he is essentially soulless

    Techniques: Up his sleeves are two robotic crows on strings that are hooked directly to his brain. It should go without saying that the more mind he eats, the faster and more powerful his crows get.

    Scarecrow Feeding Time: The two crows wrap the target up in their strings while Vesl comes forward to eat their minds. ( Please note that this is a lengthy process that he rarely has time to finish.)

    Pinpoint Puncture: His knowledge of the human body allows him the ability to cleanly separate one part of the opponents body from the other given time to aim.

    Feeding Frenzy: His crows tear combine into a robotic vulture and can actually lift Vesl above the ground and tear out enemies hearts. This also takes a while to do properly.

    Cross Cut: The target is strangled by one crow while the other pecks out his nerve endings.

    Whatever is in his mouth can also put in an appearance. I can't imagine what it would do, but it'd be pretty terrifying.

    History: Vesl was created by a team of scientists whose ideas were too twisted for even the World Government(!). He was the only member of his test block on a small island in East Blue to survive a raid by The Marines, who considered the experiments a threat to their power. He escaped his enclosure, consuming the only other survivor in the lab: a Doctor the scientists had kidnapped. After eating a living mind fully, Vesl was now sapient and realized what he had done, thus dedicated himself to appeasing the spirit of the man he ate. After years of not eating as a blind man's personal doctor, he fell back into madness and convinced himself that absolution could only be obtained by eating the greatest healer in the world, whoever that is. So he joined a band of freak pirates as their doctor, searching for this anonymous person.

    (Again, i know that the acceptability of a Homunculus is dubious, but I think it fit's the theme.)
    Last edited: May 12, 2013
  12. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Bizarrely creepy, I love it! If course, he will need to augment himself later on (maybe Seastone). Accepted!

    Would really like it if soneone had the Horo Horo no Mi
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Because of the lack of people, I am thinking we should either make second characaters and some characters may need additional roles.
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Apprently, digipoke dropped his reserve. Can smeone help us get more peope please?
  15. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    I think I may join.
  16. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Oh that's cool. Any roles you have in mind?
  17. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Either a Navigator or a Shipwright with a Zoan Devil Fruit...
  18. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Hmm... well, a Navigator with a Bat Fruit would be cool.
  19. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    I decided I'm going to help by having both of my characters take on multiple responsibilities.

    Name: Jon Aidou

    Epithet: "Hell's Tomcat"

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Crew Position/Rank: Navigator

    Appearance: Standing at 5'10" whilst being lithe with a muscular physique of what bulk he does have, Jon is a bit of a bruiser. He has averagely tanned skin, thick black hair, and extremely dark eyes. His eyes are colored red; when illuminated by the sun, they may, at brightest, appear to be a light gold color with traces of red from the arteries behind them. He weighs about 150 pounds and looks like he could be your average high school jock, or even a mediocre college one. He always prefers to wear a black t-shirt and either jeans or sweatpants with sandals. He has remarkably thick hair and eyelashes, as well as slightly thicker than usual eyebrows. His lips are a sharp red coloration which is difficult to not look at. He has a stitch directly above his right Achilles' tendon.

    Personality: Jon always tries to behave nicely and politely, although he's a bit immature at times, and, quite honestly, doesn't like to interact with other people; he perceives himself as being quite terrible at it. He is a terrible person, and he knows it; he always hopes to make himself better. Even though he frequently does some terrible things, he's always hoping somehow for him to have a chance to make everyone's lives better. He can act maturely if he wants to, but he generally doesn't unless someone intentionally talks about a topic which is nasty and inappropriate for the moment to him. He believes everyone deserves to go to hell, as well as himself (in fact, especially himself), but no one should have to. He believes life is full of suffering which must be overcome in order to accomplish what is good. He believes life's unfair, but people should always try to make it fair. He believes people can do what's considered wrong in order to do what is right. He's a brilliant but self-secluded individual who never overestimates himself, never underestimates an adversary, prefers to think to and conspire by himself, and likes to act out his plans independently and silently.

    ALWAYS CHAOTIC EVIL!!!! Neutral Evil (most frequently), True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, or, at best, Chaotic Good

    History: He was born and raised in East Blue. He has 1 older half-brother and 2 younger sisters. His family was part of the hard-working bourgeois middle-class, and they were always spending their time making an honest living. He was always a brilliant student in school, although he didn't always want to have to do the work. Eventually, after he graduated, he decided to sign up for the Marines; his half-brother had signed up, and had gotten an honorable medical discharge; he now had benefits and recognition. Jon wanted to see whether or not he could make it through the entire thing in order to get certain benefits; however, there had always been a mutual dissension between him and a few of his fellow Marines. One day, a few of his enemies got sick of him, ganged up on him, and tried to give him a beating (even though they were the provocateurs; every response he gave back to them was just always wittier, and they hated him for it). He resisted them for as long as he could, but, eventually, he just took a complete beating. He was a bloody mess. He laid down where they had left him for a few hours, then decided to go home and just call it a day. The morning wasn't quite as pleasant, either, as, just a few hours later, he discovered he had been dishonorably discharged for his misconduct (for having given a couple of them black eyes and broken a few of their bones). Even worse, his testimony couldn't amount to anything against them; they probably wouldn't have gotten court-martialed, and, even then, he probably wouldn't have gotten his old job back. Disappointed, he headed home, ready to go to college for the next few years, only for his family to kick him out. He got sick of life and decided to resort to piracy. He stopped at the bar near his town's local harbor, and decided to get a drink, and maybe just see whether or not he could be accepted into a pirate crew. That day, he didn't find a crew to be a part of, but he did find Lucy, a girl who liked him as much as he liked her. They decided to sleep together for the night; he paid for their stay in a nearby hotel. Once they woke up in the morning, he started to head out the door to buy some groceries just as her father made his way across the hall. He had been searching for her the entire night. Once he got word of where she was staying, he thought he'd pay her a visit. She claimed he had raped her, and, he, running down the hall, decided he had to get the hell out of town as quickly as possible. He escaped, but he had to spend the entire day avoiding everyone he knew, and everyone who could have potentially recognized him. Later on in the day, he heard a general ship for rides which was taking whatever passengers could pay was leaving town that day, and he quickly resolved to get aboard. He paid to get on, and managed to stay out of the way of absolutely anyone who might have been a threat to his prosperity. Later on in that day, it turned out the ride had all been a massive heist by pirates to get all the affluent people in town who would care to pay for such leisure to not only give them their money, but also to hand themselves over as hostages in exchange for even more money once they arrived at a popular port. He had caught word of this beforehand through a worker who cared to hear his story, as well as that he was out of cash, and pitied him. He brought Jon up to the captain, who graciously decided to give him a Devil Fruit. He then departed onto Darkrune Island, at a well renowned pirate port.

    Dream/Goal: To take his old life back; he may not be happy like that, but at least he'd be doing what is right.

    Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no Mi

    Haki: Potential for Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror's Haki.


    Marksmanship: He is a decent marksman, and can shoot accurately up to 100 yards.

    Close Combat: He is very skilled at this, and knows how to use a knife, as well as a bit of martial arts.

    Hollow Creation: He can create ghost replicas, which can all come with different abilities in different forms; they are all immune to physical attacks.

    - Negative Hollows: He can create ghosts which can pass through and pierce people, resulting in them losing strength and feeling extremely negative about themselves.

    - Mini Hollows: He can create small ghosts which explode and send off shockwaves.

    - Toku Hollows: He can create a gigantic ghost which can explode and cause others severe damage.

    - Ghost Network: He can control and see the collective consciousness of all ghosts, and manipulate each of them and read each of their minds in order to gain whatever information from them he desires.

    Astral Projection: He can remove his consciousness from his body and take the form of a colossal clone of himself.

    Weapons/Equipment: He still carries his old semi-automatic firearm (a handgun) and his half-brother's combat knife with him at all times.

    Name: Alyssa Lief

    Epithet: "Feline Prodigy"

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Crew Position/Rank: De Facto Chef (Unprofessional), Musician

    Appearance: She has tan skin, blond hair, and black irises. She's 5'07" tall and weighs about 110-115 pounds. She dresses plainly and simply; she always wears a thin white shirt and thin fabric pants which resemble jeans. She usually wears sandals. She is usually considered to be attractive by generally everybody.

    Personality: She tries to be nice to other people and help them out with anything they might want help with as much as she can. She knows how terrible life can be, and is willing to acknowledge it. She doesn't care about whether or not someone can fight well, as long as they're fighting for the right thing. She is willing to suffer hell to rescue anyone in need. She understands how everyone is vicious and even deserves to go to hell, honestly, but she really doesn't like to judge. She is disillusioned, and would rather be doing what is right than be happy. She's always trying to be a selfless person. She always knows she's not anywhere near being perfect, but she always tries to do the best she can, no matter how painful life may be.

    Neutral Good

    History: She has high-class parents who own their own trading company. She's also an only child, and, as such, frequently feels as if no one cares about her. She was a great student in school who always did her best to understand and work on what she learned. She always enjoyed music, and decided to work on understanding and playing it. Her parents were hardly ever around; instead, she usually decided to hang out with her friends. Her parent have always had close ties with the World Government. Lately, she has been living at Darkrune Island, in a plain house out on the coast; it's nothing her family would consider to be too expensive or fancy. When the pirate crew from Darkrune Island begins, she is attending her friend's wedding, in which she accidentally eats a Devil Fruit.

    Dream/Goal: To work as a diplomat for the World Government; later, for everyone else to get along; also, to be the world's greatest violinist.

    Devil Fruit: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Black Cat

    Haki: Potential for Armament Haki.


    Music: She's skilled at playing a violin and alright at playing on the piano; she often plays different tunes in the background for the crew in order to motivate them.

    Partial Transformation: She can transform partially; usually this is involuntary, and results in her just growing a tail, claws, or fur while she's in her human form.

    Cat Hybrid Transformation: She can transform into a humanoid cat.

    Cat Transformation: She can transform into a small cat.

    Weapons/Equipment: She has a very thin violin bow made from tungsten carbide; she uses it as a knife.
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    You don't have to. I will be willing to make a 2nd character and see who else will, so just stick it to one role and if there are any others, I will ask. Anyway,

    Alyssa: ACCEPTED!

    Jon: Pending.... Everything but the Devil Fruit is all rigth. Spider Monkey doesn't fit the Halloween role...

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