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R/S and Fr/Lg sprite face-off

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John's Knight

Well-Known Member
Hi! As you can see by the title, this is the ruby/sapphire and Fr/Lg sprite face-off. Here are the rules:

-no spam
-only one vote per hour
-no discussions about the others choices

The first sprite to collect 8 votes WIN!!
Here are the first sprites:



Begin voting!


---> Ok, there has been an update: <---
--The winner is the one who collects more votes in a week--

--you can begin voting from the moment i posted the results of the previous face-off and the new one--
--voting shall be closed on Sunday--

~|~ That is all ~|~
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Amaisan Axis

Jade Star Trainer
I like this idea, I vote FR/LG because I like the darker color.


Oddish plzkthnxbai
I'll vote for the R/S one, Death to FR/LG Sprites!!!

Pokémon Master Josh

Orange Champion
Ru/Sa, the FR/LG one looks like it has a dent in it's shell at the top :p
Hehe, Golem looks like its face got punched in in FR/LG. R/S plz. It actually looks intimidating :eek:.

The 8th Champion


R/S. FR/LG's head looks like a donphan's that lost its trunk


The Queen
I vote RS Golem...it looks better without the detail on its shell.
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