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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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r u not entertained
I need batteries :( It's hella annoying, 'cause I want to play! I have my Ralts, but I want to get to Dewford to get my Magikarp.


The time....Has come. It is time to enter the third and hopefully final run of the Battle Palace, and face Spenser for my fifth Symbol.....

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
Finished Ev training Combusken in attack, now going for spd. It's currently at lv. 29.


Never forgotten
Whew! I HATE the factory. For last 2 damn hours I've been on the factory and swept 4 rounds.(Also at round 4 i rented a dragonite!!). Then at round 5 i swept through matches 28-31 in round 5 and match 32 with 3 brick breaks with a heracross. Then came match 33, this odd number I can never pass!!!!!, totally OWNED by a salamence!
Go Heracross!
Go salamence!(there goes its dang intimdate)
I switch to marowak
Salamence aerial aced wak but it only received 40% of damage. then of couse outrun me only to get ohkoed by a damn dragon claw!
So i was forced to send out moltres, which i feared an rock slide,
Salamence used rock slide and bye-bye tres!
Here comes heracross
AA, bye-bye freaking 4 times weakness!

Geez, *sigh* can I ever get anywhere here?!!

Expert Evan

Old Fogey
Sometimes I wonder if the knowledge symbol should be the luck symbol as it seems to take more extreme luck just to win the more advanced rounds at all.

I'll probably be giving the factory a break for a short while as I'll be helping out with Thanksgiving preparations.


Never forgotten
It doesn't makes sense though at all, seriously EE, the battle factory is designed to read your game data and predict your team and design a counter. predicts correctly commonly. Uhhhhhh, im taking a break until thanksgiving evening.
pokemon that failed me to get swept by a team yesterday/ today:
-Just today my marowak couldn't survive a dragon claw?!
- At round 4 , ddgarydos, the second best dder in the game failed me by getting frozen for ten dang turns!

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I share in your hatred of the Frontier. I was told that Swords Dance > Bulk Up, which had worked for me so far on Blaziken. So, I changed it. Then I get total haxxed by a

Go Magneton!
Go Wigglytuff!
Magneton used Thunder wave
Wigglytuff is paralyzed!
Wigglyutff used Sing!
Magneton fell asleep
Go, Blaziken!
Wigglytuff is paralyzed
Blaziken used Sky Uppercut!
Wigglytuff's Cute Charm infatuated Blaziken!
Wigglytuff used Secret Power!
Blaziken used Quick Attack!
Wigglytuff used Secret Power!
Blaziken is paralyzed, it may be unable to move!
Blaziken is immobilized by love!
Wigglytuff used Secret Power!
Wigglytuff used Secret Power!
Blaziken fainted!
Go, Slowbro!
Slowbro used Ice Beam!
Wigglytuff fainted
Opponent sent out Cacturne!
Cacturne used Needle Arm!
Slowbro, that's enough, come back!
Go, Magneton (still asleep)
Cacturne used Faint Attack!Cacturne is incapable
Magneton is still asleep
Cacturne used Mega Punch
Magneton woke up! Used Thunderbolt
Cacturne used Faint Attack!
Magneton used Thunder wave!
Magneton used Thunderbolt!
Cacturne used Needle Arm
Magneton used Thunder Wave@
Magneton used Reflect
Magneton used Reflect
Cacturne used Mega Punch
Magneton fainted!
Go, Slowbro
Slowbro recovered HP with Leftovers
Slowbro used Calm Mmind
Cacturne used Faint Attack@
Slowbro recovered HP....
Slowbro used Ice Beam!
Cacturne fainted!
Opponent sent out Kecleon!
Kecleon used Secret Power!
Slowbro used Calm Mind!
Kecleon used Magic Coat!
Slowbro's incapable of....
Kecleon used Magic Coat!
Slowbro used Surf
Kecelon's incapable
Slowbro used CM<
Slwobro's HP restored
Kecleon used Seismic Toss
Slowbor has 1 HP...
Slowbro used CM
Slowbro recovered HP
Kecleon used Secret Power
Slowbro fainted!

Stupid Battle Palace. I got haxxed by my OWN Pokemon.

EDIT: I couldn't type the whole battle record, as it was going fast, so if there's a type, it's because I was trying to keep up. Even then I had to stop it three times to go back and catch something. Stupid stat-upping moves.
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Alea iacta est.
Gawd darn, Ditto catching is no fun. It seems that there is not a single Bold one. Sheesh! Ditto catching, aiming for a Bold one, so I can get a Bold Blissey for the Frontier. Erg!
After I owned the first 21 battles of the Battle Factory with a Heracross one time and a Metagross the other two times, I got a case of bad luck hax >_< in the 22nd battle


um, and stuff
Okay this is weird I lost to Torkoal :eek: here is how the battle went with Torkoal.
Flareny sends out Torkoal (I have Marshtomp out with both other still alive)
Torkoal used Attract
Marshtomp is attracted to Torkoal
Torkoal used Body Slam-Critical Hit
Marshtomp used Mud Shot
Torkoal used Body Slam-Marshtomp faints
Combusken uses Bulk up
Torkoal uses Attract
Combusken it attaracted to Torkoal
Torkoal used Body Slam-Combusken is Paralysed
Torkoal used Body Slam-Combusken faints
Torkoal used Body Slam-Loudred is paralysed
Loudred used Stomp-Torkoal .0001 HP
Torkoal used Overheat-Loudred faints


Alea iacta est.
Just hatched a better-than-average ability, flawless attack Beldum. His avg. speed IV is 10, but he is going to be an Agiligross, so his speed IV matters very little to me.


I ALMOST got haxxed by a Scope Lens-Slashing-Vigoroth in the Palace, but my Slowbro managed to overcome it. :)


Well-Known Member
I've been training my new team to see if they do any better than my old team at the Battle Frontier. My old team did pretty well when my Gyarados was used. My gyarados was in all the battle frontier battles I got into.


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Staff member
Levelled my Gyarados to level nintey-five. Almost there...

I went back to the Battle Dome, attempting to make it to Tucker again.
Unfortunately, I died on the last trainer of the ninth round...
Tried again, cleared it three times so far.



Ultimate Trainer
I just caught Regice, pretty quickly, and now I'm training my Kadabra.
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