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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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um, and stuff
For some reason my Loudred lost to Slaking but I had Swampert to destroy Norman now on to Fortree. Going to catch a flyer (tell me who) and then catch Kecleon or somebody else (tell me who) and then a Glalie or a Walrien or maybye even a Regi (you tell me)


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Finally got a female,Adamant, Swift Swim, Kabuto. Now i can breed for a Kabuto with Confuse Ray


Raikou, I watched your match for the Pokemon National. Awesome battle.

I'm about, key word, about, to battle Greta. I'm on the third round of my thrid run.


Welll......I feel like a n00b now, thinking that after 21 wins my battle with Greta. It's actually 27, so after my shower, I'll try to beat Greta. My team is this.....

Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Dragon Claw

Swords Dance
Quick Attack
Sky Uppercut

Focus Punch
Shadow Ball

Yes, in this order. It's perfectly designed to take down Greta's team. one Aerial Ace from Salamence, Heracross is down. A few Brick Breaks and Sky Uppercuts from Salamence and Blaziken (if Umbreon forces Mence into judging) should beat Umbreon. A simple Flamethrower or Shadow Ball will take care of Shedinja.

EDIT: Cascade Trainer Rank!
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Shiny Hunter
Just caught Latios and Latias...and STILL hunting for that shiny Numel :]


-Hatched a shiny Bagon with Lax nature. How sad, since that 4x weakness to Ice is already bad enough.
-Hatched a Bagon with Modest nature. Meh, still okay.

Yup, I'm hatching Bagons right now.


Alea iacta est.
Black Knight, I am too. I'm trying to get a SAtk flawless Modest one so I can have a decent Elemence for my Battle Dome team. Might go do some more of my Sapphire Scramble Challenge tonight....


*cries tears of joy* I....I did it.....

I....got the Guts symbol......My Pokemon Salamence, Blaziken, Snorlax....Thank you.....

Here's how the battle went.

Salamence vs. Heracross
Heracross uses Megahorn, taking Salamence down from 153 to 137. Salamence uses Aerial Ace. Buh-bye, Big-Horn.

Salamence vs. Umbreon
Salamence uses Brick Break, taking off little less than half. Umbreon uses Confuse Ray
Salamence tries to use Brick Break again, but hurts itself. Umbreon uses Psychic, taking Mence down to close to the red. Mence tries to attack again, but hurts itself. Umbreon uses Faint Attack, leaving Mence with 7 HP. Umbreon wins 5 to 1 in judging.

Blaziken vs. Umbreon
Blaziken uses Sky Uppercut, taking Umbreon down to the yellow. Umbreon uses, guess what, Confuse Ray. Blaziken tries to use Sky Uppercut again, but hits itself. Umbreon uses Psychic, and I fear it'll kill Blaziken, but it hangs on in the orange. I thank God Umbreon doesn't have good Specal Attack. I pray Blaziken hits with Sky Uppercut, and it doe! Buh-bye Umbreon.

Blaziken vs. Shedinja
Quickest battle, aside from Mence vs. Heracross. Shedinja uses Shadow ball, KO'ing Blaziken

Snorlax vs. Shedinja
Great knows Snorlax has Shadow Ball, I know she does. Shedinja uses Aerial Ace, and Snorlax brushes off the hit. Snorlax uses Shadow Ball. KO'ed Shedinja.

And that's how I won the Guts symbol. Next up, is Spirit!
Bleh, I just changed my Gardevoiurs moveset, I'm to lazy to continue my dome challenge.


The new tuxedo look!
Got haxed about a million times in the factory right now, I just can't seem to get past round 3!


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restarted my ruby.chose torchic as a starter.evoed it to combusken caught a zigzagoon(hm slave)and a ralts.levelled the ralts to 12.can somebody tell me at what level does ralts evolve?


The new tuxedo look!
My sister just got a clamperl with a blue shard for me, really happy because now I can evolve my staryu!


I like mangos!
restarted my ruby.chose torchic as a starter.evoed it to combusken caught a zigzagoon(hm slave)and a ralts.levelled the ralts to 12.can somebody tell me at what level does ralts evolve?

Level 20.

Im currently training my sapphire team to level 50, pokemon in my team are

;025; - Lvl 50
;260; - Lvl 50
;169; - Lvl 45
;197; - Lvl 45
;334; - Lvl 45
;352; - Lvl 45


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Emerald: training Gengar (currently L75) and hatching Seviper eggs..no shiny yet
NOO! 35th round of the Battle Factory and lost to 3 Megahorn criticals >_< and I got so far too...


The Golden summit!!
im doing the scramble team change right now,though im still waiting for someone to give me the finall pokemon.

should i use the team in the b.f. when im done with it?

The Mighty Wurmple

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Remember i needed a Sea Incense to get Azurill then I remembered I sold mine at a Pokemart >.< So I trade one over from my friends game that I had. Phew, lucky. Searched in the desert for about 10 minutes still couldn't find a Cacnea. Evolved Tentacool, now working on Shroomish.
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