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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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I just got the Spirit Symbol from the Palace! Now, to change my sig, yet again.....*does a jig*

Shiny Crobat

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<-If only it was red
Finished getting my EV-trained Dragonite to LV60, it's ready to storm the BF!

Brave nature

211 HP
236 atk
132 Def
137 Sp.Atk
132 sp.def
118 speed

Brick break
Thunder wave
Areial ace
Dragon dance.


Never forgotten
more challenges to the battle pike


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Emerald: still hatching seviper in the hope that one of the eggs will be shiny...
hatched about 40 eggs now..so...still a long way to go..if im unlucky:)
Just training up my team and entering some contests :p


Random pokemon with EXP. Share


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I beat Flannery and Juan for the 2nd time. I used Bellossom both times and won with a combination of Gyarados and Bellossom. I'm currently training the team to level 50.


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Finished training my Nidoking to lv40. Now trading some pokemon from Fire red to my Emerald

De HotShot Mon

Smack Down time
Got my gold Luck Symbol, now I'm challenging the Battle Arena.

EDIT: Beat Greta and got Silver Guts Symbol (Strange thing was that my battle with Greta was my 21st battle while the Battle Arena page says that Greta is the 28th battle).

Now I can't decide whether to stay at the Battle Arena and get the Gold Guts Symbol or try the Battle Palace (Silver and Gold), Battle Dome (Silver and Gold), Battle Pyramid (Silver and Gold) or Battle Tower (Gold).
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Expert Evan

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my battle factory open level streak is back at 14 with a final team of nidoqueen, shiftry & heracross as this was a complete makeover from the starting team of ursaring, snorlax & glalie. While I can't seem to recall whom I had each round, here seems to be a summary of all the swaps made:

1. ursaring -> charizard -> nidoqueen
2. snorlax -> shiftry
3. glalie -> jolteon -> heracross

So that seemed to make it a total of 5 swaps.
Lost my BArena record twice today, once was to another poison pkmn, which my Mightyena and Kabutops cannot fight at all, well since my Kabutops's Hyper Beam+2 Swords Dances missed ;_;...I forget the other...
Hatched a Relicanth and about 8 Vulpixes, getting a new apprentice tomorrow, nothing special...
I know this may sound noob, but
Gold Tactics
I finally got a gold symbol, the battle went like this
I send out shedinja, he sends out swampert
shedinja defeats him after 5 shadow balls
he sends out metagross
4 shodow balls were enough to faint it


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I finally got the lilycove department store clearout sale! So I go into the elevator to go up to the roof, and my treecko hatches in the elevator!! weird...


The new tuxedo look!
^that is weird...^

Anyways, just got my factory streak up to 14 in both levels, now for the dreaded round 3...


uh... juxtaposition
I started a new game a couple days ago. I made a girl character named Viola (reading 12th Night in school..) and I'm giving her the girly pokemon.

So far this is her team:

;256; Combusken
;281; Kirlia
;315; Roselia
;183; Marill

plus HM slave ;302; Sableye!

Kinda reminds me of Wally's team, now that I think about it..
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