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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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Shiny Crobat

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Am in battle #40
^i wonder why also
Edit: no, that's the dome

Don't you know what the luck symbol is? Take a look at serebii (main site) come on think

Shiny Crobat

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No, even ingame it's that symbol.
In my game. I don't know why???

Shiny Crobat

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I'll change my TC. Weard. Do you think my game is glitched?


Luck is Pike


The new tuxedo look!
Oops, real sorry...

EDIT: hey, my game is glitched!!! When I checked on my frontier pass, it says the knowledge symbol is the luck symbol!!!Sorry once again, since I checked on mine.
Wait a minute...does that mean that I have gold luck!?
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Got my Guts gold symbol, it's my second gold, after two times of losing in round 8, in the second battle
the battle went like this:
I sent out heracross, greta sent out umbreon

1st turn
Heracross used megahorn, ubreon has 10 percent HP left
Umbreon used psychic, 50 percent left

2nd turn
Heracross used Brick Break, umbreon fainted

Greta sends out gengar

3rd turn
Heracross uses Rock slide, 10 percent damage
Gengar used psychic, heracross fainted

I send in starmie

4th turn
Starmie used psychic, gengar fainted

Greta sends out breloom

5th turn
Starmie used psychic, breloom fainted

I win


The new tuxedo look!
Well, PB8, or what's his name said alakazam is better than starmie in this case, but anyways, congrats!

Brad J

Active Member
Oh ok, Im deciding to train bagon later actually since I can't have bagon and beldum who take loads of exp to level. I'll stick to beldum.


Nintendo WII>>>You
I'm now trying to complete my Hoenn dex which is at 189 caught. I'm raising my Vigaroth and when it evolves i'll try to evolve my Feebas


<rhydon got fat :D
Finaly beat tucker and the tournement after. I dont want to continue yet incase i make a mistake. Luckyly beat tucker though i was hopeing he would pick salamance and charizard but he went swampert salamance. I had regice and starmie it went like this

Switch starmie for regice
swamert used earthquake

swamp 100%
regice 45-60% (forget)

regice used protect leftovers recovered
swampert used earthquake

regice 50-60%
swamp 100%

swampert used earthquake
regice used counter

swamp 0%
regice 10%

if gorget what happened next i think i protected then ice beamed but starmie would of sorted out.
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