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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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So long
Got my Guts gold symbol, it's my second gold, after two times of losing in round 8, in the second battle
the battle went like this:
I sent out heracross, greta sent out umbreon

1st turn
Heracross used megahorn, ubreon has 10 percent HP left
Umbreon used psychic, 50 percent left

2nd turn
Heracross used Brick Break, umbreon fainted

Greta sends out gengar

3rd turn
Heracross uses Rock slide, 10 percent damage
Gengar used psychic, heracross fainted

I send in starmie

4th turn
Starmie used psychic, gengar fainted

Greta sends out breloom

5th turn
Starmie used psychic, breloom fainted

I win
Congrats! You deserved it!
My Battle with Gold Greta was almost the same, exept for that my Heracross OHKO'ed Umbreon with Megahorn, and Starmie took care of the others with Surf/Ice Beam.

Finished EV-training Steelicks.
EV-training Mag now, it will get finished tomorrow.
*sigh* Still in the Battle Factory


I have created the perfect Lanturn...
He has the perfect EVs in Sp.Atk and Def. and Sp.Def
So far he is pwning the Battle Pike...:)


I got a really good Battle Frontier team (currently working on the tower) of starmie, salamence, and slaking, but I don't want to go back in because I just reached a record of 63, and I don't want to lose it. Besides, I have to strategise
for my battle with anabel.


Never forgotten
Finished EV training my cloned version of my flawless atk/def/spd beldum.


Azelf Protector
I am currently training my team to lv. 40 for the battle with Kyogre so I can catch it! Also, waiting on Flamethrower from Torchic, Double Edge from Skitty, and Spore from Shroomish so I can evolve.


Dang it, now I have to get the Ability before you get the Spirit. I'm starting to get into the strong Pokemon rounds.....I just faced a team of Umbreon, Snorlax, and Blastoise.

EDIT: I got haxxed by a MUK. A Muk of all things.
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<--high sloths rule
my perfectly ev trained blissey and milotic were beaten by a wigglytuff in the battle dome

1st turn.
send out milotic

opp. sends out wigglytuff

wigglytuff (i think it had quick claw) gets a criti with thunderbolt ohkoing my milotic

2nd turn
send out Blissey

Blissey uses flamethrower and burns wigglytuff 80%

wigglytuff uses brick break down to about 60%

3rd turn

Blissey uses seismic toss wiggly down to 50%

wiggly uses brick break blissey down to 15%ish

4th turn

Blissey uses softboiled bringing it to 60%

Wiggly uses brick break bringing back to 30%

5th turn

wiggly goes first with brick break and beats me

i was ****** (i was about to use softboiled again)


Well-Known Member
Finally finished my Swift Swim team for D/P(except for the attacks)


Nintendo WII>>>You
Well evolved my Vigoroth and my Phanpy. I had to wait until the berry Master came to Lilycove city so I can blend Chesto berries for my Quiet nature Feebas. I'm expecting my Feebas to evolve in a few minutes

EDIT:My feebas evolved at lv7 into Milotic!! I used it in the beauty contest normal rank and it owned all the other pokemon!
And my Hoenn dex is 192 caught.
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&lt;-If only it was red
I beat Greta, silver battle, only useing my Dragonite.

I lost on battle 52 of the arena, stupid Anicient power, it raised the Armaldo's stats, and it seeped my meta with EQ, and Gardy with another Anicientpower.


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Dragonite 24 which Gold Symbol do you have left
After finishing the frontier moving onto the dex.
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