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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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<rhydon got fat :D
Tryed out my team against the arena i got to greta. Led with salmance. heracross wasnt much problem managed to get a dragon dance in umbron confused me but managed to win on points still being confucsed i got luck haxed by being confused constanly and loseing 0-6 points to shedinja. Then i had to watch my starmie and regice miss and lose 0-6 both due to wonder guard


Never forgotten
O.K. i want to start on the tower today, so what pokemon should go in it along with a CBmence

Go for a special sweeper and a tank/staller
blissey and snorlax were sucsessful for a few members
I lost in battle #8 for some reason the frontier put my old team into its trainer account, has anybody else noticed this?

blissey and snorlax were sucsessful for a few members
I think of using it with starmie and blissey, maybe for the gold round i'll take a curse-lax

Burnt Naetoru

Well-Known Member
I'm attempting to catch a feebas. My Vibrava just evolved into Flygon. Yippy!


Alea iacta est.
Extended my Open Level Battle Dome Single Streak to 3 tournaments. I'm gonna try for the gold, and when I feel more motivated, I'll try the Palace for silver.
Still trying to fix the kinks in my team (Latias+Kabutops+Houndoom)...
They just seem to have the times when they loose...<<...especially Poison types after Latias is gone...

I won a PP Up at the lottery 8D...


Factory King
Beaten after 14 consecutive wins in the battle factory


The new tuxedo look!
Started EV training my starmie, just maxed out sp.attack, soon I'll go for speed.

De HotShot Mon

Smack Down time
Cloned my LeafGreen team onto Emerald and put my Ralts and Slakoth in the Daycare Center.


Nintendo WII>>>You
I finally completed my Hoenn dex by Evolving my Anorith. Before I went to Birch's I went to fiery path to get Toxic. Now I have a Cute Hardy Chikorita with flawless attack and now training it. It's at lv7


The new tuxedo look!
Hardy? I'm not sure that's so good...anyways, EV training in speed, but I haven't had much time to do so... stupid school...


Trying to complete my dex. Only 11 more pokemon to go


The new tuxedo look!
Soon, I'll get back to my homework again, but I just finished EV training starmie in speed, now I'll level him up a bit and he'll be ready for the battle frontier.
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