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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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Sera Kureseria
I'm happy today... I found one of my Six Feebas Tiles on Emerald. I've only checked the natures of my first four, and none of them were ideal, so I'm catching a bunch untill I get a few that will like Blue Pokéblocks. :skips away happily:


Just breed for one.....It saves Poke Balls, and having to catch one, go back and see if it;s the right nature. Besides, you can breed for perfect IVs that way *has already found Feebas, and has a Modest Milotic now


The new tuxedo look!
Well, I just got my starmie EV trained and to lv.50, so off I go to the battle pike!


The new tuxedo look!
In round 1, been a breeze up t'ill now, starmie's natural cure really does come in handy.


Nintendo WII>>>You
I evolved my Bayleef yesterday and now at lv33. Now raising my Venonat

Expert Evan

Old Fogey
Not much happening these days, was breeding for some slakoth, nidorans & houndours, will get some surfing pichus for some of my restarted cartridges once I fill up pokemon box again.


The Dragon Master
woot i just caught a shiny rayquaza, got a shiny charizard
got a celebii
now i am training my salemence ;384; ;006; ;373;
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Guardian Of Eterna

I have just got a snorunt my pokedex is going quite well im on 254 i think.
I'm also training up my team its Charizard lv 88 Sceptile 73 Flygon 58 its got killer moves and stats and other pokemon im finding chimecho or wteva impossible to find i had one on ruby but i lost carteridge dam!!


I absolutely destroyed Watson on my new Saphirre with my Hariyama, now arrived in Meteor Falls. Evolved Marshtomp into Swampert shortly before, as well as Magnemite into Magneton. Planning to trade over a Leaf Stone to evolve my Gloom into Vileplume.


The new tuxedo look!
Now in round 7, getting kinda ansy...


The Dragon Master
it's not recent but about 2 months ago i completed my hoenn dex


So long
Finished EV-training Anorith.
Got 2 EQ TM's ftw.
Now gonna train some Pokemon to lvl 50.
Will be finished tomorrow or at Saturday ftw.


The new tuxedo look!
Got haxed by a 3x sheer cold articuno, back to round 1.:(
Lost again in the Battle Factory to hax twice, one in the 29th round to Sheer Cold hax, and the other loss was dumb
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