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R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

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Alea iacta est.
:_: got haxed twice in one night by Palace Maven Spenser's team. The last time, if Lapras's Quick Claw han't activated, I would have won. Oh well. Off to the Palace!


Never forgotten
Got haxed twice also the last freaking match of round 4 dammit when starmie critical hit thunderbolted heracross and paralyzed it, and I couldn't move. Rhydon critical hit milotic and then my ice punch left a 1 hp dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
;_; got to the 36th round of the Battle Factory, NO!! I WAS ALMOST THERE!! Stupid Double Team Hax screwed me up



Pike King, unless by some miracle, or if I use a cheating device, I'll never make it to Anabel. the Palace has less runs to go through than the Tower, and the Tower is 10 times more difficult (at least, it is for me....The Palace and Arena were a breeze...)

I'm trying to mae a good team, but I don't know what to use. I know for the Tower you need Special Sweeper, Physical Sweeper, and Staller. Starmie isa given, as I'm breeding for a Modest one right now. But, I'm at a loss for the other two. I already have Sala and Meta, but I don't want to have to raise them all again......*sighs* Guess I've got now choice. Unless by some miracle, my Quiet Snorlax and Bashful Starmie can make it with Adamant Medicham......Curse myself, and my non-EV training......


The new tuxedo look!
Well, I just finished round three no problem, now off to round four in the pike.


Sera Kureseria
Well, I evolved one of the Feebas I caught into a Milotic, and took it to the Beauty contests after teaching it some new moves. I managed to win the Master Rank after oh... about five tries. And when I finally won... I got my first Emerald painting in the Art Museum! The title is eally rather fitting. "This centuries last Venus-- The beautiful MIMI."

Shiny Crobat

Well-Known Member
In the last four rooms of the pike right now


The new tuxedo look!
Just got haxed by that annoying duscolps, so it's back to round 1 for me...:(

Edit: norman rank!
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