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[R] [SU] Brazen Disposition

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Avenger Angel, May 1, 2013.

  1. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven


    NOTE: Meeker is my co-GM, and he helped me design this RP.


    Turn the clocks forward to 2043. Sinnoh isn't nearly the same as it used to be. It's a cesspool. A fetid, industrialized hellhole of human filth and pollution. What was once full of color is now just brown and gray, like the region itself just got sick of living and crapped itself upon death.

    As if it couldn't get any worse, a massive, nuclear reactor meltdown just outside Floaroma Town plastered the area with radioactive fallout after it had killed thousands and made Floaroma Town an uninhabitable carcass lying face down in its own feces. And in dark irony, rather than attempting to fix the screw up or actually feeling any semblance of guilt over it, Sinnoh's bureaucrats simply felt "that's too bad" and just turned the already contaminated areas into a nuclear waste disposal site in a sorry attempt to turn a problem into a pathetically improvised solution, probably one of the sickest jokes in human history. Floaroma Town was beyond dead and any Pokémon too slow, asleep, or stupid to get out of there became ravaging mutants and cancerous monsters.

    Enter Shaymin, who once turned the barren and derelict hill into a flower-laden paradise, now returned to see all that work went straight to hell in a radiated hand-basket. But she was optimistic, disregarded the radiation, and tried to use her purifying powers to turn the nuclear puke pit into the former lively field of flowers and fauna it used to be. Irony spat in her face, however. Shaymin's body had succumbed to the intense radiation in the process of trying to clean up the crap, and instead, her body transformed into what is now called the Nexus Flower, a monstrously enormous flower that has completely overtaken the little that was left of Floaroma Town. The Nexus Flower now stands over a thousand feet tall, and all around it, huge and unnaturally large flowers surround the area, spreading further every hour of every day.

    And that essentially gave birth to what is now called the "Jungle," the flower-infested sector that covers all of western Sinnoh and stretching all the way to Celestic Town and Hearthome City and as far north as Route 217. While the radiation is now cleaned up, Sinnoh's got a new problem, and that's what the Jungle is. Infectious flowers, strange anomalies, and other eccentric occurrences have been happening all throughout the Jungle. And it's still growing further and further day by day as these infectious flowers get bigger, spread around, and release more powerful pollen. But while it's a massive migraine to anyone who doesn't want to get sucked into being a part of it, it isn't a total loss. Throughout the Jungle, special Seeds can be found usually within the anomalies and patches of infectious flowers. Once cracked open and eaten, these Seeds are capable of granting special powers, but sometimes at a price. Once these Seeds were discovered, some saw the Jungle as a gold mine, willing to risk just about anything to secure these Seeds and sell them to the highest bidder - fat cats with money who'd rather hire some poor schmuck to take the trip for them. And the deeper people went into the Jungle, the better Seeds they could get their hands on. Ones that could work miracles, wishes, and potentially endless life if people managed to bring them back. Money can drive just about anyone to do anything risky and stupid.


    Those who venture off into the Jungle for whatever reason are called Ferreters. Some are here to find ways to kill the Jungle and destroy the infectious flowers and anomalies. Others are there to try and protect it because they see it as a paradise, and some are there just for the Seeds to make a generous buck, whether that involves taking the risk to retrieve the Seeds themselves, or poach them off of some poor bastard skilled enough to brave the Jungle's infectious flowers and anomalies to get them, but are too weak to defend themselves from raiders and bandits.

    Going into the Jungle isn't a joke either. Most Ferreters need to head into the Jungle with weapons to protect themselves from thieves and maniacs, and suits of armor capable of taking a few bullets and filtering the air to avoid inhaling too much infectious pollen and spores. Inhale too much of it, and you'll find yourself turning into one of several floral-based races and creatures that now inhabit the Jungle. If you thought humans and Pokémon were above becoming part of the Jungle themselves, guess what? You were wrong.

    Celestic Town and Hearthome City are the rookie areas of the Jungle, there to prepare Ferreters who insist on getting their feet wet despite the risks. Here, the infectious flowers are minimal, and unless you're deliberately looking to get infected, you'll probably be okay. Here, the Seeds are cheap and relatively easy to procure. They're weak and don't do much more than what most modern medicines and drugs can do, so the money you get here will barely cover the parking meter. You'll need to go deeper to get to the better stuff.

    Once in Eterna City and Oreburgh, now you really see what the Jungle is about when you come across flowers bigger than a minivan and will infect anyone that gets within ten feet of them. The floral overgrowth is much higher here and walking into here without protection is asking for a free hall pass into infection. A gas mask will be worth the bad hair day. But in return for your efforts, the Seeds are better and most people outside of the Jungle will pay at least a few grand for them. Unless of course you want them for yourself. Here, Seeds are powerful enough to grant things like night-vision, stronger senses, increased lifespan, Olympic-caliber athletic abilities, and the like. However, the anomalies are dangerous here as well. Some have caused the ground to break open like a chasm, others work like quicksand, others warp gravity, and some distort time and space.

    Jubilife City and Canalave Ctiy are cesspools of the floral overgrowth. Even with decent protection, you may still get infected, and you're bound to run into plenty of former humans and grass-type Pokémon that now look like walking flower bouquets and are capable of all kinds of flower and plant-induced witchcraft. But here, the Seeds are legendary, and just one Seed could net you more money than you'd make in a lifetime. Seeds here can grant gifts like psychic powers or genius level mental capacity, the ability to bend the elements, teleportation, and even the ability to fly. However, the anomalies get even more strange. Some work like wormholes to another location, others bend and warp whatever stumbles into them, some completely melt anything that enters them, and others cause whatever enters them to simply vanish and never be heard from again, sending their entrants to another place, region, or possibly even another world...

    The Nexus Flower itself is the center of the Jungle, but here, infection is pretty much guaranteed if you stay for longer than five minutes, even with the best filtering systems you can get your hands on. But the Seeds are stuff of miracles, able to grant ageless life, youth, energy, and other incredible aspects that some people out there would pay billions for if you can take them back home. But it's well-protected, and those protecting it will either forcefully drag you into their ranks, or just ensure you end up as one more lily in the ever-growing garden. And the anomalies here work differently, doing whatever they can to try and turn you and anyone with you into a flower bouquet. Don't say you weren't warned.


    Nexus is the faction of those that are trying to protect the Jungle and think it's a paradise and a utopia. Most of them are infected (they consider it to be a blessing and don't like those that call it an "infection") and have taken their defense of the Jungle to different, varying levels. Some fanatically want the Jungle to spread all over Sinnoh and possibly to other areas of the world while religiously honoring the Nexus Flower, while others are simply keen on admiring and preserving the Jungle and its perceived beauty. Those who stay close to the Nexus Flower are even capable of evolving and ascending into larger, more powerful forms to assist with the flower's defense.

    Members of Nexus are all flower/plant themed. Throughout all of the different races of the Nexus faction, each of them have green-tinged skin, eyes with a yellow-tinted iris, and it is easy to distinguish males from females as females have flowers that are pink, red, orange, and yellow while males have turquoise, blue, indigo, and purple colored flowers. Unlike humans, each of these races heal from injuries much faster, can take far more injuries before death (they need to be burned completely or undergo complete dismemberment in most cases), and trying to kill them with only bullets and stabbing weapons is severely difficult, forcing their enemies to have to rely on fire, chemical, or explosive weapons as opposed to pistol or rifle bullets, and/or rely on their Pokémon to do the job. On top of all this, they only need water and sunlight to survive.

    Members of Nexus are capable of performing "Green Magic," which essentially includes plant-based abilities, plant manipulation, and grass-type Pokémon moves in addition to spreading around more infectious flowers along with causing them to grow taller and stronger, building the concentration levels and increasing the chances of infecting normal humans and Pokémon. In essence, members of Nexus usually don't try kill their targets. On most occasions, they will attempt to infect their enemies and pull them into their influence to boost their numbers. In cases where it doesn't work or their enemies are far more dangerous and higher in number, they will simply try to pacify them by turning them into harmless flowers. While it doesn't exactly kill them, it definitely doesn't leave them alive as much as they used to be. In addition, members of Nexus often have special traits and abilities with their transformation, including wings made of flower petals, thorns that work as poison/infective injectors, and others come in variety of sizes (smaller = faster, larger = slower). You're free to design your character with whatever special traits/features you want, just as long as they're not overpowered.

    All Pokémon in Nexus's ranks are grass-types. Many of them were once Pokémon of varying types, but the infection has turned them into grass-types and has often resulted in flowers growing out of their now green-tinged bodies. As for the humans, there's a variety of different floral races they can be turned into.


    Devoir is a joint effort between Sinnoh's paramilitary organizations and the remnants of the Sinnoh military itself. Despite the Seeds and the perceived beauty of the Jungle, members of Devoir feel the Jungle needs to be destroyed, and eliminating the Nexus Flower and the Nexus faction are their prime objectives. In addition, they are using the latest in technology and weaponry to destroy the infective flowers and push back the Jungle. However, the mission has become challenging in the fact that the Nexus Flower needs a high-powered superweapon or explosive charge to be used inside the base of the flower itself to destroy it completely, roots and all. Essentially, it's a very dangerous suicide mission for anyone to undertake, but they feel someone still needs to do it once the tactical opportunity presents itself.

    Devoir's uniforms and vehicles share a black with red undertones appearance. Unlike Nexus, Devoir has access to high-caliber military weapons, vehicles, technology, and science. Devoir even has the scientific technology to take someone who has been infected and return them back to human form by means of the Origin Machine, a highly advanced scientific device which they intend on using on any Nexus members they capture, or for any of their own soldiers that become infected while fighting in the field. However, infected members of Nexus who have evolved into larger, more powerful states are incapable of being cured, and thus are targeted for destruction.

    The Humans - Humans in this case can be either Sinnoh natives or have come from other regions to help with the effort of destroying the Jungle. They can be of any race, be it Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, and so on. They're flexible and adaptable, able to wear a variety of armors and protective suits to repel the threats of the Jungle, Nexus's attacks, and anomaly traps. They're also the best at driving and piloting vehicles, and can use any tool, weapon, or firearm. Though prone to infection, they're still capable of undoing the damage provided they can make it out of the Jungle before Nexus's influence overcomes their free will.

    The Pokémorphs - Pokémorphs are half human, half Pokémon bipedal anthropomorphic hybrids that share a very similar likeness with one Pokémon, often appearing to be a humanoid with the fur, scales, wings, claws, tails, and other likenesses of a single Pokémon. In addition to obtaining many similarities with the appearance of this Pokémon, they gain that Pokémon's moves (only level up moves), abilities, and traits. They are also better at resisting the infection than a unprotected human, but only up until a degree. Their resistance seems to hold true until they get within five miles of the Nexus Flower, or until they've been hit with a large amount of Green Magic or infective injections.

    Pokémorph technology was created by Devoir as a temporary measure to fight back against Nexus. As proven, Pokémorphs are more resistant against infection than normal humans, but up to a limit. Getting close to the Nexus Flower still results in them become infected and transformed, and so does getting hit with a lot of Green Magic, although it requires more to infect a Pokémorph than a human. But once the mission is complete, Devoir intends on commanding all Pokémorph personnel to return to their normal human state. However, some of the disadvantages of Pokémorphs are their inability to use some weapons if their hands have been replaced by claws or other configurations that make using a weapon impossible.

    Pokémorphs are created by means of a syringe loaded with a mutagen chemical that turns the human recipient into a Pokémorph within a few minutes. However, in order to change Pokémorph forms, a Pokémorph has to return to the Origin Machine, return to human form, and then use a new mutagen syringe. And the only Origin Machines in the Jungle are in Celestic Town and Hearthome City (any closer and they risk the machines being attacked by Nexus). Thus, a human could become a Pokémorph in the field, but changing back to human and possibly to change forms requires them to return back to base.

    Pokémon - Plenty of Pokémon also agree with Devoir's mission. They feel the Jungle, while arguably beautiful in some ways and responsible for cleaning up the radioactive mess, needs to be destroyed before it covers Sinnoh and potentially finds ways to cross the oceans into other regions and hence, becomes a worldwide threat. While Pokémon are harder to infect than normal humans, they're still capable of infection if they succumb to too much infective pollen, Green Magic, poison, and so on. Thankfully, infected Pokémon that have been forced to become grass types can also be cured by the Origin Machine as well.


    There are plenty of Ferreters that don't intend to get involved in the fight between Nexus and Devoir, although both factions will attempt to pull and influence these neutral forces into their ranks to strengthen their cause and their forces. In most cases, these Ferreters simply want to get their hands on the valuable Seeds within the Jungle and use them for their power and/or to sell them for large amounts of money back home.

    Free Ferreters aren't just humans either. They can be Pokémorphs that got their hands on Devoir's mutagen syringes through the black market or by doing favors for them. They could also be infected from Nexus's infective flowers, but haven't submitted themselves to Nexus's ranks or they managed to escape from their clutches before they could be influenced. Regardless of their story, they will often find themselves in the middle of the fighting, all while dodging the threats and anomalies of the Jungle.

    But not all Free Ferreters are cooperative either. Some Ferreters are in bandit packs, pilfering and mugging Seeds, money, and equipment from other Ferreters. Others are mercenaries commissioned to assassinate particular targets or perform missions for confidential entities. And some are simply researchers and ecologists just trying to study the Jungle and understand it in the name of science. In this RP, a Free Ferreter character can be in any of these kinds of roles.


    It's possible to become infected in a variety of ways. Most Ferreters become infected by not using the right protective equipment in high-pollen areas, or their armor didn't protect them enough from Nexus's infective attacks. And plenty of others often find themselves at the mercy of Nexus Green Magic. Plenty of anomalies that bend and break the laws of science are also responsible for turning plenty of Ferreters into flower-based humanoids. It's simply the nature of the Jungle and it happens to the best Ferreters out there.

    If you get infected, your character transforms in less than a minute, but you're allowed to decide what your character looks like in terms of their infection. In all cases, infected races have green-tinged skin, and have flowers and leaves growing out of them, but you can decide on the specifics, such as if that includes thorns, poison, or even the possibility of using flower petals as a means to fly.

    Curing infection isn't difficult, thankfully, but it does require travel back to the edge of the Jungle. Staying as is and plunging further into the Jungle puts you at risk of falling further into the influences of it, which has happened in most cases to Nexus's members. All one needs to do to cure it and return to normal is to go to Celestic Town or Hearthome City, use the Origin Machine at Devoir's respective base, and be returned to normal. Devoir members can get this done free of charge, but Free Ferreters who haven't built reputation with Devoir are often required to give some kind of money or offering to pay for the use of their machines.

    Third Time Charm Rule

    Normally, characters on the Nexus side are allowed to attempt to infect enemy characters controlled by other role players, but they can't proclaim it an instant success, as that would be bunnying. However, that rule gets revoked if the defending character has dodged the first two infection attempts. If another role player's character has dodged their way out of infection twice, you're allowed to bunny them into infection on the third attempt, but it's still up to them to decide what particular race they become.

    In terms of enemy NPCs, Nexus characters can infect them without a second thought. And this also includes Pokémon owned by player characters.


    1. Meeker is my co-GM, so anything he says goes as well.
    2. All standard Serebii rules are to be followed.
    3. Your character is not invincible, and can die. Thus, don't get too emotionally attached to them. If you like your character's personality quite a bit and want to keep them alive for as long as possible, consider playing a character on the Nexus side, as they're very difficult to kill and are able to heal themselves very easily.
    4. You are free to make multiple characters, and can even play characters on different sides. Since it's possible for characters to die, I'm fine with people replacing lost characters with new ones. Sign ups don't close for that very reason.
    5. Don't spend too much time waiting on another person. If they're not responding to an attack or conversation, simply move along and break away from them. Otherwise you may be stalling people who are waiting on you too.
    6. Obviously, no god-modding and no unauthorized bunnying.
    7. Make your RP posts have quality. Use proper formatting and correct spelling and grammar.
    8. If you need to go inactive for a while, give people a heads up. That way, people know not to interact with your character until you return.
    9. Please use the Name, Faction, and Location header on the top of each of your posts.
    10. Enjoy the RP.


    NAME: Character name, first and last
    AGE: Age in years
    GENDER: Male or female
    FACTION: Nexus, Devoir, or Free Ferreter. If choosing the Free Ferreter option, mention any of type association they have (if they have one), such as being a bandit, mercenary, ecologist, and so on. However, a loner Free Ferreter is still an acceptable option.
    RACE: What race your character is. Either Human, Pokémorph, or Nexus
    APPERANCE: Should be at least a solid, five sentence paragraph
    PERSONALITY: Should be at least a solid, five sentence paragraph
    HISTORY: Should be at least two paragraphs
    WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Describe the weapon(s) if it's not a real life one. Also, don't overload your character with them either. Only include enough weapons and equipment that a person could realistically carry with them.
    OTHER: Any extra details you want to add

    POKÉMON: You're allowed to have up to two Pokémon. For each:
    NICKNAME: If any
    SPECIES: What Pokémon it is, no legendaries
    GENDER: Male, female, or genderless
    APPERANCE: Traits that separate it from other Pokémon, such as being taller, thin/fat, scars, cleanliness, composure, etc.
    PERSONALITY: How the Pokémon behaves in terms of emotions, attitude, and behavior.
    OTHER: Any extra details​

    Eh, dude, do whatever, it's an RP, not an actual battle. We don't need to incorporate all the game mechanics. Just stick with something simple and reasonable.

    Yeah, they're still open, I'll put you down.


    Colonel Martin Slate [Flareon Pokémorph] - Played by Avenger Angel
    Noel Hanna [Volcarona Pokémorph] - Played by wayjun (Pending)

    Skyler Reyes - Played by Elysian
    Asher Yun - Played by wayjun
    The Green Knight [Gallade] - Played by LokiTheGengar (Pending)
    Aiden Su - Played by Espionage735
    Evelyn Hei - Played by Espionage735

    Alex Morgan [Human Scientist] - Played by gmoyes
    Crux [Human Loner] - Played by Meeker
    Robert Silvermyst [Human Loner] - Played by Zorupix

    [Reserve: Devoir] - darkjigglypuff
    [Reserve: Devoir] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Devoir] - SproxPikachu
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Chaos War Reborn
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Meeker
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - SproxPikachu
    [Reserve: Nexus] - Agent Tectonic
    [Reserve: Undecided] - SoulMuse
    [Reserve: Undecided] - Sheps
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
  2. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Intersting. I will take a reserve please.
  3. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    You got it. Welcome to the Jungle.
  4. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    This is sick. May I reserve a slot?

    A Free Ferreter if that's cool?

    Heh, I got an idea for a merc!
  5. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Very interesting idea, I'm in
  6. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    Given that I helped making it, I'll take a reserve spot as a Free Ferreter.
  7. darkjigglypuff

    darkjigglypuff Borderline Troll

    I'll reserve a Devoir spot, if possible.
  8. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    One Free Ferreter and one Devoir reserve, please.
  9. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    While I'd love to stick with my normalcy of taking a Pokemorph, it looks like Team Flowers is lacking some members, so maybe I'll play "general" there if that's fine with you?
  10. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    All reserve are accounted for. Welcome to the party.

    Yep, that's fine and I appreciate that. Feel free to command as many Nexus NPCs as you'd like, there's plenty of them.
  11. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    I was ready to reserve for this before I got to paragraph 2 lol. Put me down if ya don't mind.
  12. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    May I have a reserve for a Nexus and a Devoir?

    EDIT: Are "people" of the Nexus faction allowed to have Pokemon?
    Do we describe the Nexus and Pokemorphs in both their human and non-human forms, or do we leave that for later?
    Last edited: May 1, 2013
  13. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Sure thing.

    Nexus faction members definitely still have Pokémon, but they've been changed over. A single type Pokémon that's been converted, such as a Pikachu, would become a dual type, and in this case, he'd be grass/electric and would be colored green, along with having leaves and flowers growing out of him. A dual type that undergoes conversion would have one of its types exchanged for grass. Such as a Pidgeot become grass/flying instead of normal/flying, along with the green-colored hue with leaves and flowers appearance.

    As for description, just describe what they look like in their current form as the minimum, but if you want to go the extra mile, you could describe what they used to look like as a human. Or, you can just save that description for if and when they change forms/change back in the RP itself.
  14. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    NAME: Colonel Martin Slate
    AGE: 34
    GENDER: Male
    FACTION: Devoir
    RACE: Pokémorph: Flareon

    APPERANCE: Martin stands 6'1" from the ground and weighs roughly 185 pounds. As a human, he had a tan-colored skin tone and spiky brown hair that reached down to his chin and slightly covered his brown eyes and ears.

    As a Pokémorph of a Flareon, Martin has reddish-orange fur surrounding his arms, torso, legs, feet, his face, and his long Flareon ears. Meanwhile, his spiky brown hair has had its color changed to the more cream-colored fur a Flareon has on top of its head. In addition to that, a large spiky mane of cream-colored covers his chest while a large, spiky Flareon tail comes out of his rear and surrounds his backside. Meanwhile, his brown eyes now have red irises.

    Martin is still able to wear a standard Devoir uniform, save for the rear which needed a large portion of the seat of his pants to be ripped out to make way for the Flareon tail. Meanwhile, he can still wear a gas mask when he heads out into the Jungle, but he can't wear a fully enclosed environmental suit or armor. His ears and fur, and especially his tail, make it impossible to do that. Still, given the Pokémorph form plus the gas mask, he hopes it'll be more than enough to evade infection, since he has intentions of getting deep into the Jungle to find a way to destroy the Nexus Flower.

    Besides that, Martin's build is based on agility and endurance, having undergone extensive stamina training to be able to run, fight, and be active for long periods of time without wearing down. While not physically strong and full of muscle, he relies on speed and agility to fight, as well as accuracy and evasion.

    In addition, Martin is especially skilled in first aid and on-site medical treatment, having knowledge of cures, antidotes, and other remedies in addition to using herbal and "natural" cures as well. He is also very well-equipped in terms of wilderness survival, tracking, and foraging ability.

    PERSONALITY: Martin is a pessimist with a trace of hope. He always expects a rotten situation to arise and for Murphy's Law to prevail, but he figures his ability to improvise his way out of a disaster is probably one of his strong points. As a result, not very much causes him to stress out or become anxious, and he's rarely surprised when things don't go according to someone else's plan. He takes on a ready for anything kind of attitude, but a situation that goes from bad to worse is just another everyday thing for him. But as a result, he never hesitates to throw in a snide and sarcastic remark about the situation. In a way, it helps him deal with it and not take it too seriously.

    As a member of Devoir, Martin hates the idea of the Jungle spreading all over Sinnoh, never mind trying to weed its way out into the rest of the world. He sees the infection as more of a blight, and is single-handedly responsible for starting the popular Devoir trend of calling members of Nexus "Weeds" as a derogatory insult. Meanwhile, Martin isn't too interested in Seeds and doesn't trust them, no matter what kind of powers they might bestow.

    Originally, Martin had intentions of braving the Jungle without resorting to a using a Pokémorph mutagen. Upon one scouting mission in Jubilife City, he saw two Devoir Ferreters get infected and he decided right then and there, he wasn't going to play games with the infection and end up looking like a Mother's Day gift upon stepping out of the Jungle. Thus, he opted for a Flareon Pokémorph form, something to help him burn away the infective flowers. He's still not 100% used to it yet, but he's getting more comfortable day by day. However, when the mission's over, he's perfectly fine on giving it up.

    HISTORY: Martin was born in Sunyshore City, Sinnoh, to a family of five, being the oldest son among two other younger brothers. As a child, Martin was more into athletics, and while he enjoyed training Pokémon, he preferred training them by athletics as well battling as opposed to just battling alone. He often served as a role model for his younger brothers as well.

    Martin's grades in military school were essentially average, where his grades often reflected on how he liked the teacher as opposed to his skills. He liked science and had interest in biology, but not enough to become a scientist or researcher. At the age of 16, he went into training and provided support for the Sinnoh National Guard, which was relatively uneventful prior to the events of the Jungle.

    Martin never really liked what became of Sinnoh in terms of pollution and the overly-industrialized mess it had become, but he wasn't about to start becoming a tree-hugger over it. He figured alone, he really didn't have much power to do anything about it, but things definitely changed when the Nexus Flower incident happened, and the Jungle was created, spreading all over western Sinnoh at a rapid pace. He wouldn't have had an issue with it or the flowers if they weren't so horribly infective and turned people and Pokémon into flowers. Thus, he joined the Devoir movement as an already existing Captain in the military, and his efforts have lead to him becoming promoted to a Colonel.

    Now, Martin is one of the main driving forces that is trying to find a way to pierce into the heart of the Jungle and find the safest route possible to move a superweapon explosive charge to the Nexus Flower. So far, most of his efforts into areas even just remotely close to the Nexus Flower have been pushed back by Nexus's forces, but he's still out to find a place they've potentially overlooked.

    WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Martin carries an Khaos-3 Rocket Launcher (looks like this), which is a tri-barreled, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher with a magazine feed inserted into the upper portion of the weapon. It also comes equipped with an optical sight as well. He saves it mostly for dealing with Nexus's forces, knowing bullets alone usually can't bring them down. However, he does carry an Scorpion-X machine pistol (looks like this) for dealing with bandits and raiders that making moving through the Jungle difficult for Devoir's forces. Like most machine pistols of its kind, it has a t-shaped appearance with a midnight camouflage design.

    As equipment, he carries a backpack with plenty of medical supplies, extra ammunition, and survival supplies.

    OTHER: Martin speaks with an Australian accent.

    NICKNAME: Hobbes
    SPECIES: Dragonite
    GENDER: Male
    APPERANCE: Hobbes is taller than the average Dragonite, but he also weighs a lot more as well. He definitely isn't as fast, agile, and evasive as the usual Dragonite, but he tends to be a bit of a tank when it comes to fighting, able to take a heavy beating before going down.
    PERSONALITY: Hobbes is generally friendly and enjoys a party more than a fight. He typically doesn't like throwing the first attack, but once the fighting starts, he uses what he can to put down the enemy. He never does like fighting to the death, however.
    OTHER: He loves cookies, cupcakes, and donuts. And it shows. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those in the Jungle.​

    NICKNAME: Shane
    SPECIES: Braviary
    GENDER: Male
    APPERANCE: Shane is wild and a bit unruly in appearance, finding nothing wrong with looking a little messy and ruffled. He's a bit more athletic and fit than the average Braviary, able to fly faster and harder.
    PERSONALITY: A bit erratic, Shane doesn't mind dust, dirt, or sand, figuring it all can wash off eventually anyway. He doesn't mind conflict either, getting into the fight hard and furious, but still taking on a casual nature that doesn't let itself get turned into aggravation. As a result, he has a reckless spirit that doesn't mind trouble.
    OTHER: Shane knows Fly and helps Martin get around quickly, as well as help with scouting missions. He obviously can't speak English, but he and Martin do use gestures and signals to communicate findings.​
  15. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    A couple quick questions, how big are these seed pods? And what are the details on the time/space anomalies?

    NAME: Alex Morgan

    AGE: 35

    GENDER: Male

    FACTION: Ex-Devoir, Free Ferreter (Scientist studying the time and space anomalies)

    RACE: Caucasian

    APPEARANCE: Alex is on the short side, standing at 5’ 4”. He was also a little on the heavy side, but his time stuck out in the wild has made him shed a bunch of weight. He isn’t particularly strong or fast, but his mind makes up for it. He has wild, unkempt brown hair and beard, but his green eyes covered by plain grey glasses still show a keen intellect. He wears an old jacket and bullet-proof vest and jeans and carries around a battered black backpack. A wide brimmed hat that was at some point white covers his head and he often wears the much needed gas mask.

    PERSONALITY: Alex is a loner, but after being left in the wilds is making him reconsider. He is a quiet and soft spoken man and doesn’t like to attract attention to himself. He is a brilliant man, though he has become increasingly paranoid and obsessed with his work in the time/space anomalies as well as his previous work with non-biological Pokémon. And while he wouldn’t call himself a devout Sinnohist, he knows the myths behind it and thinks there may be some tie-ins with the situation at hand.

    He doesn’t hate the jungle per say, but he knows it would be disastrous if it was uncontrolled. If given the choice, he would gladly choose the Devoir forces over those of the Nexus. He isn’t a killer, he usually runs while his Pokémon either paralyse them or restrain the psychically. He hopes that he can find a key to sort out all of these problems and hope to end the war.

    HISTORY: Alex was born and raised in Sunnyshore City on the eastern coast of Sinnoh. He was a brilliant kid when he was growing up. When he was a teenager he won a contest that won him his very first Pokémon, a Magnemite. He went on a journey soon after that and did pretty well for himself at the gyms, though when it was time for the league tournament he only made it to the quarter-finals. Soon after he retired from being a Pokémon trainer and started pursuing his passion on non-biological Pokémon and physics.

    When the Nexus Flower first sprouted and was taking over, Alex knew he had a solution. Non-biological Pokémon were unable to be affected by the infection, therefore, they were the best weapon to use against the Nexus forces. When he proposed the idea to the people in charge of the Devoir forces, they sent him out with his Magnezone on a convoy to the ruins of Oreburg City to put it to the test. Unfortunately, the Nexus forces had an ambush set for them. It was a slaughter. As far as he knew, he and his Magnezone were the only survivors. After hiding for a couple days, they returned to see if they could salvage some equipment. There wasn’t much, but he had to make do with what he could get.

    He is currently living in the old Oreburg coal mines. He hopes it will offer him protection from the Nexus forces, due to them being plant people and not want to go away from the sun. Also the coal provides an additional fuel source. He hunts through the ruins of Oreburg City for answers and collects any seed pods he finds and stockpiles them in the mine.

    Flamethrower (sparingly used)
    Pistol with a dozen clips of ammo
    A couple jugs of gasoline
    Old Pokedex
    Notebooks and writing materials
    Old Pokémon training supplies

    OTHER: He has a personal dislike for Pokemorphs so don’t expect him to trust anything that isn’t either completely human or Pokémon.


    NICKNAME: Theta
    SPECIES: Magnezone
    GENDER: Genderless
    APPERANCE: A standard Magnezone, though somewhat battle worn and scarred
    PERSONALITY: Theta is Alex’s oldest Pokémon and most loyal friend. It will stand with its trainer until the end. Very determined and strong, Theta is Alex’s main powerhouse. Also, it is Alex’s main mode of transportation by hovering through all of the vegetation.
    OTHER: Due to being non-biological, it is resistant to the Nexus’s mutations. Also has strong magnetic abilities.

    NICKNAME: Echo
    SPECIES: Bronzong
    GENDER: Genderless
    APPEARANCE: A standard Bronzong, though it has a large crack in its side.
    PERSONALITY: Echo is a new acquirement from his time in the wild. He managed to befriend it after saving it from attack and it has helped him throughout his studies and survival. An ancient Pokémon, it doesn’t wish for things to change like this.
    OTHER: Like Theta, Echo is resistant to the Nexus’s mutations. It also has limited telepathy.
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  16. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I'd like to reserve a Nexus, if that is acceptable?
  17. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    The Seeds range in size from being the size of a golf ball (the cheaper, non-exciting ones) to the size of a grapefruit (the more legendary ones). Also, Seeds are seldom in appearance, meaning you shouldn't be grabbing a dozen of them in a single post.

    As for time/space anomalies, they tend to warp the flow and time and space by causing things to age at rapidly faster rates, or even reverse the aging effects. However, they're unpredictable in terms of time speed and what direction time is flowing in. A Pokémon that walks into one could sent back to its earliest stage of evolution in a matter of seconds or be reduced to a crumbling skeleton in a mere second. In addition, they can affect the proportions of the object that enters them as well, stretching them out to be wide or squeezing them into a compressed state.

    Anyway, your sign up is pretty much good to go, but the Magnezone and Bronzong are still capable of infection, even if they don't inhale. They may be immune to the pollen and the infectious flowers, but Nexus Green Magic and the Jungle's various anomalies could still imbue and enchant them into being grass types.

    Yep, no problem. Welcome to the crew.

    Colonel Martin Slate [Flareon Pokémorph] - Played by Avenger Angel

    Alex Morgan [Human Scientist] - Played by gmoyes

    [Reserve: Devoir] - darkjigglypuff
    [Reserve: Devoir] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Devoir] - wayjun
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Chaos War Reborn
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Meeker
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Nexus] - Agent Tectonic
    [Reserve: Nexus] - wayjun
    [Reserve: Nexus] - Elysian
    [Reserve: Undecided] - SoulMuse
    [Reserve: Undecided] - Lost Requiem
    [Reserve: Undecided] - Sheps
  18. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    NAME: “Crux” (Given Name Unknown)
    AGE: 22
    GENDER: Male
    FACTION: Free Ferreter
    RACE: Caucasian

    APPEARANCE: Crux is a medium sized man, at 5’ 9”, weighing about 160 pounds with a somewhat thin build. He has shaggy black hair that covers his forehead, very short stubble, and somewhat pale skin. Crux has both complete and central Heterochromia, causing his left eye to be green, while his right eye is blue, with small orange bursts around the pupils in both eyes.

    His skills do not reside in strength or endurance, but in agility, intellect, stealth, and marksmanship instead. He is rumored to be able to get from one place to another without making one sound.

    Crux wears a hooded military jacket sporting a flecktarn camouflage pattern (flecktarn camo looks like this) while his pants and tactical vest feature a TTsKO camouflage (TTsKO camo looks like this). There are strands of green, red, and brown cloth tied to a camo-netting worn around his jack that appear exactly like plants at a distance. His rucksack is an ALICE model. His headgear consists of a balaclava, a pair of ski goggles that he wears around his foreheard when not wearing them, a PMG gas mask (gas mask shown here), and his jacket’s hood. He carries around a dark brown leather satchel to hold various things he finds lying around. Crux wears leather combat gloves as well, the same type used by Sinnoh’s special forces. In addition, he also wears the boots of Hoenn’s ground forces.

    Crux’s face is rarely seen, as he wears his balaclava or gas mask over it unless he absolutely needs to take it off.

    PERSONALITY: Crux is a very mysterious man, and not much is known about who he is. He tends to keep to himself, going to ferreter camps only to buy and sell various things, keep up to date with current events, medical help, and/or shelter. The rare chances ferreters have had to converse with him have revealed that he can be quite vulgar at times, and has a strong sense of humor; often making cynical remarks, even when he’s alone.

    He is said to be quite open-minded, but very stubborn about certain topics. He’s accepting of others, given that they don’t annoy or do wrong upon him or others. Crux’s tolerance for those who bother him is low, and can be quick to anger. He will stick up for ferreters, even ones he doesn’t know whatsoever, given that they haven’t done bad upon the innocent. For reasons unknown, he has a strong grudge against bandits.

    Crux’s opinion on the Jungle is vague, though he is rumored to agree more with Devoir than Nexus, and will do minor jobs for them, but nothing that directly involves going against the opposite faction.

    HISTORY: Like everything about him, Crux’s past is a mirage to all but him. The only things confirmed are that he was born and raised in Snowpoint City, and that he was among the first ferreters to enter the Jungle. As such, he is an expert at surviving in the exclusion zone, and knows much of the phenomenon that occurs in it, mostt of which is unknown to all but him and those of Nexus.

    WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: A modified VSK-94 silenced sniper rifle fitted with a PK-AV scope, a worn woodland camouflage finish on the receiver, a wooden forearm, and worn tape wrapped around the stock (looks like this). In case he runs into hostile Nexus forces, he also carries around a V2 Chemical Sprayer (looks like this) looted off of the corpse of a Devoir veteran. Crux uses a OTs-33 "Pernach" machine pistol (Looks like this) as a sidearm due to it's full-auto capability. His knife has a serrated edge, and a spiked knuckle protector. His other equipment includes a PMG gas mask, a balaclava, a journal, a hand-held flashlight, a headlamp, a compact and lightweight sleeping bag, extra ammunition, extra money, spare filters for his gas mask, a Zippo lighter, night-vision goggles, and other essential survival gear.

    - Crux is rumored to like quality soft drinks, and even have a taste for the various berries found in the various regions.
    - There are many rumors that circulate around him, due to his cryptic ways.
    - Due to his extensive time spent in the Jungle, Crux is more resistant to infection than the average human ferreter.
    - Crux is a dead-eye shot, capable of hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy from long ranges.
    - Crux is known to be very smart, his brain is one of his deadliest weapons.
    - Crux loves music, but can be picky about what he listens to.
    - Crux tends to be more active during the night.
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  19. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    @ Meeker

    Yep, everything checks out and looks good to go. Nice job, amigo. Accepted.

    Colonel Martin Slate [Flareon Pokémorph] - Played by Avenger Angel

    Alex Morgan [Human Scientist] - Played by gmoyes
    Crux [Human Loner] - Played by Meeker

    [Reserve: Devoir] - darkjigglypuff
    [Reserve: Devoir] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Devoir] - wayjun
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Chaos War Reborn
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Meeker
    [Reserve: Free Ferreter] - Billy Mays
    [Reserve: Nexus] - Agent Tectonic
    [Reserve: Nexus] - wayjun
    [Reserve: Nexus] - Elysian
    [Reserve: Undecided] - SoulMuse
    [Reserve: Undecided] - Lost Requiem
    [Reserve: Undecided] - Sheps
  20. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Put me down as a Free Ferretter

    EDIT: I sense this will be heavily guy biased. >_<
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