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Racial Profiling and Police Brutality

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Silver Soul, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. TheFightingPikachu

    TheFightingPikachu Smashing!

    Taking this where it belongs:

    I am not addressing anything about Rice because I haven't kept up with that case, but it is positively not true that Brown "was literally referred to as a demon," as the exact comment (which can be found on page 255 of this official document) was a simile, and referred only to his face and how angry it looked. The fact that Brown's friend Dorian Johnson describes both of them (on page 51 of this official document) as having angry faces and says both of them are cussing at each other at that point is highly relevant. It shows that Wilson's comment, even if an exaggeration, was never intended generally.

    It also shows that your comment describing Wilson as a certain "kind of person" is misplaced.

    But thanks for proving some people on the left are capable of employing stereotypes just like some of the people they call out for employing stereotypes!

    Okay, then I should definitely acknowledge a limitation on my point, as I had forgotten all about radios that police wear. Aside from the possibility you mention, my point mostly gets in the way of your point that one can't be certain exactly when backup will arrive even if they give an estimate.
  2. Sheepy Lamby

    Sheepy Lamby Well-Known Member

  3. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah, sad that a guy gets to retire a millionaire for killing a kid. One less dumb fuck patrolling the streets for all I care.
  4. LDSman

    LDSman Banned

    About half of that may end up being returned. It was donated for the express purpose of legal defense and since he isn't being charged, won't need it.


    I don't know about the other fundraisers and their refund criteria or even if Wilson was going to accept the money. The KKK money should either be sent back or donated to a charity that aids minorities.

    Wilson and his family will get to spend years handling death threats and obsessive media stalking. I'm sure money will compensate for that (sarcasm).

    The "dumb f***" in this story was Brown for attacking a police officer and then instead of continuing to run away turned and tried to attack the officer again while the officer was pointing a gun at him!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  5. Maybe this will get TFP to shutup and stop throwing a temper tantrum.


    Short and to the point, highlights the major problems with not getting an indictment in this case. The big part being that the grand jury didn't even have any business listening to Darren Wilson's testimony. That's not how grand jury's actually work, and this case is completely unprecedented.

    Or the fact that the grand jury was instructed to make their decision based on a law ruled unconstitutional in 1985.


    That's just skimming the surface though, really.

    I think it's hilarious you're busy getting your panties in a twist about bias and what not when information like this is widely available and circulated. If you were in the least bit interested in getting to the truth of the matter, in actually understanding why people are so outraged about this, you wouldn't need someone else on a pokemon forum to do a ten second google search for you. You'll have to forgive us if we don't feel like engaging in a point for point style debate with someone who isn't even privy to the facts. Facts are stubborn things.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  6. LDSman

    LDSman Banned

    Just like the Thinkprogress article, this is wrong. A prosecutor is not REQUIRED to share exculpatory evidence. They are not PROHIBITED from doing so.


    An issue that was corrected BEFORE they went to deliberations.

    I think it's hilarious that people won't admit that the facts don't support the claim that Wilson murdered Brown. People feel outraged over this because they've been lead to accept the notion that all police interactions are based on racism. Any evidence or testimony that supports Wilson's story is dismissed as part of a cover-up. You grasp at things that have been dismissed as not relevant and claim that it proves the grand jury was a sham.
  7. Silver Soul

    Silver Soul Well-Known Member

    White Panthers? You mean the KKK? The guys who were threatening "lethal force" against protesters?

    SILVER XD Momentai, bro.

    Is anyone actually surprised that there are riots? That they really need to be pointed out to like at the idea of peacefulness protests about this event? No matter how good a cause is or how peaceful a movement's forerunners urge their peers to be there will always be those who will use violence to express their anger or try to further their beliefs, idiots like Brown's step-father will always exist. This in no way reflects upon the core of the protests.

    Wilson was doing his job by confronting Brown however I do not accept the view that shooting and killing Brown was the only available course of action or that it was justified, nor do I believe that Brown was at all justified. And not do I believe that race was a defining factor of this event as it being made out to be. No I do not believe that lethal force should be used when no lethal force has already been put forward and no I do not believe bare fists to be lethal force against a trained law officer. I have no problem with Wilson firing on Brown, but I take issue in that it ended his life and hold that Wilson should have had some form of legal punishment put upon him.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  9. Silver Soul

    Silver Soul Well-Known Member

    It doesn't help that incidents like this happen all over America. Eric Garner's case is going to the Grand Jury and because of the low indictment rate among cop killings, expect THAT cop who killed him with an illegal chokehold get away. If anyone learns from Rodney King that if the GJ can acquit officers despite video evidence, then it won't end well at all.

    Also, the St. Louis Rams players protested the Ferguson decision by coming out with a "Hands Up Don't Shoot" gesture. Of course, Jeff Roorda did not take that well. He's the one who donated money to Wilson by the way and head of the SLPOA. Not to mention fired as an officer for giving out false information.

  10. LDSman

    LDSman Banned

    Maybe if the non-violent protestors would do more to stop the violence or to convince them that they are not welcome.

    Cops can't be beaten to death?


    The legal system does not punish people for self defense.
    Garner was an accident. He had health issues and shouldn't have tried to fight the police. The reason that the GJ did not indict the officers in the Rodney King incident was due to the section that showed King charging an officer. That was a section the media left out.

    People got mad because its spreading a lie.
  11. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Funny enough the cop most mad at the Rams for doing that has a history of corruption.
  12. Sheepy Lamby

    Sheepy Lamby Well-Known Member

    No, because if I say "Black" then some people will call me racist. Take a look at this.

    Same feelings here, Brown will no longer patrol the streets intimidating store clerks.
    I talked about aggressive language from Brown supporters for a reason...
  13. Silver Soul

    Silver Soul Well-Known Member

    Not to mention that Jeff Roorda doesn't want ANY cameras on police officers. There's a reason he lost the State Senate in Missouri this year.

    You know who else was there? Oathkeepers which a certain cop who enjoys being a killer was a part of it.

    Dude, are you really proud of what you just said? THAT warrants a death penalty? Gosh... Only one actually took a life you know?

    Oh and another thing, the President meet with protest leaders. Not to mentions plans on money for body cameras on police officers through out the nation.
  14. Sheepy Lamby

    Sheepy Lamby Well-Known Member

    That is wrong. Cameras should be mandatory. No objections.

    Please cite a source.
    I am just replying what other person said here. It's not about being proud of your words or not. What would have happened if Brown punched and killed the clerk?
    Let me cite one part of the article:
    “Where has [President Obama] been all of these months?" said one Ferguson activist Monday. "And now he wants to have a meeting? Please.”
    Obama is being cautious after his comments on Trayvon martin's death and race.
  15. LDSman

    LDSman Banned

    An action that was made necessary by Brown who attempted to take a police officer's gun. What do you think Brown was going to do with the gun after he got it?
  16. Sheepy Lamby

    Sheepy Lamby Well-Known Member

    Thanks for understanding my point LDSman
    No one should be proud of killing another person. Wilson was just doing his job.
    I guess many people here does not know what carrying a gun is (which is fine) but they don't understand than carrying it is a great responsibility. I don't pull out my gun just to intimidate people.
    A gun is a self-defense weapon used as a last resource to stop an aggressor.

    Benjamin Watson's comment is interesting and a good source to reflect on what is going on in the US.
  17. Silver Soul

    Silver Soul Well-Known Member

    Oh about the Oath Keepers. Here you go.


    You know for all the whole thing when it comes to looting, people these days are trying to make looting exclusive to African-Americans. I mean look, white people FIND food while black people LOOT food. This was during the damage of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. There has been racial bias when it comes to media reporting since then.


    But hey, we don't really know what actually happened because there are no cameras that showed everything with except one video that showed two white workers seeing actually seeing his arms up but let's ignore that along with other majority of witnesses. I remember the Cleveland police officers who shot Tamir Rice said they told him to raise his arms 3 times and the video showed that 2 seconds is a lot different. Just saying that without transparency, our police enforcement can't be trusted on this. And one of Wilson's backers is against cameras in the first place.
  18. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Cop Unions have voiced complaints against cameras on them, because hey, why remove doubt when they know they have the backing by default.
  19. LDSman

    LDSman Banned

    Nothing in there about a "certain cop who enjoys being a killer" as part of the group?

    Your link references articles from the Philippines about people stealing (AKA looting) rice after an earthquake. Regardless of the legitimate need, it was still looting. And as far as the Katrina pictures referenced? Two different photographers, two different situations.


    A link was provided earlier for a video in which someone else is heard describing seeing Brown charging the officer. And the forensic evidence didn't support the hands up myth.
  20. Silver Soul

    Silver Soul Well-Known Member

    So basically, an NYPD cop broke his own rules by illegally choking Eric Garner to death all over allegedly selling individual cigarettes despite shouting that he can't breathe. It was all caught on video and it was ruled by the medical examiner as a homicide. And how does the Grand Jury responds? NO INDICTMENT! Oh Staten Island, may God have mercy on your souls.


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