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Is Jynx a racist Pokemon?

  • Yes it is, shoot it!

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  • No it isn't, you're reading too much into it.

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  • What? Don't you know that Black and White versions are racist?

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Wikipedia said:
Jynx's appearance and design have received criticisms in various publications. Children's book author and cultural critic Carole Boston Weatherford published an article in the Greensboro News Record alleging that Jynx's design bore a striking resemblance to blackface actors, an image considered racist against Blacks,[19] and further described the Pokémon as "a dead ringer for an obese drag queen." She further attacked the Pokémon in the magazine Advertising Age, comparing it to Little Black Sambo and suggesting its name as also a possible derogatory remark towards Blacks relating to voodoo.[20] Since then, the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University has listed Jynx as an example of racism in modern material.[21] In response, Gamefreak modified Jynx's design in localized versions of the games, a change which would several years later be reflected in the Japanese versions of the games and the anime series.[2] In addition, episodes featuring the older Jynx design were censored, or completely removed from televised syndication by Warner Bros.[22]

Criticisms still persist, such as 1UP.com which, in an article discussing the "lamest Pokémon" of the series, referred to it as the "infamous blackface Pokémon".[23] In their podcast Retronauts they emphasized it further, noting the design as "creepy" and that it maintained the issue of racism still.[24] IGN also criticized the design, characterizing Jynx as a "transvestite midget in racially offensive makeup".[25] GameDaily ranked it first on their list of the "Top 10 Weirdest Looking Pokémon", noting its design suggested the presence of breasts, and echoing qualms regarding its resemblance to blackface performers.[26] Games.net ranked it fourth on their "Top 10 Disturbingly Sexual Game Characters" list, questioning why the character was clothed in what resembled a "slinky dress and push-up bra".[27] On the other hand, the book Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific defended Jynx's design, suggesting Sugimori developed it to draw upon the humor of heta-uma (a term meaning bad/nice), and described the design as oscillating between the poles of good and bad, as a result offering diversity within the game and inviting scrutiny from players.[28] GamesRadar described Mr. Mime and Jynx as the Romeo and Juliet of Pokémon.[29]

So, Do you think that Jynx is a racist Pogermanz? or has Political Correctness struck yet again?
Racist? Let's have a look at the NWS Gengar.


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Jynx's original design was not racist in origin, having been based on a Japanese fashion movement involving deeply tanned skin and bleached hair, rather than the racist characters like Little Black Sambo.

Despite this, as the franchise made the jump overseas, Jynx was misinterpreted as the latter, and perhaps understandably. Equally understandably, the decision was thus made to change Jynx's skin from black to purple, because regardless of whether it's right or not, if you have the chance to avoid additional and potentially damaging controversy just by making a color change, you do it yesterday without even blinking and move on.

That simple. No big mystery behind it. Not even any real need to put forth additional theories. And honestly, who the hell cares what "1UP.com" and IGN think about the design? What was the point of including that in the thread?

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Carole Boston Weatherford is the only racist here. Clearly she's a nanny too. :mad:

What gets me the most is the fact that only one person's word has ruined so much of the franchise. I mean, it's gotten numerous episodes either banned or shortened that it's not funny. I wish I had that kind of power.

Also, Black Jynx > Purple Jynx.
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This is stupid beyond belief. Jynx is based on a combination of Onibaba and Ganguro culture, not blackface.


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What gets me the most is the fact that only one person's word has ruined so much of the franchise.

Also, Black Jynx > Purple Jynx.

You're not really indignant over a completely harmless change like the skin color of one Pokémon, are you? Be serious now.
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