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Raden's Shop of Move Animations

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Raden Surya, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Emperte

    Emperte Emperte Emperor

    Thanks Raden, I LOVE IT.....Posts in sig.
    It's perfect, I love the matrix effect :)
  2. Polursine

    Polursine Leave my posts alone

    Now that is some sweet bum shiznizel :D

    Many thanks and Kudos :D

    Though I notice that the HP number stays the same for the whole animation.

    SQWEE :D It asplodes :DDDDD
  3. I love it!! Especially when the notes turn to flashes. Thanks!! It was REALLY worth the wait. ^_^
  4. Sorry for VERY late post.

  5. Umbreon is best

    Umbreon is best Umbreon Trainer

    can i plz get and animation from before

    here are the spirtes:



  6. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Raden Mewchiro is doing my text boxes so don't worry about puuting me on the waiting list now. She PM me and i gave him what i wanted
  7. Aqua_Magma

    Aqua_Magma <-- Latest shiny

  8. apokotou1709

    apokotou1709 Biggest lucario fan!

    plz can you change my request a little?i only want to change the rival pokemon and make it lucario here is the sprite: [​IMG]

    plz do it it for me and you can request anything from my shop and i will make them as soon as i see them!

    please do it it
  9. lennartje007

    lennartje007 3th Sacred Angel

    sorry but... can u all read?
    raden said his shop is CLOSED. so please, patience
  10. munchlaxman

    munchlaxman Active Member

    Could I please have this move
    It is called Mario.

    EDIT: Pidgeotos health goes down but does not faint.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2007
  11. pantyer2

    pantyer2 << HOOT HOOT

    MUNCHLAX MAN! Didn'y u even read lennartje007 post! NO MORE REQUEST COZ HE IS CLOSED! BI BI!
  12. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Look People. Why don't you all make your text boxes then post them after Raden comes back and the shop opens again. Or get someone to help.
  13. pantyer2

    pantyer2 << HOOT HOOT

    I can do boxes!!!
  14. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    There if you all need textboxes PM pantyer2. I might need you as an alternate since Mewchirio hasn't been on in a while
  15. pantyer2

    pantyer2 << HOOT HOOT

    kk. Easy. Just send me a message telling what text and I will send you them!
  16. swiftmus

    swiftmus Shaymin is cute!

    I would like one please.

    ~Move Name: Damnation
    ~How the animation will looks like : A circle of little exploding balls appears around Groudon, the circle gets smaller until there is a large explosion in the middle, then the holy background flashes up and vanishes, then the little thundershock ball appears. Groudons health goes down to nothing quickly.
    ~Pokemons in the scene : Karen (gardevoir)mine, female, Groudon, foe, genderless.
    ~Mode: single.

    I'll post the sprites soon.
    EDIT- here they are image sheet
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2007
  17. pantyer2

    pantyer2 << HOOT HOOT



  18. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Peoples if you want text boxes PM pantyer2. He will be happy to make them for you. Don't post here untill Raden is back
  19. Mewchirio

    Mewchirio Well-Known Member

    Anyone know when she is gonna be back???

  20. Typhlorizard

    Typhlorizard Well-Known Member

    CAn you PLEASE make me an animation When u r back?

    NAme:Atomic Blast
    User POkemon: CHarizard (DP Back SPrite)
    Victim Opponent POkemon: Mewtwo (DP Sprite)
    (Both pokemon full health, Mewtwo 400/400 HP, CHarizard 400/400 HP)
    1. BAttle TExt says 'Charizard is storing energy!'
    2. Charizard heats up ('Overheat' animation, without flames coming out from sides)
    3. BAttle text says 'Mewtwo used Thunder!' (Mewtwo uses 'Thunder' animation against Charizard)
    4. BAttle text says 'But CHarizard returned the attack!'
    5. Mewtwo immeadiatly loses 100 Hp
    6. CHarizard flew up ('Fly' animation)
    7. Mewtwo used Ice beam (No animation, BAttle text says 'But CHarizard returned the attack)
    8. Mewtwo immediatly loses 50 hP
    9. BAttle text says ' CHarizard used ATomic Blast!'
    10. CHarizard Shoots 'flamethrower animation' from above screen (CHarizard is still flying in the air)
    11.FLamethrower causes 'Explosion animation' on Mewtwo.
    12. Mewtwo loses all HP!
    13. BAttle text says 'FOe MEwtwo fainted!'

    This is a challenge for you, see if you can do it..

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