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Raichu Break Deck


New Member
Pikachu x3
Raichu x3
Raichu Break x3
Jolteon EX x2
Magnemite x3
Magneton x3
Magnezone x3

Electric Energy x14

N x4
Tierno x3
Professor Sycamore x2
Professor's Letter x2
Clemont x2
Level Ball x3
Ultra Ball x3
Energy Retrieval x2
Muscle Band x2
Fisherman x3

Getting Magnezone on the fields is priority 1. Once out, he makes the energy gathering of the deck work wonders. I'm not afraid to use Grand Bolt to eliminate something because I know I have a chance of getting full energy back on next turn. Jolteon is awesome at blocking Glaceon EX and other powerful EX pokemon. I'd like to put more in, but I don't have any more.