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At the end of Shinoh do you think Ash's pikachu will evolve into Raichu?

Sorry, if theres already threads like this. ;026;


I don't think there have ever been threads like this...

On topic: No. Pikachu is happy as a Pikachu. It refused to evolve earlier in the series, so i doubt it will change it's mind.


It'll never happen. Get over it.
No, Pikachu doesn't want to evolve.

Do you guys pay ANY attention to Pikachu's characterisation over the last 9 seasons?


«My Bishounen«
I doubt it will evolve, it refused using the thunderstone back then, i doubt i will later.


Flip me to the side!
Pikachu is the franchise icon duh, it won't evolve. They clearly stated it since Lt. Surge Kanto episode >_>.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
Pikachu is the pokemon. He will never evolve I can assure you 100%.

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<< I liek pie..
I don't watch the anime that much, but pikachu is never gonna evolve.
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