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Raikou, Entei, Suicune; Legendary Cats or Dogs?

Entei, Raikou, Suicune; Legendary Cats or Dogs?

  • Cats

    Votes: 35 24.8%
  • Dogs

    Votes: 55 39.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 51 36.2%

  • Total voters
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Still Dirrty
When reffering to all three of them, one cannot label them as dogs nor cats. Raikou is based of some sort of feline, Suicune appears to be canine, and Entei appears to be feline and canine. I recall a user, M19 to be exact, explaining that Entei could be partly based off a mythical dog from either China or Japan.
It's kind of obvious just by looking at them that they're cats.

Raikou = Saber Tooth Tiger
Entei = Lion
Suicune = Cheetah

i agree with the first two, but suicune def looks doggish


Well-Known Member
definatly cats entei maby a mix of cat and dog lol


Pampering Vaporeon..
Well, I've been calling them legendary dogs for as long as I can remember.
Now after reading a bit of posts, I now dubbed them legendary beasts.
Since some certain people argue over what they truly are.


Eye of the Storm
Legendary Beasts is the best description.

Though Legendary Dogs is usually what they are referred to as.


New Member
Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are neither cat or dog. They are actually based off of beasts of Japanese Legend.


Well-Known Member
They are called the legendary beasts it says so on every single pokemon info site.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Cats obviously. They are based off of Beasts from Japanese legend, but they're also based on felines. Entei is based off of lion, Raikou is based off of a saber toothed tiger, Suicune is based off of a leopard/cheetah.

Their names are based off of the Japanese words for Flame (En), Lightning (Rai), and Water (Sui) or Crystal (Suisho) and the Japanese words for Emperor (Kotei), Duke (Kou), and Monarch (Kun) respectively.
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Raiden Maximus
Neither-they're flies!

Why? Because verytime you encounter them the first thing they do is to buzz off.


The Abysswalker
Neither. They're obviously badgers.



Ray Tracer
Beast is more of a general term for you to use and using it means the guys can be either dogs/cats or both. Beast just encapsules all of it and causes no confusion.

Or simply call them catdogs!



When I think of the term "Dog," I think of a tiny yelping chihuahua.

When I think of the term "Cat," I think of either LOLcats or a pissy frou frou cat that I'd want to murder.

Plus it's a lot easier to call them beasts considering they're all obviously hybrids of animals/mythical creatures/etc.
I only voted dogs as that is what they are officially called. I personally think Entei is a lion, Raikou is a leopard and as for Suicune, maybe a panther as it is more slim.

Lady Umbreon

Well-Known Member
I see Entei as a lion, Raikou as a tiger, and Suicune as a wolf so you can't really name them based on what they are (Legendary Carnivores?). I prefer to call them "Runners" because that's what they're most famous for. And the term is specific to them - all other roaming Pokemon either float or fly.
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