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Rainbow Island Saga(Advanceshipping and Questshipping, PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Shadow Ichigo, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Hey what's up you guys! this is my first time posting my story in this thread.
    I hope you like it!

    Just to let you know that there will be side stories and some other shipping moments in my story.

    Chapter 1: Until we meet again

    A Yoshi/Dani and Ash/May story

    After Yoshi finished the Hoenn league and battled Ash and defeated the former Pokemon champion Steven, Yoshi started to miss Dani in the Johto region. She was Yoshi’s first

    friend and first crush. He missed her so much that Yoshi went back to his hometown

    New Bark Town. Before Yoshi was about to leave, he went to say goodbye to Ash

    and his friends. “That was a great pokemon battle we had Ash” said Yoshi. “Your pokemon got stronger since the last time I battle you” said Yoshi. “You and your pokemon got stronger too” said Ash. “I hope we meet again someday” Ash said.

    “You too Ash” said Yoshi. May came over and gave Yoshi a good bye hug and said,

    “If we ever meet again, can you show me to make really good combos for pokemon contest?” May said. “Sure I’ll show the best fire combos for your conbusken” said Yoshi.

    “Hey where’s Brock and Max Ash?” Yoshi said. “Brock went to the Ever Grande Citie’s beauty contest to check out the beautiful girls and Max is hanging out with May’s exboyfriend Brendan” Ash said. “Exboyfriend? Since when you broke up with Brendan

    May?” Yoshi said. “He was being a jerk and a pervert she said, but to be honest I never liked him anyway” she said. Before May continue her story, Ash saw Gary pass by and went to talk to him about something. “Sorry May I got to get home before the boat to New Bark Town leaves” Yoshi said.

    “Before you go I want to ask you about something” May said. “I want to know if Ash has a girlfriend or not” May said. “He use to but he said Misty broke up with him and left to see Rudy in the orange Islands, she broke up with Ash because she loves Rudy more than

    Ash and he was heart broking for two weeks” Yoshi said. “Why do you ask?” He said

    “Because I’m starting fall in love with Ash”, May said. “When did this happen?”,

    Yoshi said. “I started falling in love with him since the day I meet Ash in Little Root Town, he teaches me how to use pokemon, He came to cheer me up when I lost

    My first pokemon contest, he rescues me when I’m in trouble, in my second pokemon

    Contest when I was in the finals, I was losing to Drew till I heard Ash in the audiences,

    He was cheering loud for me and gave me the strength to beat drew and I won.

    If it weren’t for pikachu and his electrical discharge, I wouldn’t had meet Ash and any

    Pokemon contest. And that’s why I love him” May said. Yoshi was crying over

    May’s story. “Why are you crying Yoshi?”She said, your story was very touching, it reminds me of Dani and I he said.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2005
  2. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    Wow Shadow! Great fic! Good luck with the next chap, although you pretty much did it aleady in FanFiction.net ;)
  3. Great Fic! Good luck with your next chapter! Does this mean you're going to continue writing this story? *goes to Fanfiction.net to read more*
  4. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Hey thanks you two! I'm glad you like it. the next chapter will be up this weekend.
  5. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    I know its eary but here's the next chapter and its alitte short.

    Chapter 2: Memories

    “My story reminds you and Dani!” said May. “Yeah ever since we were kids, we

    promise to stick together at all times,” said Yoshi. “Wow so how long did you two

    know each other?” said May. “We knew each other since childhood” said Yoshi,

    When we were kids, we always go to professor Elm’s lab to play with the pokemon”

    Said Yoshi.” Till one day, Professor Elm gave Dani and I an Eevee for being kind

    to the pokemon” said Yoshi.

    “He told us to keep them wisely at all cost and that’s all he said,” said Yoshi. “After a couple days, Our Eevees started to evolve” Yoshi said, “Dani’s eevee evolve into an

    Espeon and my eevee evolve into an Umbreon,” said Yoshi. “And when they evolved,

    Dani started hugging and kissing me for some reason” He said. When Dani did that

    She said “I’m glad we’re best friends Yoshi”. Yoshi started to blush like crazy,

    He said, “ Why did you hug and kiss me for” he said, “ because they evolved

    together at the same time and I hope does it to us someday” said Dani. But Yoshi wasn’t ready for this yet and said “Dani I’m not ready to does boyfriend and girlfriend thing yet.” Dani said, “I know we’re not ready for this she said, I just wanted if you liked the hug and kiss and, When Yoshi was about to say dani question, he heard the boat to New bark town is leaving in 2 mins.”A man the boat is leaving me behind, sorry May I gotta go see ya” Yoshi said. Yoshi doesn’t know that May is following him to the ferryboat.

    May’s thoughts (“Sorry Ash I’m to going to see what’s going to happen to Yoshi and Dani When they meet again, when I come back I’ll tell you how I really feel”) May started to cry and left on the boat with Yoshi to New Bark Town.
  6. Nice chapter! The grammar needs a little more work though...but the story is great!
  7. PikachuBlue

    PikachuBlue Guest

    The first two chaps were great. I agree with dragonmaster5000 the grammar needs a little work but other than that its perfect. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work. ^^
  8. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Thanks you guys^^ the next next chapter will be up tomorrow okay.
  9. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    Okay, I'll look forward to reading it ^^

    Also, I'm just asking, but is there Kenta/Marina in this?
  10. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Yoshi is Kenta and Dani is Marina. you'll see some changes in the story.
  11. Chaka27

    Chaka27 Banned

    Dude, I read your story on Fanfic.net and its really good!

    But the names for yoshi and Dani are Kenta and Maria in USA i think and its confusing because you made Yoshi and Kenta the same person and there are too many people. otherwise its great.
  12. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    I thought Kenta was Jimmy in the dub, not that I like it, it's just this is very confusing, but I got it now ^^
  13. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Here's chapter 3 you guys^^

    Chapter 3: Moving Away

    When the boat to New Bark Town left, Ash and the gang were looking for May at

    at the Ever Grande port. “Where could May be? “ Ash said. Everyone wanted

    to know the samething.”And where’s Yoshi?” Max said. “At this time he should

    had left on the boat to New Bark Town by now” Brock said.”Hey Max where’s

    Brendan?” Ash said.

    “Brendan went home and wanted me to give this letter to May” Max said. While the gang

    is still on a search for May, Let go see how Yoshi and May are doing. On the

    boat to New Bark Town, May was searching for Yoshi in the dining room.”

    Where could Yoshi be?” May said. When May was looking for Yoshi, she started to miss Ash a lot.

    “Oh no” she said, “I didn’t tell Ash and the others that I’m on the boat to New Bark Town” May say.” I know I’ll send a letter to them and they will come looking for me at

    New Bark Town but first I got to find some paper and a pencil” May said. May looked

    everywhere for them on the boat till she finally ran into Yoshi.” May what are you doing

    here” Yoshi said. “I followed you here because I want to see you and Dani get together

    plus I want to here the rest of the story” May said. “Let me ask you something May does Ash and the others know you’re here? He said. “A man I

    totally forgot about that, Yoshi

    do you have any paper and pencil?” May said “Yes I do” Yoshi said. Yoshi took out

    some paper and a pencil and gave it to May. After 10 min she finish her letter and took

    out Beautifly from her belt.

    “Beautifly come on out” she shout out.”Beauuuutify” it said, “Beautifly I want you to give this to Ash and the others at Ever Grande seaport o.k.” May said. Beautifly nodded

    yes and was happy about it. She tied a ribbon around Beautifly’s neck with the letter and its poke ball and Beautifly flew away to the seaport like a jet. “ O.k. Yoshi now tell the

    rest of the story” May said. “There’s one problem? I forgot the rest of story,” he said.

    “WHAT!” May said,” Don’t worry once we get to New Bark Town Dani and I might tell you the rest of the story,” Yoshi said. “Alright then” May said, when

    Yoshi and May finish talking they reach New Bark Town. Yoshi’s thoughts (Finally we’re here, now I can tell Dani how I feel about her). May’s thoughts

    (Finally we’re here, now I can get to see Yoshi and Dani get together). When Yoshi and May got off the boat, Yoshi started

    running to find the nearest video phone booth.”Yoshi wait for me” May said,

    “Sorry about that May I just wanted to call my mom that I’m here right now” Yoshi said. “Before you do it what’s your mom’s name?” May said. “Her name is Nikki” Yoshi said.

    Yoshi finally found a video phone booth and to called his mom right now.

    The ringing was taking a long time till a picture finally showed up.”Hey big brother its

    been a while”? said.” Hey sis long time no see” Yoshi said, “Who’s she

    Yoshi?”May said. “Oh this is my little sister Allenby” he said, “ Hey nice to meet you and who are you? Allenby said. “Oh my name is May I’m good friend

    of your brother” May said.” Well any friend Yoshi’s is a friend of mine” Allenby said,” Hey sis where’s mom? He said.” She went to the market to get some

    food for your welcome back party,” she said.”Hey sis is Dani with with her? Yoshi said. “……………..”Allenby said, “Hey Allenby what’s wrong” he said. “………………Yoshi there’s something you need to know about Dani” she said “Sis

    what happened to Dani?” Yoshi said. “I’m sorry big brother it’s just that Dani moved away while your in the Hoenn region” Allenby said.”WHAT!” Yoshi said.
  14. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    Another great chap Shadow! I hope you don't mind me calling you that ^^

    Anyway, I hope you have good luck with the next chaps! ^^
  15. Very good chapter, Shadow Bankotsu!!! The grammar got a bit better. The description was okay too, though it could use a little more work. There were many extra spaces in between the lines that I suggest fixing. The storyline and plot were as good as usual. This story keeps on getting better. :)

    On a side note, I read this story at Fanfiction.net and it was good! :) I spoiled myself with spoilers though. XD
  16. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Thanks you guys! Here's the next chapter.

    Part 4:A letter to a new journey

    “Sis why did Dani moved away?” Yoshi said, “Because Dani’s mother is having a baby

    and needed a bigger place to live” Allenby said.” So where did Dani moved to” May said,

    “She told that she moved to Crystal Island in the Rainbow Island area,” Allenby said.

    When Yoshi, May, and Allenby finish talking, Allenby went get the letter for her big brother from Dani.”Here big brother this is for you from Dani” Allenby said, “Thanks

    Sis” said Yoshi. “Come on Yoshi read it to us so we can hear what your girlfriend wrote to you” May said”. “ SHE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!” Yoshi said,

    “Whatever” the girls said. When Yoshi started to read the letter out loud, it said:

    Dear Yoshi,

    By the time you get this letter, I have already moved away to Crystal Island.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I was moving away. I wanted to go with

    you on your journey to the Hoenn region but my parents wouldn’t let me.

    The reason they didn’t let me go because I found out that my mom was having

    a baby soon and needed my help. Because of the baby, we have to move to a bigger

    place to live. If I tell you about this, you would try to stop your journey to become

    a Hoenn league champion and try to stop my parents from moving. I care about you

    too deeply to let you get involved. I wanted to thank you so much for your

    friendship and kindness that we had after all these years and I’m really lucky to have met you. And I always love you no matter what.

    Love and forever,


    “That was the saddest but sweetest letter that I ever heard” the girls said. “Ya I didn’t know she loved me so much” Yoshi said, “You got that right Yoshi you should tell

    her how you feel about her next” May said.” Ya what she said” Allenby said.

    “Well what about you May!” he said,” Are you going to tell Ash how you feel

    About him?” Yoshi said.” Well of course I well” May said. “Well gets what girls,

    I’m going to enter the Rainbow League and tell Dani how I feel about her.”Yoshi said. “I’m Going with you Yoshi I heard there’s a pokemon contest in the Rainbow Islands

    and I going to win it all” May said. “ No your not because I’m going to win those

    Pokemon contest” Allenby said. “WHAT you’re a pokemon coordinator too, Yoshi

    you didn’t tell me she a pokemon coordinator too”. May said, “Well you see my little

    Sister followed me hear in the Hoenn region with her Flareon and wanted to try

    to be a pokemon coordinater. I’ve been teaching her to be one and she’s been wining

    some contest ever since.” Yoshi said

    “O.k. girls we’re in the first thing in the morning at 7:00am”. Yoshi said

    “ALRIGHT!” said the girls.
  17. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    Great chap! The letter was very sweet, and I'm full of suspence! Keep up the good work! ^^
  18. Excellent chapter! The grammar could use just a little more work, but it keeps getting better and better each time I read it!
  19. Anikin

    Anikin Rebel

    That's the same with me. But of corse im being honest. I wonder how will the ending of the story will be like.
  20. Ember

    Ember Guest

    Hey big bro, Great story! I'm reading it over again from when I read it on ff.net. It seems like you always miss things the first time you read it and then get it the second time. ^^; Anyways, keep up the great work Shadow!

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