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Raining Ribbons [Drabble G, Fantasy]


Waiting for summer
Author's Notes: Random drabble of randomness, I'm not sure how short I'm going to make it, I just hope I can get the story in it and still make it look decent.

Rated: G because there's not really anything of signifigance that would make it bad enough to be classified as PG.

Raining Ribbons

I looked through the window of my yellow bus with the digits 232. I looked up to the sky as it started to burst with silver rain, piercing into my soul, a mysterious melody filled my ears. The children on my school bus unable to feel what I was thinking about, I left the bus as it stopped at my bus-stop. Unable to speak, I merely uttered a grunt as the bus-driver told me to have a nice weekend. I walked home, forgetting my umbrella, my ruby plaid skirt and black long sleeve hoodie with a soft red undershirt became slightly wet as I nervously ran with my oversized black back-pack for about thirty seconds before rushing into my abandoned home.

I took off my backpack and carried it with my arms upstairs into my room where I dropped it with a sigh of relief that the weekend came. Feelings of relief turned to boredom as I then glanced at the small window in my room. I sat down on the bed on my knees. I never bothered to turn the television on, the rain distracting me for some reason, I continued to observe through my window as it poured down.

I stared out the window, tapping the transparent glass gingerly with my skinny index finger while clear rain poured from the silver sky. My face still covered in delicate rain drops, I forgot my umbrella before going to skill and got wet in the rain which occurred often in my little sea-side town. I stroked my brown hair, massaging it with my delicately skinny fingers. My aquamarine eyes stared out into the distance. I leaned out to look into the distant sky, with no sign of clearing, the rain rythmically continued.

Continuing on this monotonous series of actions, I had managed to kill thirty minutes. It had been raining every day for the past week. Having had been used to this, my hoody had been well worn in despite the fact that it had only been the week before that I had purchased it.

"Where's the magic," I asked myself as I decided to open the door.

I found a chocolate colored umbrella as I walked in the cool, refreshing rain. It was still warm, not unusual for where I lived. I continued along while enjoying the leaves and petals falling with the rain. Their crisp and withered look was the essence of the ever closer fall; ironically, I could smell cinnamon as something seemed to sing a melodic tune. Lured by something of such beauty, the voice and aroma led me through a forest filled with staggeringly tall black trees and through a field filled with scrubby, green bushes, to a place where the sand was brown and quenched with water. The fish leaped from the almost crystal clear water while the gulls danced delicately over the water, capturing their prey expertly while I observed ever so silently.

I walked through the water filled beach, observing the animals of the sea flying and swimming in the water almost excitedly. Continuing along, I soon approached a rocky part of the beach where the cape ended and faced the open sea. I carefully stepped on top of a not so tall rock and then expertly leaped from rock to rock, the umbrella making me practically glide on the gently blowing north winds. I closed my eyes and leaped from the second rock as a magical force surrounded me. I felt this force become more intense as a veil of wind lifted my umbrella upward swiftly, taking me with it. Soon, I flew extremely high into the air, where the trees seemed like mere blades of grass.

Flying through the sky, I carefully maneuvered through the air with my umbrella to make sure that I would not plunge to my death below. I still had no idea how a veil of mere wind could have launched me into the air, but then again, in this world, not much can be explained, a world is just a world, and the viewer creates their world from what they experience, feel, touch, see, smell, and hear. The rain soon became heavier; the rain started to form wonderous shapes, like snow, but much more flexible than that. Their transparent forms changing from a diamond to a circular shape in the time of a mere millisecond. A nearly magical sight with nobody else to interrupt her but the fact that I only had to hold on. But, why would I want to hold on, this made me want to let go, almost like the rain itself was hypnotizing me to. A pressure which I could just not resist, giving in to the beautiful music which then sounded from the rain shapes, I let go of my brown umbrella, as I fell down from the sky, my back facing the ground while I plunged to my likely death.

Falling through the sky, I felt the air push my body upward as I fell faster and faster towards the cruel Earth below. I closed my eyes and made a prayer as I saw the features of the trees become dramatically more discernable. Soon, a could feel the actual seriousness of the situation. As I was about to hit the highest branch of a black and green tree, a mysterious force invaded my mind. Glowing in a strange light, I was suddenly paused in the air, like time was standing still and I was thinking about my life passing right by me before I finally let it end. Fortunately, I was wrong.

The light covered my body, the light being aquamarine like my eye color. Soon, I appeared, wings sprouting out of my back. Awkwardly, I floated above the trees and then landed on its top. I leaped off and flipped in the air, clumsily, I flew into another branch, almost hurting my face signifigantly. Finally, I decided to gently float down, my wings retracting in an erratic manner about six feet above the ground, I plopped onto the woodland terrain below, causing my hair to have some pine needles in it as I stood up. Brushing these out of my hair with my hands, I proceeded onward.

I walked through a path in the forest, the creatures silently awaiting the end of the week long storm, the eery silence scared me to continue forward. The lack of light made the path almost too dark to see, almost making me fall off of a narow bridge. After crossing this bridge, I saw my home in the distance, which I then ran to in a rapid pace. I opened the door and then went into my house, panting and slightly exhausted, I weakly closed the door before slumping on the couch, my wet hair becoming a bit frizzy from the humidity.

"Ugh, what a strange day," I said to myself as I then closed my eyes slowly, letting sleep take over my exhausted body and mind.

And once again, in my dreams, a rain of blue ribbons surrounded me, flying in the sky, I flew onward to greener fields and bluer skies, the silver, depressing setting unable to fit me, I must move away from it and find the pocket of sunshine. And so, it continued to rain ribbons while I flew through the endless sky. But where would I go with this flight if there was no certain destination? That is still left without an answer, but, as long as I have my wings, they will guide me to my destination without fail, the only thing being certain, my ever changing self.

Author's Notes: Hope that didn't crud too badly, I wanted to reflect on something using a magical event of some sort. Now I must wait for somebody to critique, be harsh and thorough for goodness sake, but don't flame or spam, or else somebody's getting reported >=/.