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Rais and Yods trade shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Naoto Shirogane, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince


    hello and welcome to our trade shop we are here to offer you some great pokemon

    No spamming
    No flameing
    No abuse
    pm me if you have an offer not from my want list

    Yod has quit over a year ago so don't request his pokes.

    what rairyan is offering


    Spirtombs lv 1 ;442;
    Haxorus lv 52 :612:
    Ninetails lv 100 ;038;
    Pichu with Volt Tackle;172;
    Oshawott lv1:501:
    Wurmple lv1 ;*265;
    Snorunts lv 1
    Tepigs lv 1 :498:
    Maracutus lv1 :556:
    Happinys lv1 1 ;440;
    Bagons lv 1 = 1 ;371;
    Castform lv 1 ;351;;351-i;;351-s;;351-r;
    Beldum lv 1 ;374;
    Zoruas lv 1 :570:
    Alakazam lv 25
    Poliwrath lv 90
    Togekiss lv 8 Relaxed
    Charmander lv 1 any nature

    Request any non legend poke, I have every poke so I can breed whatever you want.

    None for trade yet :/

    Have all dw pokes which are none event so request any

    None but have some soon

    can breed all egg moves so request what you want

    None right now.

    Request any item/s and I will get you them

    shiny pokemon
    pikachu and pichu events (ashs pikachu)
    dw events
    dw starters
    flawless pokemon
    evd pokemon
    shiny hatched pokemon ut
    shiny evd and flawless
    Shiny evd
    Shiny Ut
    LV 100 pokes

    TBC members will get free pokes depending on how active etc they are in the clan.

    People who donate can have any 3 free non shiny poke or 2 free shiny pokes.

    All pokemon will have an item of your choice. :)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2013
  2. Wrightt

    Wrightt Pokemon Master

    Welcome to Yodajm's part of the shop, here you will find all pokes i'am currently offering.
    Rules and what pokes we want are on Rairyan's post (the first post).

    I've recently changed the way i've set out my pokes for trades into their reigion and in order of their pokedex number. Let me know what you think of it and if you spot any pokes in the wrong place please let me know.
    Also if you think theres any way i can improve this post then just let me know, thanks.

    Event Pikachu lv 30 Timid UT ;025;

    Aura Mew lv 10 Naughty UT ;151;

    Mystry Mew lv 10 Hardy UT ;151;

    Event Scizor lv 50 Adamant UT ;212;

    Movie Raikou lv 30 Rash UT ;243;

    Movie Entei lv 30 Adamant UT ;244;

    Movie Suicune lv 30 Relaxed UT ;245;

    Gamestop celebi lv 50 Modest UT ;251;

    NZ Jirachi lv 5 Impish UT ;385;

    Draco Metor Jirachi lv 5 Quirky & Adamant UT ;385;

    Kyle Riolu lv 30 Serious UT ;447;

    Pktopia Magmortar lv 50 Modest UT ;467;

    Ranger Manaphy lv 1 Mild UT ;490;

    Movie Darkrai lv 50 lax UT ;491;

    Movie Arceus lv 100 Timid UT ;493;

    Movie Victini lv 50 Adamant UT Flawless :494:

    Event Audino lv 30 Calm UT :531:

    Event Scrafty lv 50 Brave UT :560:

    Event Shiny Golurk lv 70 Calm UT :623:

    Event Shiny Hydreigon lv 70 Modest UT :635:

    Movie Reshiram lv 100 Modest UT :643:

    Movie Zekrom lv 100 Mild UT :644:
    Shiny Charmander lv 1 Rash UT ;004;

    Shiny Caterpie lv 1 Quirky UT Flawless ;010;

    Shiny Arbok lv 100 Impish ;024;

    Shiny Sandslash lv 22 Lonely Male ;028;

    Shiny Clefable lv 62 Adamant ;036;

    Shiny Zubat lv 19 Mild Female UT ;041;

    Shiny Alakazam lv 27 Mild ;065;

    Shiny Tentacool lv 8 Docile UT ;072;

    Shiny Golem lv 100 Jolly ;076;

    Shiny Rapidash lv 100 Lonely ;078;

    Shiny Rapidash lv 100 Lax ;078;

    Shiny Exeggcute lv 29 Calm UT ;102;

    Shiny Tangela lv 27 Relaxed UT ;114;

    Shiny Tauros lv 17 Sassy UT ;128;

    Shiny Ditto lv 22 Impish UT ;132;

    Shiny Ditto lv 59 Bashful ;132;

    Shiny Eevee lv 1 Timid UT ;133;

    Shiny Eevee lv 1 Jolly UT ;133;

    Shiny Mew lv 30 Mild UT ;151;

    Shiny Typhlosion lv 36 Brave ;157;

    Shiny Totodile lv 1 Adamant UT ;158;

    Shiny Croconaw lv 20 Docile Male ;159;

    Shiny Ampharos lv 62 Hardy ;181;

    Shiny Yanma lv 27 Quiet UT ;193;

    Shiny Umbreon lv 20 Adamant ;197;

    Shiny Larvitar lv 1 Calm Male UT ;246;

    Shiny Lugia lv 100 Lax Pkrs ;249;

    Shiny Torchic lv 1 Adamant UT ;255;

    Shiny Mightyena lv 100 Gentle ;262;

    Shiny Zigzagoon lv 17 Serious Male ;263;

    Shiny Linoone lv 20 Serious Male ;264;

    Shiny Linoone lv 100 Bashful ;264;

    Shiny Ralts lv 17 Adamant UT ;280;

    Shiny Shedinja lv 20 Quiet ;292;

    Shiny Exploud lv 60 Serious ;295;

    Shiny Altaria lv 100 Naive Female ;334;

    Shiny Kecleon lv 28 Gentle ;352;

    Shiny Tropius lv 28 Relaxed Male UT ;357;

    Shiny Snorunt lv 1 Docile Female UT ;361;

    Shiny Metang lv 20 Adamant ;375;

    Shiny Metagross lv 100 Adamant ;376;

    Shiny Latias lv 40 Timid UT ;380;

    Shiny Latias lv 100 Bashful ;380;

    Shiny Latios lv 54 Adamant Male ;381;

    Shiny Kyorgre lv 100 Brave ;382;

    Shiny Dexoys lv 100 Quiet ;386;

    Shiny Turtwig lv 1 Lonely UT ;387;

    Shiny Starly lv 3 Hardy UT ;396;

    Shiny Drifblim lv 79 Brave ;426;

    Shiny Skuntank lv 34 Rash UT ;435;

    Shiny Bronzong lv 100 Adamant ;437;

    Shiny Gible lv 1 Jolly UT ;443;

    Shiny Dusknoir lv 85 Relaxed Male Ev'd ;477;

    Shiny Dialga lv 100 Quiet ;483;

    Shiny Palkia lv 47 Gentle UT ;484;

    Shiny Giratina lv 71 Naive ;487;

    Shiny Manaphy lv 1 Modest UT ;490;

    Shiny Shaymin lv 100 Hardy ;492;

    Shiny Shaymin lv 100 Careful ;492;

    Shiny Gigalith lv 39 Mild Female :526:

    Shiny Swaldoon lv 20 Hardy Male UT :541:

    Shiny Venipede lv 1 Modest UT :543:

    Shiny Zorua lv 1 Modest UT :570:

    Shiny Zorua lv 27 Bashful :570:

    Shiny Ferroseed lv 1 Relaxed UT :597:

    Shiny Litwick lv 26 Gentle Female UT :607:

    Shiny Volcarona lv 70 Timid UT :637:

    Shiny Virizion lv 42 Timid UT :640:

    Shiny Skarmory lv 100 Impish Ev'd - Whirlwind/Spikes Set Flawless ;227;

    Movie Victini lv 100 Adamant Flawless Ev'd – Life Orb/Choice Band Set :494:

    Shiny Excadrill lv 100 Adamant Ev'd - Swords Dance Set :530:

    Shiny Conkeldurr lv 100 Adamant Ev'd – Bulk Up Set :534:

    Treeko lv 10 Hasty UT ;252;

    Croagunk lv 10 Timid UT ;453;

    Togekiss lv 10 Gentle UT ;468;

    Mamoswine lv 34 Brave UT ;473;

    Eevee lv 1 Bred UT ;133;

    Poochyena lv 10 Hasty UT ;261;

    Dratini Extreme Speed ;147;

    Pichu Volt Tackle ;172;

    Spritomb Shadow Sneak ;442;

    Ferroseed Leech Seed and Spikes :597:
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2011
  3. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Hey Rairyan!
    Im interested in your shiny Lvl 10 mew. Can you pm me details on it?
    As for my offer, check my shop .
  4. NoToRiousBrawL

    NoToRiousBrawL Stones of Baked Clay

    Many thanks to Rais the trade of Golurk and Latias ...
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2011
  5. umm whats the info on this Shiny Mew lv 10
    since only the Faraway island Mew can be shiny, and hes at level 30 IIRC
  6. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    the mew is a hack one but think im getting a legit one tommow so if use 2 would like to wait

    metal have you got dw female gilscor and for donation just gve me whatever
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2011

  7. ehh ok, CMT if something interets you for it
  8. Rayce

    Rayce _

    MYSTRY Mew, Hadou Mew, and faraway island mews can all be shiny.
    Let me know when you get the legit one you mentioned :)
  9. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    ok well yod has alot pokes which will be added tommow would of been added today but i deleted the list lol so i should have the mew then if it's legit
  10. whats the ot/ and id number, ill see if it can be shiny or not
  11. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    no point i looked at it and said met at route 1 lv10 lol so yeah any1 who wants it i trade it for something small
  12. lol T.T ill wait until tomorrow then to trade, choose something from my shop so it will be a quick trade tomorrow (for the legit one)
  13. darkrai's_shadow

    darkrai's_shadow Fear of the Dark!

    congrats on the shop yoda! and also rair i guess... lol, rai, jk, now, if you want, i can help with ev training if youd like, and i can donate a DW female gligar
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2011
  14. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    no point cause i can ev train now but may need you to in the future
  15. darkrai's_shadow

    darkrai's_shadow Fear of the Dark!

    ok, just let me know, so you want the dw female gligar?
  16. TVGuru

    TVGuru The Nightmare Begins

    Is the sing Pikachu UT?
  17. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    I do have an EV Trained Shiny Flawless DW Gliscor. Alright, i'll pick the pokemon.
  18. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    yes it's ut

    and metal would you trade that?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2011
  19. Nevlo

    Nevlo Jack of all Trades

    first of all,
    congratz on the shop, rair and yoda ;)

    intresting stuff now :p

    Movie 11 Shiny Hydregon (IV's)?
    Event Sing Pikachu OT ELT (IV's?)
    Movie 11 Golurk calm (IV's)
  20. TVGuru

    TVGuru The Nightmare Begins

    Trade ya a Goon's Scizor, Birth Island Deoxys, and/or Flawless Oblivia Shaymin for it then?

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