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Random Legendary Pokemon Moments

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Adam45, Mar 1, 2013.


If you can be any Legendary Pokemon, what will it be?

  1. Celebi

  2. Mew

  3. Jirachi

  4. Meloetta

  1. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    What are some of your random Legendary Pokemon Moments? Mine were catching the Legendary Pokemon in one Pokeball with no Master Ball. However, I must ask you not to spam.

    Anyway! Discuss your Legendary Pokemon Moments, from random to best. I might reply.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2013
  2. *~Silver*~

    *~Silver*~ Well-Known Member

    Best legendary Pokemon moments?

    Probably when you have those Pokemon that just roam the region, and you have to hunt them down to capture them and when there's that moment when you just throw any old Poke'Ball thinking, "That's not what I was trying to do, but I might as well give it a shot," and it works. It's what happened to me with Raikou in SoulSilver, and it was awesome. xD
  3. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    Awesome indeed. Your post just gave me an idea to put in best Legendary Pokemon moments in the thread. Anyway, this happened to me once. In Sapphire, I was trying to catch Latias, and after many Pokeballs, I finally caught Latias in a Great Ball.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2013
  4. joewilke21

    joewilke21 Mirror B. Forever!

    Best Legendary Pokemon Moment

    First time catching Mewtwo in FireRed - When i was young me and my sister stayed up all night to catch it (it took as sooo long because we had no idea had to catch a Legendary easily :p) We kept reseting the game till we caught it, and boy was that the best feeling when i was younger xD haha.
  5. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    That's pretty awesome.
  6. Razor Leafeon

    Razor Leafeon The Shadow Remains Cast!

    Best Legendary Moment

    Fighting Zapdos in Firered, out of ultra balls, have 5 pokeballs left. LAST POKEBALL catches him. I was screaming in joy for about 2 minutes straight.
  7. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    Lucky you.
  8. *~Silver*~

    *~Silver*~ Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I chased Raikou down, and the one time I just ran into him by chance I used a Premier Ball and got him. xD
  9. OnceDone

    OnceDone Well-Known Member

    Catching Articuno in Pokemon FireRed, hit him with Arcanine, left him with 1 HP!
    Caught him with the first Pokeball too!
  10. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    Wow. That's so lucky of you.
  11. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    I have a few:

    - Catching Cresselia on my birthday in Diamond.

    - Catching Giratina with the last ball I had in Diamond (and I had forgotten to save beforehand, so I was incredibly relieved that I didn't have to go through Turnback Cave all over again).

    - Catching a shiny Terrakion in White after only 15 or 20 resets, even though I wasn't trying for a shiny (I was preparing for the VGCs at the time and just wanted one with good IVs). Definitely qualifies as my best legendary Pokemon moment. : D
  12. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    The part where you said you caught Cresselia on your birthday was awesome!
    The part where you said you caught Giratina with your last Pokeball was totally awesome!
    And finally, the part where you said you caught a shiny Terrakion in White... That totally qualifies as your best Legendary moment indeed.
  13. Unredemption

    Unredemption Well-Known Member

    The moment when I accidentally threw a ball at Groudon (in Emerald) right after it healed itself up with Rest, and ended up catching it.
  14. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    Wow. That's a moment to remember.
  15. PokemonTrainerKaden

    PokemonTrainerKaden Well-Known Member

    I started a battle with Articuno in FireRed, threw a regular PokeBall immediately after the battle started, and caught it. I was 11, and this was 5 years ago. Best moment ever.
  16. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    Wow. You were very lucky.
  17. Draknir

    Draknir Team Popplio

    I suppose how the battle with my Shiny Kyurem went counts as random. Having found one in less than 150 SRs is one thing, but I actually managed to catch it at full health, no status condition, and on the first Ultra Ball.
  18. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    That's awesome.
  19. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    I remember on Black I stocked up on Ultra and Timer Balls so I can catch Landorus. I battled him and got him down to a sliver of health. I decided to toss a Dusk Ball at him (it was at night) and I caught him.
  20. Adam45

    Adam45 Wishful Trainer

    That's pretty awesome catching a legendary with a Dusk Ball.

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