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Randomizer Tournament

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Pokegyms Owner

The tournament has BEGUN! Please finish your 7 rounds by June 10th!

Hello all, and welcome to the randomizer tournament! This tournament will start on June 3rd, possibly sooner, but a definitive date will be determined.​


-battle style will be SMOGON OU, singles. Battles will take place on Pokémon Showdown.
-When you sign up, you will pm me either here or on Discord (pm me here if you do not have a discord) and I will start up a randomizer that will determine what your pokemon team will be (just the pokemon, you can make their moveset and nature). If, for example, your team consists of pokemon that are not fully evolved (ie Seadra) you are permitted to use the fully evolved form of that pokemon, but should you WANT to use the nfe pokemon, you may. Also, if you get a fully evolved pokemon (like Kingdra), you may use any of its NFE forms (Horsea or Seadra)
-If you do not like the first randomized team you are given, you will have ONE redo. If you use your redo and still don't like your options, you CANNOT use the first team you were given, you must use the second team.
-Mega evolutions are not permitted, but Z moves are allowed.
-Legendary pokemon will not be permitted.
-Players will be responsible for finding players to battle. Each player must complete their rounds (number tbd later, depends on number of players) and the person who wins the most rounds is the winner. In the event of a tie, the number of remaining pokemon in each battle will be tallied up, and whoever had the most left will win.

Battle Form

Opponent (serebii name please)

1st place: Shiny Competitive pokemon of their choice (so long as I own one, I will provide a list)
2nd place: Shiny jolly water veil Buizel with egg moves. (ORAS born)
3rd place: one bp item of your choice.

Tournament Spreadsheet
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Ground-Type Champion
First to Sign Up! (for once.)

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
Sign me up pleeeeease

DX 2401PT

Ooh, an interesting tournament... signing up (finally)! ... Don't see a form, but meh.


Pokémon Breeder
Opponent (serebii name please): Dt
Result: My loss (0-5)
Comment: Couldn't do much vs them powermons.

Opponent (serebii name please): Mew2000
Result: My win 1-0
Comment: Was a fun and close game!

Opponent (serebii name please): Dunkle
Result: My win 1-0
Comment: Had dominance first, then lost it, then managed to barely live a sweep.

Opponent (serebii name please): DJSummers
Result: My win 4-0
Comment: Was able to set up and sweep.

Opponent (serebii name please): DX 2401PT
Result: My loss 3-0
Comment: Had a bit of disluck with some relevant 33% rolls, but was a good battle nevertheless.

Opponent (serebii name please): Alatar VGC
Result: My win 2-0
Comment: GG WP

Opponent (serebii name please): Lord Fighting
Result: My loss 1-0
Comment: Made some dumb errors at the end.

Round #8
Opponent (serebii name please): smokin' weedle
Result: My win 1-0
Comment: GG WP
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Forever now
Me joins.

Knowing my luck I'll probably get Unown and Luvdisc.


all hax or no hax.
I've got nothing better to do. i'll join!

mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
Let me in on this xD


Pokegyms Owner
Ok everyone! I've decided what our prizes are going to be!

1st place: Shiny 3iv Bold Lugia (31/x/31/31/x/x) Caught by me in ORAS
2nd place: Shiny jolly water veil Buizel with egg moves. (ORAS born)
3rd place: one bp item of your choice.

Because of the large number of participants, there will be 5 rounds for people to complete once the tournament starts. I'll be PMing everyone a day prior to the start.


Pokegyms Owner
Hello to all! The tournament has begun! Players, you have one week to battle 5 players and post your results here. If possible, use only one post and edit your results into that post so I can keep track of scores. Good luck and have fun!

Opponent (serebii name please): Juffate
Result: My win 3-0
Comment: A fun first matchup. My team happened to have type advantages over a good chunk of his so it went in my favor early on, but it was still fun!

Opponent (serebii name please): Zold
Result: My win 5-0
Comment: I felt kinda bad about that one. Once my one mon set up there wasn't much you could do. Sorry!

Opponent: Dunkleosteus
Result: Win 5/0
Comment: The luck of the rng gave me the win here, not much to say.

Opponent: Djsummers
Result:win 1-0
Comment: That one was really close! You let my lead stay in a little too long when you could've killed it outright so it let me whittle your health down. Then another mon outsped yours when you tried setting up so that messed with you. It was fun!

Opponent: Fairywitch
Result:win 2-0
Comment: You didn't really have anything to kill my late game killer, so....yeah sorry, gg!

Opponent: Charizard_RUlez
Result:win 2-0
Comment: My one mon swept most of your team, sending out that one mon earlier may have helped but who knows. GG!

Opponent: Lord Fighting
Result:win 2-0
Comment: A close match, nearly turned into a pp stall. Thankfully, my Z move turned the tides. Well played game!

extra round:

Round #8
Opponent: DX241PT
Result: Loss 0-3
Comment: My only loss, you played very well. GG!

Round #9
Opponent: Wecondo
Result: Loss 0-4
Comment: An unlikely mvp, I just didn't have anything that could really touch it. GG!
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Not-So Normal Type
Opponent: Dragontamer44722
Result: my loss 0-3
Comment: i got beat bad lol

Round# 2
Opponent DJSummers
Result: my loss 3-0
Comment: I thought i had it for about 30 seconds before my bubble was burst lol
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