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rank the Pokemon theme songs

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Here you can list the different theme songs from throughout Pokemon history and tell (out of those you personally remember) how you would rank them:

1. Original
2. Johto League Champions
3. Advanced battle
4. Master Quest
5. Galactic Battle
6. Battle Frontier
7. Johto Journeys
8. DP Battle Dimension
9. Advanced
10. DP Sinnoh League Victors
11. DP
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Glaceon is number 1
1. Original
2. Johto Journeys
3. Advanced
4. Master Quest
5. Advanced battle
6. Battle Frontier
7. Johto League Champions
8. Galactic Battle
9. DP Battle Dimension
10. DP Sinnoh League Victors
11. DP
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1st: Pokemon Johto Journeys
Why: It's a very catchy song and a good song. Easily the catchiest song of them all, and the best. If only Johto was as good as this theme song. And who was shocked to see that the Original wasn't the first?
2nd: Pokemon Original
Why: The Original Pokemon them song. I always pictured it in my head, that it was an unspoken rule that this had the to be first of any theme song ranking. Maybe it is because it's nostalgic, but nostalgic or not, it's awesome.
3rd: Pokemon Advanced
Why: Reading the lyrics and listening to them, it is really great. And the lyrics makes sense, and it just great to listen to it.
4th: Advanced Battle
Why: Really good, and catchy. Really good, and the others are just better then it.
5th: DP Galactic Battle
Why: This could easily be nr. 1, but the thing that takes it down is the fact they added the voice to the Pokemon. Bummer, since this song doesn't really sound like a Pokemon song, but then they add the voices to Pikachu, Gliscor, Buizel and Chimchar. Why?!
6th: Pokemon Battle Frontier
Why: Also a good song, but the others are just better, even though this is good as well. It can't beat the Japanese opening, Spurt!!! But what Pokemon theme song, english or japenese, can?
7th: Pokemon Advance Challenge
Why: All of those left are surprisingly good, but this is a ranking, so they'll need to go. This is unfortunaly the weakest one left, but this is a pretty good song. 3rd gen having great music < 3
8th: Master Quest
Why: Pretty good. I am actually surprised about the openings. Thought most of them would be terrible, but they're OK.
9th: DP Battle Dimensions
Why: If I wasn't a Pokemon fan, then I probably wouldn't recognize it as a Pokemon song, until the very end. This get's pretty high because it is surprisingly okey. Originally had it lower, but obivously, I changed it.
10th: Johto League Champions
Why: It's okey I guess. Catchier then the other one, but the others are simply better.
11th: Pokemon Orange Island
Why: Originally, I had it above Johto League Champions, but this one is less catchier, after listening to it some times.
12th: DP Sinnoh League Victors
Why: It isn't terrible (the only terrible one is DP, even though it's funny), but it isn't great either. To be simple, it isn't catchy, and I love catchy songs, and this isn't.
13th: Diamond and Pearl
Why: Rap/Heavy Music? + Pokemon = Not good... Wouldn't be surprised if this got last/bottom three in everybody elses.


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1. Original
2. orange leauge (i think you all forgot that one)
4th johto journeys + champions
5. advance
6. master quest
7. battle frontier
8. advance challenge
9. DP
10. DP battle diemnsion
11. Sinnoh leauge victors
12. galactyic battles
Now that I've seen and heard the BW theme song, I'll update my list (I think I should youtube the Advanced Challenge theme so I can get a truly complete list):
1. Original: Awesome, classic, and never gets old
2. Johto League Champions: Starts out like original, no less exciting, but a bit less catchy
3. Advanced battle: Exciting to the max, but rhyme scheme is a little repetitive
4. Master Quest: Very exciting, kinda hard to memorize, but still pretty catchy
5. Black and White: Seems shorter than others and I don't like the visual aspect, but it is more catchy than many others
6. Galactic Battle: The beat is a bit too repetitive, but the lyrics are nice and catchy
7. Battle Frontier: Exciting beat, but could do better on the lyrics
8. Johto Journeys: Repetitive, but still catchy
9. DP Battle Dimension: Not very exciting lyrics, too repetitive
10. Advanced: Too specific in its references to the show itself; I like theme songs that could apply to other situations than just the immediate ones
11. DP Sinnoh League Victors: Beat and lyrics are both too repetitive
12. DP: WTF was that? Rap? Hard rock? What were they going for? I'm clueless here...


Glaceon is number 1


Catcher of Ubers
1. Original: Not trying to join the bandwagon but it's most likely the only one that you could start singing in front of a crowd and everybody would join in and know every word.

2. Master Quest: Love the guitar riffs!

3. Tie between Galatic Battles/Battle Dimensions: Both great themes that sound like they are from the same female singer. I also love the movie renditions of both songs (in the Darkrai and Arceus movies.)

4. Johto: Dododo-do-doooo-do! Dododo-do-doooo-do! Yeah, like everyone else is saying, very catchy.

5. Advanced Battle: Same old lyrics about never giving up and having friends with you, but the tune is very nice as well as the vocals.

6. Battle Frontier: Nothing special. Unoriginal lyrics but it's pretty catchy.

7. Advanced: Not bad but pretty forgettable.

8. Johto (Born to be a Winner): Repetitive lyrics and a feeble attempt at recreating the original theme during the first few lines.

9. Orange Islands: We all live in a Pokemon World? Talk about corny lyrics! At least it was a little catchy.

10. Black and White: Meh...

11. Sinnoh League Victors: Again, the lyrics are just the same old uninspired bull about working together, friends, etc. What's most disappointing about this song is hearing the AMAZING, fast paced Japanese song for this series, being excited to hear the English dub song, and being very disappointed at how slow it was.

12. Diamond and Pearl: Ugh! This is hard on the ears. Pokemon and rap DO NOT MIX! In fact, celebitrainer said it best. I don't even know what genre that was supposed to be.


New Member
1. Original- hands down, cannot beat it
2. Johto League Champions- what can i say, it just sounds pretty f'in cool
3. Orange Islands- again cant go against one of the originals. PIIIKACHUUUUU!!
4. Master Quest- master quest had that badass sound to it and it was different
5. Advanced battle- this one was pretty catchy even tho it was past the point of pokemon being a good tv show. still a good theme song

i decided not to mention any others because they simply just arent good theme songs, its like trying to rank which turd smells the worst. it doesnt matter cause they all stink! especially black/white and the diamond and pearl ones HORRENDOUS UGHH!

Darth Sabreus

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I can't remember them all so I'll only do a few...

1. Johto League Champion. Damn, it's good.
2. Original. Hard to beat pure nostalgia.
3. Advanced Battle. Good vocals and catchy too.
11. DP. Can't say much that hasn't already been said. To tell the truth, it sounded better in the credits when the voices were muted.

3. Tie between Galatic Battles/Battle Dimensions: Both great themes that sound like they are from the same female singer. I also love the movie renditions of both songs (in the Darkrai and Arceus movies.)

Totally agree with you ESPNfan. Those movie adaptations were great, but I'd choose the Darkrai rendition over the Arceus one. Only by a smidge though.
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