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Rank the Villain Team Arcs


Jangobadass said:
And in case anyone's wondering, I don't think Team Skull and Aether Foundation count since SM didn't even TRY to adapt their story...
Which I thought was a shame since we only really saw the Lusamine segment of the Aether Foundation subplot without Guzma being involved. If I could've changed things, I would've had Guzma debut earlier in SM and had him be Lusamine's henchman.


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Team Flare than Team Galactic followed by Plasma for being a disappointment and than Aqua/Magma at the bottom for just being awful across the board especially in the second half.

Not really counting Team Rocket since they have a few arcs but I liked the Meloetta one the most.


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I have never done ranking of all evil main arcs or main arcs so I will do it ( I will edit it for SH/SW arc once it finishes).

TG>TF>TP>Lusamine >Meloetta>Malamar>Necrozma>TA/TM>Lugia.
These are main evil arcs or main arcs I can think off.