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Rap & Hip-Hop Music

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Welcome to the hip-hop thread! Hip-hop is a subculture which is defined by breakbeats, Emceeing, rapping, turntabling, sampling, and a bunch of other stuff that isn't relevant to what 99% of us will be talking about here

Let's cut to the good stuff shall we? Kanye West's new album Yeezus and J. Cole's Born Sinner are both due to be released on June 18th (although anybody diligent enough to look will find that both these albums have leaked recently). The internet is about to collapse into pieces with the hype surrounding Yeezus right now, it's insane. Have you listened yet? What do you think?

Here's Ye's big head on a wall in some overpopulated first world city, playing his new track called "New Slaves"

As a more loose subject, what are you looking forward to this year? Which rappers do you like? All will be discussed in the all new Hip-Hop discussion thread
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Sorry but I gave up listening to songs like Kanye West. Is there another thread similar to this before? o.o


I used to be in love with Kanye West

I like the classics: Biggie Smalls,Master P,and 2-pac

I also like Wiz, 2-chainz( i like him cause he makes no since),lil wayne,and Eminem
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