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Raptured Shadows - An Okage Role Play


Hoshi hikari
Two-thousand years ago, a young boy was forced onto an adventure with the Evil King Stan. This young, overshadowed boy was in for a living heck with his newfound annoying evil king of a possessed shadow. Meeting up with lots of quirky friends, he soon found out he was never meant to exist in this world. Slightly discouraged, he was forced to destroy Beiloune, the ruler of the world. Killing him in the Grand World Library, he went on to live a normal life, Stan going back to his original form.

But all is not what it seems. Beiloune was a decoy, placed there by Beiloune himself. The true Beiloune lives far off, in another world, and now, a new hero has to save the world, along with the Evil King possessing her own shadow. Although, her trip will be even more hell than it was for the boy, as new Fake Evil Kings have sapped more energy and power from Stan than before, making him, once again, powerless, and them quite powerful.

Along the way, this girl will face many ghosts, along with the evil kings that lurk the worlds she will visit. Rips in the dimensions will help she and her friends get to the different worlds scattered around the universe, helping them get along their way. Of course, they have no idea which world they will go to, let alone which world Beiloune is on. Meeting plenty of quirky and just plan weird people along the way, she may befriend plenty of people to help her through this adventure.

Somehow, the people she meets up with have the soul of the old heroes that saved the world two-thousand years earlier, and may be able to extract them into a newfound power, being able to turn the soul into an orb, using it to summon the heroes of old. These heroes may be able to help the friends in battle, or just give a bit of advice. Of course, you can't use these orbs very often, for they sap away your life force as you use them.

This girl is soon to set off on her adventure. Will you be joining her?

Romance is encouraged, but keep it PG to PG-13.
No bunnying, godmodding, or flaming.
Please try to be active or semi-active.
Try to be as literate as possible, and make your posts long with correct grammar.
Most importantly.. have fun.


The Hero's World: The World the journey starts in. This world is where the two-thousand year old hero lived, along with the girl. Covered in plains, snowy patches, desert, caves, and other geographic features. The people vary from regular, normal people, to strange furry creatures.

Wiren: A very industrious World, filled with robots and overworked, under payed people. making their livings in factories, even young kids have to work, as no child labor laws have been established.

Gouda: A world obviously made of cheese. The people on this world tend to like cheese, and usually have cheese sprouting from their head.

Pacifico: A world covered in water, the people live on cities balanced on water, along with merpeople that live in the sea. They are very big on fishing, being their main food source.

Rosa: A world covered in plenty of gardens and flower patches, being mainly land. The people here range from normal, quiet people, to grass like people.

Gaia: A wasteland world, mainly having cracked ground, and big, barren plains. Not many people live on this planet.

Heav'n: A world in the sky, high in the clouds. The people here have wings. The bottom of the world is said to be a bottomless abyss.

Earth: A forbidden world, not much is known about it.

The Past Heroes: More info and reference pics can be found Here.
Ari- The overshadowed and quiet boy who found out two-thousand years ago he was never meant to exist. Utilized swords.

Rosalyn- A young hero who carried a pink parasol with her, due to the fact that Stan had turned her Shadow pink three years previous to Ari's adventure. Master of the rapier.

Kisling- A ghost researcher who found joy from clipping his toenails. Used books and pictorals as weapons, and could cast many spells.

Big Bull- A large bull-man. He was very peaceful, despite loving to fight. He used gauntlets for weapons.

Linda- A young, bubbly girl who aspired to become a pop princess, even though her singing wasn't exactly the best. She had horns for some reason. She used a microphone as a weapon.

Epros- A very mysterious ghostly man who talked in riddles. He used cards to fight.

Hero Form:

Name: (Obvious)

Gender: (Male or female please)

Age: (10 - 30)

Personality: (Around a paragraph. Try to be detailed)

Appearance: (Same as personality)

History: (Same as personality)

Soul: (Pick one of the characters above)

Orb Color: (Pick the color of the soul orb)

Emblem: (What does the emblem on the orb look like?)

Weapon: (I would prefer for it to be the same as your souls character's weapon, but otherwise is okay)

Evil King Form:

Name: (Must be something that relates to them, like a Sewer Rat would be "Sewer Evil King" then followed by the words Evil King)

Gender: (Male, Female, or unknown)

Species: (What are they?)

Personality: (Around a paragraph)

Appearance: (Again, a paragraph)

Weapon: (If they don't have one, put none)

Minions: (Do they have anything that fight with them? If so, tell what and how many)

Name: Lenne Toran

Age: 15

Personality: Very quiet and reserved, she tends to be the girl on the sidelines watching everything that goes on. When she speaks, she tends to be overshadowed or cut off, but can say something bold or rude when she wants to. She constantly worries about the smallest things, even when it doesn't require such. A very nice and kind girl to her friends, she hates to see her friends get hurt. Very loyal to her friends, she can stick up for them when she feels like it.

Appearance: A cute young girl, with long, brown hair with a blue headband. She has heterochronia, her left eye being emerald green and the other icy blue. She wears a blue rugby shirt along with a black leather jacket. She has two pink wristbands that she wears around her hands. She has slightly tan skin. She normally wears long grey pants that reach her feet. Her shoes are plain and brown.

History: Raised in a normal family and lead a normal life, at least until she found out she had an overshadowed destiny, having to save the world from a tyrannical man. Living with her mother, father, and younger sister in a large and old house, she was often bugged by her neighbor, Stan. Until one day, Stan possessed her, making her shadow a vassal for his soul. Now she has to go on an adventure, much to her dismay.

Soul: Ari

Orb Color: Dark Blue

Emblem: A blue flame

Weapon: Sword

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Universe Chaser

Trust me, I'm a cop.
May I please reserve the soul of Epros? The sing up might take a while.


Hoshi hikari
No problem, I'll eagerly await you SU. ~Reserved~


Hoshi hikari
Okay buster. (BTW call me Birds or Boats on here) you have to make a really good form though.


a Flower in the Wind
Hey Birdy!

Name: Miyuki Takeko

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Miyuki is a bit short for her age, she's bubbly, and most of the time you can see her with a smile on her face, though she is quite stubborn, she likes things to go her way even though she does know the other way would be better. she is quite social and gets along well, though she is fierce when bullies or such pick on her or her friends.

Appearance: Miyuki has long light brown hair, that goes down to her waste, she often wears it in a high ponytail, but does wear it down quite a few times. She wears a Ice blue long sleeve shirt, and a white T-shirt to go over it. she Usually wears dark plain Capri's. Her shoes are just plain gray sneakers.

History: Miyuki Lived a crazy life, with a crazy family, she was always busy, and never had much time to spend with people, she even had a job when she was quite young about the age of eight, but it wasn't too hard all she did was use a copier and copy things. she began to like business more, and wanted to become a Business woman, though she was so busy most of the time she had no time to work on business stuff.

Soul: Rosalyn

Orb Color: Turquoise

Emblem: a Angel wing

Weapon: Rapier
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Sprite, Train, Write
I will be joining BB, save me a spot I will be making my application in a few.


Hoshi hikari
Hey mich.. sorry to break it to you, but I'm the one who's been possessed. Change that up a bit so that maybe you knew me, the person who got possessed, or something of the sort. For now, denied. Okay Zatch, I'll save a spot.


Sprite, Train, Write
Name: Zatch Haruna

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Zatch has always been very stubborn and proud. Never truly tried to make friends because of his attitude but has a large number of enemies and enjoys fighting. He is a master of hand to hand combat that he learned from living alone most of his life and believes that he doesn't need anyone in his life.

Appearance: Zatch is about normal height and has black hair that sticks out randomly as if he has just woken up. He is normally seen wearing a black t-shirt and jeans along with black sneakers. He has a simple gold chain around his neck that he has never taken off since it was a present from a childhood friend. Although he doesn't seem to be amazingly buff, he hits pretty strong.

History: Zatch had run away from home at a young age and lived on the streets. He lived with a friend and her family for some time until she passed away and her parents kicked him out. The chain he wears was a present from her and he has worn it since. After that he lived on the streets either stealing or fighting for survival and has become stronger.

Soul: Big Bull

Orb Color: Red

Emblem: A fist

Weapon: Gauntlets


This is bull crap!!!
Name: Piper

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearence: Piper is about 5 feet 6 inches, with natural pure white hair that goes down to her lower back. She has a nice face, and long eyelashes, and full lips. She has both of her ears pierced, and her earrings are little earth globes. She loves the color orange, so she has on a bright orange jacket over a white longsleeve shirt, and short black shorts over a pair of dark blood red fish net stockings. Her shoes are orange with green shoestrings, and purple and white socks. She always has her hair down, but sometimes, when its hot, she'll put it up in a bun or a ponytail. Her eyes are a very bright amber color that makes them look like they are on fire.

Personality: Piper is extremely shy when it comes to meeting brand new people, but once she gets to know them, her true personalty comes out. Her true personality is very happy go lucky, and she loves to talk. She is very smart, and knows how to take advantage of people, so she can be very tricky sometimes. She will always take care of her friends, and anyone she cares for will have a great friend also. She is a very vig leader, but never shows it, always sizing up the competition and other people around her.

History: Piper grew up on a ranch with her parents. She had one younger sister, and they didnt get along very well because once her sister was born, Piper didnt get much attention from her parents, so she would lock herself in her room for hours until one of her parents would come up and get her. Then one day, her parents went for a vacation for their 15th anniversary, and died in a horrible skking accident, that killed three other people as well. Piper then moved in with her grandmother, and her sister moved in with her aunt. They havent seen each other since, because her aunt always hated Piper, and never let her visit.

Soul: Linda

Orb Color: Neon orange

Emblem: musical note

Weapon: Piper's weapon is an orange Microphone with diamonds all around the base. (Im still confused about how she uses this as a weapon, can I just use it where piper sings certain words and different things happen, like for example, she sings "Force field protect me!" and a force field appears around Piper, and if she sings "Sleep!" and bad guys fall asleep around her, and when she screams into the microphone, she blasts people with sonic blasts.)
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Hoshi hikari
Okay, both are good, so Accepted. You can hit people with it :p and you can sing too.
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Universe Chaser

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Here it is:

Name: Dedras Shinotos

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Always enveloped in his work, Dedras is never completely in the real world. In fact, when talking to him, he'll probably not be listening. He rarely speaks, and when he does, no one understands what he says because he talks in riddles. He has no friends, and is often seen staring up at the sky. He seems cheerful all the time, but it seems that he's using a facade...

Dedras stands tall, at six feet and one inch. His long and nimble fingernails dance across his writings like spiders. In fact, he look s a bit like a spider himself, with his long arms and lean build. He wears a suit all the time, and has a collection of masks that he keeps in his book bag.

Raised to be a writer, Dedras was born into a boring family of business people and politicians. His family had a strategy of having one creative person in the family for each generation, to keep their right brains healthy. Dedras's uncle was an actor, and the only one he could relate to as a child. But his uncle died eventually, and Dedras wasn't happy until he went away to college. Graduating one year after, he met a girl named Lenne who had something wrong with her shadow. Dedras offered to try and help her, and regreted the moment he was pulled into this adventure...

Soul: Epros

Orb Color: Grey and Purple

Emblem: The Ace of Spades

Weapon: Metal throwing disks shaped like cards.


Hoshi hikari
Okay, accepted.. something tells me you've played before. Anyways, one more person until we're full of heroes.. it might be a little more exciting to have some evil kings that come in later instead of Evil King NPC's, though.

Universe Chaser

Trust me, I'm a cop.
Thanks! oh, and what do you mean by that?


Hoshi hikari
? Oh, I meant I thought you might have played Okage.. or it might be fun to let evil kings sign up.

Universe Chaser

Trust me, I'm a cop.
No, I've never even heard of it before this. And may I make an NPC of an Evil King? JUst need the form, then it should come soon.


Hoshi hikari
Okay, the Evil King form is up. If you want to, you can be one, Legend Hunter.