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Rarest Animal seen


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Ant and Fly

I've met Scoripion twice, and it was on my bathroom, dammit.


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^I've also seen a couple scorpions, but they were outside.

I don't really see why they have to be rare. I'll treat this like a "most interesting animal encounters". I think that'd make a much better topic, as rare ones will also be included, and many of us haven't seen too many rare animals because they're, well, rare.

Although, nothing ever comes near town here, the only things you'll probably find are roaches, ants, bees, flys, and domesticated ones. I've almost stepped on a snake in the middle of my neighborhood before, though that's the only wild creature that'll ever come to town(they almost never do though). I also saw a squirrel right outside the public library here. I know, they aren't rare in most places, but I didn't even know they lived here. My little sister didn't believe me. :D

I've gone to Out of Africa before. Giraffes aren't rare, but I did get to feed one a carrot. While there, I also got an up close look at a living cobra, and got to pet a few large constrictors. Along with that, I saw Siberian tigers playing with some balls, and I got to see a white tiger from a distance.

A went to a predator-based aquarium in Las Vegas(can't remember what it was called). It did have a few land animals though. I saw a Komodo Dragon there, piranha, and multiple species of shark.

Oh, and I saw a Pikachu once.
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I'll see your owls and scorpions and raise you one black squirrel. There's one near my school and it's the kewtest thing eva! :D


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I was at the local aquarium and saw some massive stingrays. Almost as tall as me and just as wide (and I'm 6'4" for scale). If you include the tails, they were probably twice as long as me. Those things were pretty freaky. I'm used to seeing the little stingrays in the shallow tank in Seaworld (the ones with their barbs removed so you can pet them) but these things were at least ten times bigger.


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Iv'e seen like an Albatross flying over my school I wasn't sure it was one at first but my science teacher shouted 'Look an Albatross'


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Going to Colorado for the first time, I saw a marmot (big ground squirrel) while driving up Pike's peak.


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An American Burying Beetle. They're not the most glamorous of endangered species, but they're pretty freaking rare.


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Not sure... i saw an Owl once, and there not THAT common in Sweden.

I've also found some Black Salamanders who, apparantly are Very rare. Still quite common near our house~ ^^


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I've seen all types of sea turtles. It was at a wildlife rescue center and they were all sick or injured. :( But I did get to go to all of the releases for the ones that made it, and a lot of them went back to the ocean. :)
No just rarest in general my rarest which is the Panamanian Golden frog can't be found in the wild.

uh...so where did you saw the "golden frog"?
I can't remember what the frog's name was...
An eagle?
I saw one around where I live,that was pretty rare...


Looking at Dartfrogs
uh...so where did you saw the "golden frog"?
I can't remember what the frog's name was...

At the Jacksonville Zoo. They are in the same enclosure as a Bushmaster and several dart frogs.


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Saw a wild Florida Panther. At night. While camping. In a flimsy tent. Yeah usually you should be happy to see those but now in those circumstances.