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Rate and Review My Ghost Team, Please.


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This is my deaft for a party based on Ghosts, with a few other Pokemon mixed in to throw the opponent off guard. Please R&R. I need a lot of help with items, too, because they're the only thing that I just cannot understand. Thanks in advance to all those who would help. All help is sincerely appreciated. =).

Froslass @Lum Berry
Modest Nature
Ability: Snow Cloak
Ice Beam
Ominous Wind / Shadow Ball

Froslass is my Boltbeamer that I use to take out Salamences and Garchomps and other OU dragons with her abnormally high speed. Froslass the Dragon Slayer. XD. Kinda like a Gardevoir replacement that can take on Dragons with ease, with Crunch and Ominous Wind in place of Psychic. I would really want to replace Ominous Wind with Shadow Ball but I don't have any more TMs. 0_0.

Dusknoir @Spell Tag
Lax Nature
Ability: Pressure
Ice Beam / Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Shadow Punch

Dusknoir is a physical tank cum sweeper. I intend to replace Ice Beam with Ice Punch once I find a Heart Scale. If used with Mr Mime's Trick Room, it can kill off Weaviles.

Lucario @n/a
Docile Nature
Ability: Inner Focus
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Water Pulse
Flash Cannon

Lucario is my other special sweeper that covers up the types that my team can't cover. Useful for killing off Weaviles and Tyranitars with Aura Sphere.

Spiritomb @n/a
Modest Nature
Ability: Pressure
Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball
Shock Wave / Nasty Plot / Calm Mind

Spiritomb, my substitute for the over-used Gardevoir. It pretty much has the standard Gardevoir moveset, but can pull it off better with STAB on Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball.

Roserade @Big Root
Sassy Nature
Ability: Poison Point
Giga Drain
Grasswhistle / Double Team
Toxic Spikes
Sludge Bomb

Status afflicter, and irritator with Big Root and Giga Drain. This Pokemon always goes first to set the Spikes, then annoys till it gives out.

For my last 'mon, I'm stuck with two choices.

Aerodactyl @n/a
Adamant Nature
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide
Iron Head
Crunch / Ice Fang

Physical sweeper, 'nuff said. Can use its speed to kill OU Dragons if Froslass gets KOed first.


Mr Mime @ Focus Band
Naive Nature
Ability: Soundproof
Baton Pass
Trick Room
Calm Mind
Light Screen

Baton Passer to Spiritomb or Dusknoir. Trick Room first, then Calm Mind if passing to Spiritomb, Light Screen if passing to Dusknoir, then pass out to Spiritomb or Dusknoir. Focus Band to protect it from being OHKOed, so that it can survive to pull off Trick Room on turn one, then exploit it's effect to go first ahead Weavile and use Baton Pass.


I would really appreciate move suggestions and item suggestions, too. Thanks!!


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hmm good team i would reccomend mr mime for defense against psychich with light screen and such.

Sceptile Owns All

Team Explorer in MD2
Froslass @Life Orb
Timid Nature
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Spikes/Thunder Wave

You should use a Timid Nature rather than a Modest Nature because if you use Modest, Jolly Garchomp can still outrun you.

Dusknoir @Leftovers
Impish/Careful Nature
-Sleep Talk
-Ice Punch


Dusknoir @Leftovers
Careful Nature
-Pain Split
-Seismic Toss
-Shadow Punch

I think the RestTalking set is the better of these two, but since you already have a BoltBeamer, you could replace one of the Punches with Fire or Shadow Punch.

Lucario @Leftovers/Life Orb
Modest/Timid Nature
-Calm Mind
-Aura Sphere
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball

Spiritomb @Leftovers
Bold Nature
-Sleep Talk
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball


Spiritomb @Leftovers
Calm Nature
-Pain Split
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball

Pretty much the same as Dusknoir's sets. You shouldn't use RestTalk on both or WoW on both.

Roserade @Choice Specs
Modest/Timid Nature
-Energy Ball
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball
-Leaf Storm


Roserade @Damp Rock
Modest/Timid Nature
-Rain Dance
-Weather Ball
-Energy Ball
-Sludge Bomb/Shadow Ball


Roserade @Heat Rock
Modest/Timid Nature
-Sunny Day
-Weather Ball
-Sludge Bomb/Shadow Ball/Synthesis

Aerodactyl @Choice Band
Adamant/Jolly Nature
-Stone Edge
-Ice Fang/Fire Fang/Aerial Ace

I'd go with Aerodactyl because most of the Pokemon on your team are Special Attackers. Replacing Choice Band with Life Orb is an option if you don't want to get locked into a single move. Also, if you aren't playing Wi-Fi with Aerodactyl or aren't good at predicting, you should replace Pursuit with Crunch, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, or Aerial Ace.
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