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Rate Experienced Emerald Team?

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I've been playing pokemon for a while, especially Emerald. I just wanted to get some opinions for my team this play through. Keep in mind I have more than one copy of each TM. I'm not an EV/IV person, i just play for fun.

Swampert: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Toxic
Gardevior: Pyschic, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Hypnosis
Aggron: Iron Tail, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Thunderbolt
Flygon: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Rock Slide
Heracross: Mega Horn, Earthquake, Brick Break, Facade/Focus Punch
Skarmory: Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Spikes, Roar

I'm also going to be using a Raichu for fun, any ideas on a moveset?

Sceptile Leaf Blade

Nighttime Guardian
Looks good, but ditch the special attacks on Aggron. Aggron simply doesn't have the Sp.Atk stat to use special attacks like Dragon Claw and Thunderbolt. Go with Rock Slide and Double Edge (with Rock Head) instead. Thunderbolt may seem appealing to attack water types but Aggron should just switch from them, Thunderbolt won't KO them unless they're much lower level while they will cause major damage with Hydro Pump or Surf.

I don't have much experience with Skarmory, but Spikes + Roar seems like a slow way of dealing damage, only 25% damage every turn, with negative priority, and requiring 3 turns of set up. Add to that the lack of switching of the AI and it isn't that good. I would swap Spikes and Roar for something like Toxic and Rest. The rest looks fine to me.
Thank you and I do agree with all of that, The only reason I have Skarmory that way is because I will be battling with a friend via Link Cable, but I should have said that in the discription. My bad. I will definitely change up on the Aggron, seeing how I just started a new save file. I just decided on wanting to use a Breloom instead of the Gardevior for better team synergy, any ideas on a moveset? I feel like Leech Seed and Spore are ways to go as far as in game and link battles.


Shiny Feebas
I think you should add a tank to the team, Cradily or Milotic. Aggron has high Defenses, but ground and fighting attacks deal 4x damage, not to mention its low Special Defense. Cradily is probably the easier choice to get :p With Toxic, Recover and Giga Drain, it provides a ton of healing for Cradily, and easily wipes Walls like Blissey and Slaking.


Toon Leader
If you don't mind training after the 8th gym, replace flygon with Salamence. Salamence is basically a flygon except its flying type and has MUCH better stats. But if you don't like late game pokemon, stick with Flygon. Also, Castform is a great pokemon to be put on any team! Just kidding. I would trade Hypnosis on Gardevoir for Shadow Ball, because hypnosis has low accuracy, and if it missed your opponent will land a hit on you, and Gardevoir isn't bulky. Get rid of Focus Punch on Heracross and put Brick Break on it. Heracross can already learn Brick Break, so you can save the TM. Aggron is a monster if used correctly. Don't waste special moves on him, replace Thunderbolt with Rock Slide. Replace Skarmory's Aerial Ace with Fly, because fly has more attack power, is a useful
HM, and don't worry about how Fly takes two turns to hit, as long as your opponent doesn't have Thunder you will be fine. Another thing, 4 of your pokemon are immune to Sandstorm, which will also boost Aggron's low special defense, so keep that in mind when fighting in a Sandstorm.


For raichu
rain dance (thunder will never miss)
thunder wave
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