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Rate/Help my Team


Skarmory@Leftovers W/Sturdy
impish Nature (252 Hp,64 Atk,192 Def)
Aerial Ace

Blissey@leftovers W/Natural Cure
Bold Nature (252 Hp,252 Def,4 Sdef)
Seismic Toss
Ice beam

Ludicolo@Leftovers W/Rain Dish
Bold Nature (252 Hp,128 Def,128 Sdef)
Rain dance
Leech seed

Metagross@Life Orb W/Clear Body
Adamant Nature (152 Hp,252 Atk,104 Spd)
Meteor Mash

Infernape@Life Orb W/Blaze
Jolly Nature (4 Hp,252 Atk,252 Spd)
Flare Blitz
Close Combat
Swords Dance
Stone Edge

I need a sixth poke in my team and I'm not sure which. my team is setup to around Metagross and Infernape but most likely Infernape. Skarmory and Blissey Wall most attacks + do some damage and then ludicolo poisons and weakens setting up for Infernape or Metagross depending on who's in a better position to switch in,in a specific battle. let me know what I can do to fix my team or let me know if it's good for competitive play
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