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rate my 5 and recommend 6th!


New Member
max EVs in hp, the rest evenly split in def and Sdef
mean look
baton pass

umbreon starts so that i can trap my opponents pkmn, toxic, and switch to a pokemon that has the advantage (or, if the situation calls for it, i stay with umbreon and keep healing as the toxic takes its toll). baton passing wish is my only source of healing.

max EVs in def and Sdef

mean look
wil o wisp
pain split

like umbreon, dusknoir traps pkmn and applies wisp and curse to sap away their HP. pain split is for recovery.

note: both umbreon and dusknoir serve dual functions as wall/annoyer. dusknoir especially could serve as a blissey killer (mean look and curse, painsplit to stay alive)

max ev in atk and spd

rock slide
swords dance
close combat

lucario is my fastest sweeper. close combat for STAB, rock slide to cover the flying weakness, and extremespeed for the times where getting in the first hit is crucial

max EV in HP and attack

focus punch
crunch/dragon dance
stone edge/rock slide

tyranitar serves as a good attacker and brings in a sandstorm, which will help its defense as well as the defense of:

max ev in HP and attack

stone edge
swords dance

ideally, i would want to use tyranitar as my 5th pokemon and rhyperior as my 6th. both have alot of hp and defense, as well as alot of attack power. together, they constitute a seperate phase of the battle, namely the sandstorm phase. ideally, my opponenet will be weakened and the sandstorm and Tyranitar/rhyperior combo will be able to clean up.

as far as items go, they will all be holding lum berries because i have no status support and i also dont have any good battle items

my 6th pokemon would ideally be status support/special sweeper. a pkmn that could take advantage of sandstorm would be excellent. i am not too afraid of physical walls because dusknoir can handle them by trapping and laying on the wisp/curse. however, i admit that i am not very experienced.

any comments will be greatly appreciated.