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Rate My Battle Subway Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by guyy94, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    Lead: Ambipom

    Ability: Technician
    Nature: Adamant
    EV: 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
    Item: Life Orb
    Move 1: U-Turn
    Move 2: Seed Bomb
    Move 3: Façade
    Move 4: Brick Break

    I'm using Ambipom as a coverage for chandelure and banette. U-turn is able to get Ambipom out of fighting pokemons. Seed bomb covers for ground, rock and water which is supereffective against chandelier. Facade is a good normal stab move that allows to get double dmg when it has status problems and lastly brick break lets me break reflects and light screens eliminating opponent's def.

    Member 2: Chandelure

    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Modest
    EV: 4HP/252SpA/252Spe
    Item: Chesto Berry
    Move 1: Shadow Ball
    Move 2: Flamethrower
    Move 3: Psychic
    Move 4: Rest

    With 145 SpA base and fully EV trained in SpA it can hit hard with a 80 base damage shadow ball as well as flamethrower with a 95 base damage. Rest allows me to regain HP and wake itself up with the help of Chesto Berry. A 90 damage base psychic allows me to cover ambipom against fighting type pokemons.

    Member 3: Banette

    Ability: Cursed Body
    Nature: Adamant
    EV: 4HP/252Atk/252SpD
    Item: Choice Scarf
    Move 1: Faint Attack
    Move 2: Shadow Claw
    Move 3: Shadow Ball
    Move 4: Thunderbolt

    I had trouble with making a move set for banette, but I came up with a choice scarf banette to make up for its low speed. Shadow claw is a good physical STAB move for banette, and faint attack is also a good physical atk that might be able to take out psychic type pokemon. Even though shadow ball is a special attack move, but it's still a good STAB ghost type move so i felt like adding it. Thunderbolt is just there for filler.
    Open to any suggestions, thank you!
  2. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    For Ambipom you don't have any moves that get the technician boost because they are all 10 and 15 above the boost limit of -60 power, I'd recommend breeding again and get Fake Out give it Acrobatics and a Focus Sash so it gets the boost and doesn't get 1 hit KO from Terrakion or mienshao, also keep Seed Bomb, you could get rid of Brick Break for Low Sweep or Low Kick as they get the Technician boost unless you want to keep it for breaking down the occasional walls even though I don't see them often and U-Turn is pretty good for scouting except against Rocky Helmets and Iron Barbs and the mire rarely seen Rough Skin

    Onto Chandelure
    Good with Shadow Ball for stab, and Psychic for coverage, Flamethrower is pretty good in singles, I say unless your meant to be a bulky Chandelure skip rest and teach it Heat Wave from BW2 or give it energy ball and get rid of the chesto berry for a Choice Scarf, or even give it choose specs for a more destructive force and use flamethrower since its stabbed boosted by nature and will be overpowering with specs. also its only resisted by water and rock and immune only with Flash Fire so only those 3 factors should be considered in using energy ball or flamethrower

    I don't recommend having 2 ghosts on your team because you will have have 2 X2 for ghost and dark maybe switch it with scizor if you do and go banded
    Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Super Power, U-Turn or adamant technician Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Bug Bite, SuperPower and life orb only if switching Pokémon though, otherwise your set is okay except adamant subtracts Sp.atk so your shadow ball and thunderbolt are weakened, maybe naughty nature, if you swictb shadow ball switch it with Shadow Sneak or Sucker Punch bannette is kinda tough since it gets such a miniscule movepool for offenses unless you want to run curse and or Destiny Bond and Shadow Tag (can't remember if it gets this)
  3. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    Thanks!!! This is my first time making a team. I'll consider changing banette for a scizor once Im able to get it. However, I'll have to stick with banette for now. I did consider using destiny bond and shadow sneak, but shadow sneak is only 50 base atk so I thought it'd be alright if I use shadow ball special atk with 80 base attack instead, but I'll give it a try with both moves and see which one works out better. Banette has curse body, and chandeluer has shadow tag.
  4. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    Ok, first of all I'll be blunt.
    It's NU for a reasn: It sucks, It's movepool is shallower than anything, and your set is pretty bad, I mean, a mixed attacker with an ADAMANT nature? plus it moves get the stupidest coverage
    It's also redundant and severely outclassed by chandelure, you can only use 3 pokemon so you should get all the variety you can.
    You should kick him out of your team, and put in either:
    A bulky fighting type, or a steel type, or a water type to sponge attacks that would kill chandie

    I like the chandie set.

    first: GIVE IT FAKE OUT, it's probably it's best move since it gets stab and technician and it flinches the opponent, it's awesone
    switch out brick break for low sweep, it checks faster opponents and it does more damage because of technician.
    You could try pursuit since it gives you perfect coverage and it gets the technician boost.
  5. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    Actually your suggestion is perfect, now the only steel type Pokemon I have are mawile and skarmory. Would Mawile be a good candidate for this set? Bulky fighting should I go for Hariyama, or conkuldurr?
  6. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    When I said bulky fighter, the exact pokemon I had in mind was conkeldurr xD
    As for the steel type, skarmory is clearly the better choice between those two, and you can use him to lure fir attacks to switch into with chandie to get the flash fire boost.

    Also, theres always cobalion, which is a bulky steel/ fighting type, and he can switch into dark type attacks directed at chandie like they're nothing
  7. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    I'm actually gonna go with cobalion, would a relaxed nature be useful for cobalion?
  8. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    Never mind, I should go with skarmory, I don't think i can breed cobalion to get the nature and IVs I want so I'll put skarmory into the set.
  9. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    I don't know about the natures
    cobalion's unbreedable though lol
    but hes your best choice since he has justified
    skarmory comes after that though
  10. guyy94

    guyy94 Member

    Alright, I'll work with them. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!!!

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