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Rate my Battle Tower team

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Philare, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Philare

    Philare New Member

    ;480; Uxie@Choice Scarf
    Nature: Bold
    -Thunder Wave

    Basic TrickScarfer, Trick then T. Wave, if they are attacking Flash, then Memento.

    ;452; Drapion@Black Sludge
    Nature: Careful
    ~Battle Armor~
    - Crunch
    - Acupressure
    - Substitute
    - Rest

    After a wonderful set up from Uxie spam Acupressure until it has +6 in everything throw up a sub and crunch away

    ;212; Scizor@Muscle Band
    EVs: 176 HP / 252 Atk / 80 Sp Def
    Nature: Adamant
    -Bullet Punch
    -Swords Dance

    Go to for pokemon locked in a status move (as Drapion cannot use Acupressure when sub'ed) or 5PP move. Sub, 3 SD, BP. Superpower is there for coverage against steel resistant moves.

    Longest streak so far: 48
  2. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Not bad, pretty standard, but hey, whatever works.

    I run a moveset similar to Drapion on my Shuckle, and
    I'll advise using another attack over Sub. Yes, I know
    Drapion isn't immune to OHKO hax like Shuckle, but at
    +6 Evasion, it's not too much of a problem, and any
    status he gets can just be rested off.

    Superpower is a no-no on boosting Scizor, as it lowers
    his Atk and Def, which can cause big problems. Brick
    Break is far superior here, or even Roost. If you decide
    to use Roost, Metal Coat is another option for the item.
  3. Philare

    Philare New Member

    I originally ran Roost on Scizor but ran into too many problems with water pokemon, I had easy access to Superpower which is why I went with it despite its downside. I dont have to use it too much so I havent had too much problem with it.

    Any good suggestions for another move? Im thinking Fire Fang to deal with the Steel types... I recently got murdered by a Magnazone with Psych up 0_0

    Thanks for the help!
  4. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Fire Fang would leave you wide open to Heatran, who
    will destroy Scizor, so EQ is probably a better option.
    You don't hit Skarm, but he can be dealt with by Crunch.
  5. Blue Raja

    Blue Raja 1000+ Triples wins!

    Team rate.

    I had little luck with the acupressure team. Locking your opponent in on powerful moves makes set up very hard. Because you can not boost with the sub up I would usually run into problems after battle 50. You can also be confused or statused without the sub up. The boosts for defense also have a habit of coming late when you are getting chunks of HP torn from your Drapion.

    I replaced drapion with Latios and have had several streaks over 100. you can play Lati when you have status locked. throw up a Sub and rest off the status. Pump then sweep. I guess that you could do this with any pokemon but Lati has great synergy with scizor. This is all pretty standard stuff on smogon.

    the Good News is-
    Apparently acupressure works with sub up on black and white.

    BTW I don't think that 1HKO moves are effected by increased evasion. They ignore the evasion mechanic altogether. Another negative for drapions set up.

    I ran superpower on my scizor. When you need a kill vs bulky water you can take the drop in power. But have you considered Xscissors in stead of superpower? I am experimenting with it now. A +5 or even +3 bullet punch KO everything that isn't NVE anyway. But STAB xscissors has the same power as superpower, without the drop in attack and def.
  6. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    ^ Bug Bite is actually more powerful after STAB and the
    Technician boost, so that should be used over X-Scissor.
  7. Blue Raja

    Blue Raja 1000+ Triples wins!


    thanks Grumpy!
    cool-didn't think of that---and you snatch a berry maybe.
    have you tested it out?
    What do you think, superpower, or bug bite?
    I hate to think I pissed away so many BP for superpower when bugbite may have been superior.
  8. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Well, neither, to be blunt.

    Brick Break is far better, as it adds better coverage than
    Bug Bite, has more PP than Superpower and doesn't drop
    your Atk/Def.

    tl;dr: Brick Break>Bug Bite/Superpower
  9. ultimaterez

    ultimaterez New Member

    I actually run Bug Bite with Technician on my Scizor and I can totally vouch for how amazing it is - particularly since the computer really likes to use a variety of berries in the tower. More than once I've nabbed a Leichi berry which only made Scizor an even more terrifying force. Granted that's a total chance thing, but it's great when it works.

    Granted, I'm still working on my battle strategy for the tower so my 2 cents might not be worth all that much.
  10. Blue Raja

    Blue Raja 1000+ Triples wins!

    i am going to test bug bite next

    well i am running x-scissors now-i am going to test bug bite next.
    tip of the cap to ultimaterez.

    getting back to Philare's team.
    be sure to keep your sub up.
    when you are pumping up drapion the AI has a knack for struggling away your sub on the same turn that it's pokemon faints.

    Beware of taunt aerodactyl-he will appear after 5 rounds or so. He can really mess this team up.

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