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Rate my Black 2 Badge Team!

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Hey guys can you please rate my black 2 Badge team?
Im keeping all of these little fellas for the pokemon league unless something weird happens and all of them are underleveled I might get my old Black 2 team with my meloetta from last time.
Heres my Gym badge team: (The only 1 I might change is Axew, and Im getting ice punch on Ampharous, good idea or bad?)
I currently just got my 5th Gym badge today.
Samurott: Level 39
Lucario: level 32
Zoroark: Level 33
Axew(currently being trained to evolve hopefully: Level 30 (newly caught)
Ampharos!: Level 33
Arcanine: Level 33
I used Zoroark last time on Black 2 and a Samurott though.
I used Lucario after finishing the game so I used him again now.
Axew, needed something new and I like axew. Either him or Aron.
Ampharos, either him or Magnazone.
Arcanine: I dont like Magby....
Do you like the Gym badge team?
Should I use legendaries after the elite four,before it or not at all?
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