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Rate my Bravo team!!

Discussion in '1st & 2nd Gen RMT' started by Jordan Cleary, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Jordan Cleary

    Jordan Cleary Rising From The Ash

    Ok, Bravo team ( In other words, 2nd evo team)


    Game: Silver
    how far ahead I am: Just got into Ecruteak City
    No.of pokemon: 6


    1) Bayleef: Lv. 25. Moves:Tackle, Synthesis, Razor leaf, Flash. Stats: Hp:76, Attack:48, Defence:50, Spec.Atk:40, Spec.Def:49, Speed:42. Male.

    2) Croconaw: Lv. 23. Moves:Scratch, Bite, Surf, Water gun. Stats: Hp:72, Attack:51, Defence:50, Spec.Atk:35, Spec.Def:37, Speed:38. Male.

    3) Furret: Lv. 21. Moves: Surf, Fury Swipes, Quick Attack, Cut. Stats: Hp: 74, Attack:43, Defence:36, Spec.Atk:28, Spec.Def:32, Speed:48. Female.

    4) Pidgeotto: Lv. 21. Moves:Tackle, Sand-attack, Gust, Quick attack. Stats: Hp:63, Attack:34, Defence:35, Spec.Atk:28, Spec.Def:28, Speed:39. Female.

    5) Quilava: Lv. 21. Moves:Tackle, Leer, Quick attack, Ember. Stats: Hp:60, Attack:35, Defence:38, Spec.Atk:45, Spec.Def:39, Speed:46. Female.

    6) Raticate: Lv. 21. Moves:Scary Face, Quick attack, Swift, Hyper fang. Stats: Hp:61, Attack:45, Defence:38, Spec.Atk:30, Spec.Def:38, Speed:53. Female.

    It took me AGES to do this so Please Tell me!

    1) Rate it from 1/10
    2) No negative comments, give advice!


    Gamma team( 1st evo team) will be done today soon. :club:
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  2. Dragon_Reborn

    Dragon_Reborn Well-Known Member

    Don't double post Jordan_Cleary.It is a serebiiforums rule after all.

    Please use the correct form of posting a team like this:


    Personally,I think your team needs leveled up some more before I can rate this.Also I need to know the final pokemon that you are going to use in your team.Is this a ingame team or a competitive link up team?This way I know how I should rate it.

    Ok,the advice I can give you at the moment is that your team is looking pretty good.You want to make sure you have the basics for a good team like physical sweeper,special sweeper,physical wall,special wall,mixed sweeper,defensive tank,etc.From what I see there your physical sweeper(Croconaw),mixed sweeper(Quilava) and defensive tank(Bayleef).You dont really need 2 normal types in there and you lack a good special sweeper.I would recommend a Alakazam or Starmie for a good special sweeper.I would recommend a good special and physical wall too.For a special wall,I would recommend a Blissey.For a physical wall,I would recommend something good like a Steelix,Skarmory, or Donphan.Those are some good pokemon that you might want to keep in mind about using,It's your choice though.
  3. Jordan Cleary

    Jordan Cleary Rising From The Ash

    IN-GAME team

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