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Rate my Confusion Deck! - Pros and Cons


New Member
Xurkitree 2x - Forbidden Light
Paras 4x - XY Breakthrough
Parasect 4x Team Up
Zeraora GX 2x Lost Thunder
Stantler 1x Lost Thunder
Klefki 1x Forbidden Light
Jynx 1x Team Up
Spinda 4x Sun and Moon
Gothita 2x XY Fates Collide

Timer Ball 2x
Professor's Letter 2x
Enhanced Hammer 2x
Crushing Hammer 3x
Lavender Town 1x
Team Skull Grunt 1x
Cynthia 2x
Teammates 1x
Pokemon Fan Club 2x
Hau 2x
Steven's Resolve 2x

Double Colorless 4x
Electric Energies 15x