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Rate my dark forest deck


New Member
I just started to play again since the mid 90s just with the kids really but now they want to go play in tournaments
I'm trying to build some decks for the kids that aren't just going to get slaughtered against other ppl lol
The one I like so far is the one we are calling the dark forest we have a 22w out of 38 matches online lol
I'm running
10x dark energy 7x grass energy
3x double colourless energy
3x rowlet 3x dartrix 2x dicidueye GX
2x fomantis 2x lurantis
3x sandile 2x krokorok 2x krookodile
3x eevee 3x umbreon GX
1x oranguru
Professor sycamore, Lillie, professor kukui, misty's determination, Brock's grit,
2x hau
Big malasada, potion, ultra ball, nest ball, energy retrieval, revive, rare candy

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