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Rate My Deck Charizard/Yveltal


New Member
Dark Types:
2 Yveltal Ex
1 Malamar Ex
2 Yveltal(Oblivion Wing)

Physic Type:
1 Mewtwo Ex(for x ball)

Fire Types:
2 Charizard Ex
1 Mega-Charizard Ex(X-form)
1 Camerupt Ex
1 Victini Ex
1 Tepig
1 Pignite
1 Emboar (Inferno Fandango)

1 Victory Piece
1 Trick Coin(for Malamar ex)
2 Poke Balls
2 Ultra Balls
2 Switch
2 Professor's Letter
2 Muscle Band
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Fiery Torch
1 Roller Skates

3 Lysandre's Trump Card
2 Blacksmith
2 Professor Sycamore
1 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Lysandre
1 Shauna
1 Pokemon Center Lady
1 Trevor
1 Professor Birch's Observations

9 Fire Energy
9 Dark Energy

If you have any suggestions for changes feel free to leave a comment.


Kanto Region Champ
Everything in this list seems really touch and go, nothing seems consistent it seems like a lot of solid strategies but ones that offset the others own ability to succeed, below is a mock skeleton based off what you gave.

Based on your original idea
2 yveltal EX
2 camerupt EX
1-1 mega charizard (almost not worth the slot in the deck, camerupt deals more dmg w/o the loss of a turn then charizard does, since faries is a thing, this card then becomes less playable)
3-1-3 emboar
1 jirachi EX
Note: I eliminated turn 1 energy setup cards due to 1 thing, you would rather setup major attackers for effective attackers relying on your engine to deal the most amount of prominent dmg asap, multipul techs offsets the decks startgey and makes it harder for cards like emboar to consistently game after game to hit the bench and work for you more effectively, if you would rather play victini/yveltal keep the 2 prof letter/4 ultra ball so it works out for your consistency to get the energy on the board faster.

4 N/shauna/profs birch (imo doesn't matter right now, were losing N and shauna/birch ratios to N is a 2/2 to 3/1 either way you'll more then likely play 14 in total so doesn't matter)
4 sycamore
4 skyla
4 ultra ball
4 Vs seeker (these 16 above cards run your deck
2 profs letter (you don't need to run 18 energy when you can search for it, also having something like 12-14 supporters pushes out pokemon and energy so it's never a problem anyway
3-4 SER (superior energy retrieval or just 3 energy retrieval, this helps for the decks after burn issue, if you lose effective attackers you gain effective attackers
2 megaphone (garbo is still a thing, bats won regionals, etc
1 trump card (you don't need 3 when you run 4 vs seeker, you never run out of trump card
3 switch
4 rare candy
Note: The above cards is the bare minimum needed to push out your lines consistently, you could add in cards like repeat ball and computer search to beef up your bench early game.

8 fire energy
2 darkness energy
Note: 2 profs letter, yeah that's all you need, you don't need a lot of energy you need cards to push out pokemon and energy faster that's it.